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One Proud Bobcat Fan!!!!

Posted on: March 19, 2010 10:12 am
"Stand Up and Cheer, Stand Up and Cheer for Old Ohio, for today we raise the Green and White above the rest!!"

Let me start off by saying as an alum and Ohio University fan last night was one of the most amazing basketball games I have ever seen.  Too often mid majors are dismissed, I am guilty of doing that this year, just look at my bracket.  OU played a game that will not be forgotten by the city of Athens for a very long time.  Armon Bassett and D.J. Cooper played like men possessed and dominated the much bigger and physically opposing players of Georgetown.  As a fan it is not often that I am speechless because of a sporting event but last night was one of those occassions.  As 3 after 3 rained down on the Hoyas I found myself wondering if they would make the run that would seal the fate of the Bobcats, but it never happened.  Georgetown was supposed to be the team fighting off a charge at the end of the game eventually taking control but the men in green made sure that would not be the case.

Athens, OH is an amazing place, if you go to visit you may not want to leave.  This city is starved for great sports, minus the amazing women's volleyball team, and this past year has been unbelievable.  It may be too much to ask to hope for continued success from both the football and basketball teams but this year could prove to be a springboard the Bobcats need to move to the top of the MAC in a variety of sports.  National exposure like last night does not come easy.  We all watched the day after Christmas as the Cats were outplayed by an inferior Marshall team, but last night served as a stark contrast to that day.  No one would have faulted the Cats for losing last night but they pulled it together to make everyone who bleeds green extremely proud.  Let's string together another one and knock out another major conference team.  GO BOBCATS!!!!

"Stand Up and Cheer, Stand Up and Cheer for Old Ohio, for today we raise the Green and White above the rest!!"
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