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College Basketball Rankings - Week 16

Posted on: February 28, 2011 3:32 pm
Been a long time since I posted.  Life has gotten in the way.  Here are my rankings, as submitted to The People's Poll

  1. Ohio State - As much as I'd like to put my Jayhawks here, Ohio State has easily the best resume.  More quality wins, all losses are quality road losses.  The only concern is their lack of depth, but if the starters continue to play well, only foul trouble can stop them.
  2. Kansas - They have 3 beasts in the middle, and decent guard play.  Or maybe nobody cares about the guards when they are getting their brains beat in in the paint.  I contemplated putting BYU here instead, since they have more impressive wins, with arguably similar losses, but if I had to pick one in a head-to-head, KU would get the nod there, so they get it here too.
  3. BYU - The Jimmer strikes again!  Runaway POY here at BYU is actually complemented very well by the talent of his teammates.  We actually got to see them shine on Saturday, at least in comparison to what they have usually been doing.
  4. Pitt - A little concerned about the loss of their PG, but they have still played at a high level without him, and he will be back soon.
  5. Purdue - Amazing turnaround from the expectations going into the season.  I haven't gotten many chances to watch, but when I do, I'm very impressed.
  6. Notre Dame - They continue play well in the tough Big East.  Another surprise team that will be dancing long into March.
  7. SDSU - Only losses have come against the Jimmer, even if they were both by 13 points.  Their record on the road for the year is impressive, and they have the physicality to match up with most teams in the country.
  8. Texas - For all the talk about how good their D is, something is wrong when in back to back weeks, you stop playing good D for the first 15 minutes of the second half and then have to try to stage a furious comeback.  And going from 22 up to 11 down shows a lack of focus.  I'll still give them the benefit of the doubt, but if this continues, they could be ending their season early.
  9. Duke - Had them at 5 last week, so this isn't as huge a drop as you might think.  While I applaud the win against Temple, that loss to VT just reinforces my thoughts about the ACC and that Duke really isn't on that top line this year without Irving.
  10. Louisville - Coming on really strong at the end of the year, that was an impressive win. I'd hate to run up against them in the tournament.
  11. Wisconsin - Quietly working their way through the Big 10, I can see an argument for them to be about 3 or 4 spots higher.  The Big 10 tourney is going to be very entertaining, especially if they meet Purdue in the semis.
  12. St Johns - The Johnnies continue to storm up the rankings.  While most of their impressive wins have all come at home, the noticeable advantage for home teams this year means that winning on the road against other top teams is probably not very likely anyway. It doesn't diminish their accomplishments in the least.
  13. Syracuse - Not so sure about this ranking, but they are the only decently ranked team that didn't lose to move up into this spot.  Too many long streaks, both game results and inside the games, for me to feel too comfortable about this team.  They will either go to the Final Four or lose in the first weekend.
  14. Florida - Solid team overall, and while they lost this week, almost everyone below them lost as well.  Hard to drop them down too much.
  15. UConn - The loss to Marquette is not horrible, especially since it is better than most of the other losses that happened around them.  Kemba Walker is still producing, but isn't doing anything spectacular these days.  His POY candidacy is slipping, in both the nation and the Big East.
  16. North Carolina - Coming on strong after falling flat on their face early in the year.  Thought about putting them above Florida, but their wins last week weren't really all that impressive considering how down the ACC is this year.
  17. Vanderbilt - This team is a bit streaky themselves, so I wasn't surprised when they lost to an equally streaky Tennessee team.
  18. Georgetown - What happened?  I understand they are in the Big East, but they had no business losing those two games. It's only the fact it was two decent Big East opponents that prevented them from dropping as much as the Wildcats (both 'Zona and 'Nova).
  19. Xavier - Not necessarily playing the best teams, but the A-10 is still decent overall this year.  Decent wins keep piling up, and this team gets more and more respect.
  20. UNLV - Kind of forgotten behind BYU and SDSU, but UNLV has put up a really good resume.  Having the MWC tournament on their home court can't hurt either.
  21. Belmont - This team gets almost no publicity at all, but they are a very athletic team that could really surprise everyone in March. They may not have a strong enough resume to get in as an at large if they somehow stumble in their conference tournament, but they could easily make a run into the second weekend if they get in.
  22. George Mason - Really good this year, but I don't think people will be as surprised this time if they make a deep run in the tournament.
  23. Kansas State - A little surprised to see them jump back into the rankings, but their overall resume is pretty solid, and they are back in position to get a bye in the Big 12 tournament.  They have really been on a tear recently, other than that last second loss in Colorado a few weeks ago.
  24. Missouri - Started to drop off recently, and I'm still concerned that the only conference road win was at lowly Iowa State.  They can still improve their seeding with a win against Kansas and a strong showing in the relatively friendly Sprint Center, but I'll be concerned if they are shipped halfway across the country for their first game in the tournament.
  25. UCLA - I don't care that it was at home.  Anytime you can take the conference leader out behind the woodshed like that, it is a huge win and resume booster.  Add in good non-conference wins, including BYU, and that is enough for UCLA to crack the Top 25 for the first time this season.
  26. Arizona - They took a huge tumble, because not only did they lose to two Pac-10 teams (although UCLA is pretty good), but they got blown out.  Their lack of real quality wins doesn't help to prop them up at all either.
  27. Temple - Even though it was to Duke, that was an ugly loss, enough to drop them a couple spots and out of the top 25.
  28. Utah State - Still an overall solid team, especially with the win against St. Mary's.  Hopefully they can get through their conference tourney and get a respectable seed.
  29. Texas A&M - Even though they can lock up the 3 seed in the Big 12 with either two wins or a loss by both Kansas State and Missouri this week, they have definitely not impressed these last few weeks.  This isn't necessarily their fault, but barely winning in OT against Colorado at home is their best win in February, and being swept by an inconsistent Baylor team doesn't help their case.
  30. Kentucky - Another team that can't consistently play on the road, they don't appear to have really bought into what Calipari is doing this year, which might be a product of the fact that they essentially get a brand new team every single year.
  31. Villanova - The skid keeps getting worse.  While the competition was better than Arizona's, losing 4 out of 6, with wins against lowly Depaul and Seton Hall by the slimmest of margins, means the trend has been going for a lot longer.
  32. Tennessee - Too inconsistent to get a higher ranking this week, but this team definitely has a chance to get hot during the tournament and send someone home really early.
  33. Colorado - That win at Texas just saved their season.  They went from out of the bubble discussion to squarely on the bubble now.  They may need to win out and get a win or two in the Big 12 tournament, but they have the star power to get it done.
  34. Marquette - First of a trio of Big East teams that really haven't impressed overall, but have done enough to get solid consideration for the tournament.
  35. West Virginia - As mentioned above, teams 34, 35, and 36 are really interchangable.
  36. Cincinnati - Really nothing additional to add here.
  37. Alabama - I'm at a loss trying to find an explanation for including the Tide, other than their gaudy conference record.  I feel dirty doing it, but no one else really jumps out to steal this spot instead.
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