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NFL Week 1 Review

Posted on: September 15, 2009 12:46 am
After week one there were a few teams that played better than I expected and a few teams that i felt under achieved.
Teams that played better than expected
Oakland Raiders
 This team finally looks like they are moving in the right direction. There offensive line showed they can dominate the trenches and open up holes for there talented running backs and Russell didn't look like complete crap. He still has plenty of things to improve upon but he looks as if he will be a serviceable started this year for the Raiders. Oakland's D showed they can stop the run and Asomugha, Nnamdi   essentially cuts the field in half allowing them to double cover and blitz on passing downs. The one very obvious flaw with Oakland other than youth and inexperience is there wide receivers. They would have been wise to sign a veteran possession receiver to help both Russell and their young receivers. The Chargers might not run away with the AFC West if they can keep this up, but i still see San Diego taking it.

Buffalo Bills Showed some very good things against what many people believe is the superbowl favorite in the Patriots. Keeping in mind the fact that they just fired there O coordinator a few days ago, there offense showed they could move the ball consistently through the air.  Edwards showed the ability to read coverages and make adjustments and could lead a potentially explosive offense with Owens, Evans and Read.  Early on the D was able to stop the Patriots.( although they were helped out by a rusty Tom Brady and receivers dropping passes) but by the end the Pats were able to have their way with the Bills D. Bills looked solid but they are still obviously a few years away before they can even think about competing for the division.

Teams that i felt under performed or didn't play to what most people would expect them to.
Houston Texans
 Many people including myself, were thinking this team could compete and possibly win the AFC South but they looked like the same ol' Houston Texans. The D was torn apart by an aging running back and a rookie QB , and their O was anemic against a Jets D that is not nearly as good as they made them out to be. Slaton looked like a one year wonder, and Schaub looked terrible. They still have plenty of time to turn it around but defiantly not the team many people were picturing coming into the season.

St. Louis Rams
Coming into the season I don't think any team has lower expectations and yet they still managed to under achieve. Seattle is much improved over last season but this game looked like Varsity team against a JV team. St. Louis had no chance and was out played in every aspect, I would have been mad if i had payed to watch this game.

New England Patriots
 I am sure most of the offensive problems was just rust but if this team expects to be in the superbowl hunt that D has to improve. The D looked young and inexperienced and although there offense will be able to make up for some lapses, if they expect to beat the Steelers, Titans or Ravens they can't let a mediocre Qb like Trent Edwards move the ball down the field like he was able to.
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NFL Week 1 Review

Week 1 is in the books!  I agree that the Raiders and Bills had strong outings (even though the Bills lost).  Also, I agree with the underacheivers being the Texans and the Rams.  I really dont think that the Pats are underacheivers, however, I think that they are just a little rusty with Brady coming off his knee and shoulder injurys.  I did think that the D did look a bit off throughout the game.

I want to mention some others that I felt where overacheivers in week 1.  How about the Packers D or the Falcons D?  Joe Flacco had an absoulutly amazing day for a team who many thought would stick to it's guns and run the ball.  I look for Flacco to have a break out year, not just because of his performance in week 1, but because he has looked good throughout the pre-season and continued to look good through week 1.  I think the Raiders have a shot at being a great defense this year due to the addition of Seymour and the outstanding play of Asomugha.  If Russell could actually step up and begin to get any accuracy out of arm then they could have a surprising offense too.  I gotta mention Hasselbeck to.  This guys looks to be improved and healthy as compared to previous years plauged with injury. 

Overall, week 1 had a lot of unexpected performances and also some very expected perfomances (Lions).  All in all great week!

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