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So, a College Coach Resigned Today...

Posted on: May 30, 2011 1:32 pm
Yes you may have heard of him, Jim Tressel who spent ten seasons at my alma mater Ohio State.  After all of the NCAA allegations and impending sanctions a part of me felt that this was the only way for the situation to end, but especially after hearing that Tress had hired on a prominant attorney I was a bit surprised on today's news.  I have mixed feelings about the situation and indeed about the coach himself.

On the one hand I am upset with him for having brought about the worst scrutiny and negative attention our football program has ever seen.  We are in the news for all the wrong reasons, and while that seems to delight a good number of college football fans, it isn't fun for a die hard Buckeye as you can imagine.  I also realize that the problems don't all sit on Tressel.  The players had to know that the NCAA is out for blood these days and even the most innocent infractions are reported.  I find it hard to believe that selling off gold pants and trading memorabilia for tattoos was seen as okay by a majority of these young men, they were just too immature to care about it and had no idea the extent of the ramifications to come.

I can only hope that going forward tOSU takes this bump in the road as a strong lesson and keeps their integrity intact.  I will remember Jim Tressel as a great coach and leader, a passionate person who cared a bit too much about his players to report their wrongdoing when it needed reporting. 

As time goes on I believe that his legacy will be written about successful seasons and a national title, not tattoos..much like Woody's legacy is about much more than a punch.  Luke Fickell will be coming in to run the show this season on an interim basis, an experienced defensive mind who will be prepared for the job.  I think the program will be in good hands and I for one am ready for September 3rd and the kickoff.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:04 pm

So, a College Coach Resigned Today...

Well Blitz my comment was sent to the KORN field.  Nice.

Basically .. Michigan fan here, so glad the sweatervest is gone.  He thrashed Michigan's azz far too often  On the other hand -- not happy about the reason he is gone.  NCAA overscrutinization.  Hypocrite bastidges.

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