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Posted on: December 20, 2010 1:05 am
Edited on: December 20, 2010 1:15 am

Posted by Matt Norlander

… and here we are.

This is the introductory post. The one you get out of the way. The one with the get-to-know-yous and formalities. It’s like being a 7-year-old and getting dragged to church on Christmas morning before getting back home and plopping in front of the presents.

I’m just the first one to the party, so thanks for stopping by now that the lights have been turned on. Don’t worry, we’ve developed a posse here at, and soon enough you’ll see the bylines of Matt Jones (of Kentucky Sports Radio fame), Eric Angevine (a founding father of the college hoops blogging genre at Storming the Floor ) and some man with quite the ‘do they call “Parrish.” You may have heard of him; he’s kind of a big deal ‘round these parts. Additionally, there’s a yet-to-be-named fifth member of the blogging stable still to be brought on payroll, but once he’s in tow, we’ll let you know.

This corner of the Internet is now CBS Sports’ national college basketball presence. Specifically, this is the blog sector. We know the name’s not great, but we’ve got a new one—and a new, shinier look—for the blog coming soon enough. In such a regard, consider this a soft cosmetic opening.

What’s the mission statement? Uh, how about we make college basketball as fun as humanly possible for you? That sound like a deal? We’ll lean on the players and coaches from time to time in order to deliver on that promise, but know we’ve now got the manpower to make good on our goals.

You can expect everything from on-site reporting to Gary Parrish’s critically acclaimed Poll Attacks to regularly scheduled features from all of us that will range in scope, topic, geography and length. We’ll not hesitate to give love to the mid-majors who earn our respect. There will be opinionated posts from each member of our team, and we’ll have stat-driven analysis for the numbers-hungry that stalk the Intertubes. There will be bubbles. And bracket projections, courtesy of Jerry Palm,’s resident RPI and bracket guru.

We’ll be driving and flying all over the country to give you scoops and stories on games from an at-the-venue perspective, offering genuine, behind-the-scenes video (should our Droids and iPhones comply). And when we’re not there, we’re everywhere, scouring the Internet to bring you links galore, serving up more reasons to keep your browser tabs open than any other hoops blog out there.

Basically: If it’s happening and of relevance in the world of college basketball, you’re going to see it discussed, addressed and argued on this blog. And as for the stories and trends that hover under the surface—we’ll bring them above ground and tell you about them.

We’ve got some fine, respectable, talented, established competition that’s already blazed some trails. The challenge and pleasure is all ours to forge new ones and make this is as fun as possible. Because it’s college basketball, and no sport is more fun than ours. I’m at the controls all this week, and then Angevine and Jones will join me next week as we prepare to head into the teeth of the season.

Glad to meet you. Now let’s get going.

Matt Norlander also runs and operates College Hoops Journal . You can follow him on Twitter: @CHJournal .

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