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Coaching Changes Part 2

Posted on: December 15, 2008 5:08 am

It is now time to examine another one of the numerous coaching changes that has happened so far, and that would be Clemson making Interim Head Coach Dabo Sweeney the Head Coach for next year. This may have been a rushed decision by the school and one that could hurt for the next few years.

This hiring reminds me a lot of a similar situation last year at West Virginia. They decided to make Bill Stewart Head Coach after an impressive bowl win and an endorsement from star player Pat White. So let's examine the first part of that. Although Clemson decided this before their bowl game Sweeney is the reason they are even in one. Before he took over it looked as if this was going to be a lost season but he turned it around and somewhat saved the season after all. So so far thats one for one. Now for the second part and let's see yeah a star player endorsed Sweeney as well. One half of their star running back duo C.J. Spiller previously mentioned that he would lean more towards returning next year if they were to make Sweeney the head coach. This might have been in the back of their minds since James Davis is a senior this year so if both him and Spiller would have been gone then that's a lot of yards and touchdowns to make up.

So far with West Virginia we saw Stewart take a team that had the now career rushing yards leader for quarterbacks (White), an incredibly talented young back (Noel Devine) and a smart defense and basically couldn't do anything with it. A lot of the people out there expected another run at the national championship but that disappeared after losing to both East Carolina and Colorado in the first 3 weeks. Well let's hope for Clemson's (and Sweeney's) sake that this doesn't happen for them. It is true that the circumstances are very different with no one in their right minds expecting a national championship run out of this team next year. But this is a team that has quietly been having good team after good team and seemed to be on their was up, so hopefully it doesn't all turn around.

 Sweeney needs to prove he can win a bowl game and then prove he can recruit successfuly. Those will be his first two major tasks as head coach. Next he will have to prove that he can be successful next year in what will be a much improved ACC. Many of the teams in the conference will be a lot better next year. Miami, Florida St., Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Maryland (to name a few) should all be even better and that doesn't look necessarily good for Sweeney. But in this one only time will tell.

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