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BYU is more than just Jimmer

Posted on: February 26, 2011 4:30 pm

Posted by Jeff Borzello

It’s not just Jimmer Fredette and the Fighting Jimmers anymore.

BYU proved on Saturday that it is a team capable of making a run to the Final Four with its road win at San Diego State, 80-67.

Fredette had 25 points and his usual assortment of impressive finishes and jaw-dropping jump shots, but it was his nine assists that really opened some eyes.

Not counting Fredette, the Cougars went 10-for-16 from behind the 3-point line, with Charles Abouo knocking down four triples en route to 18 points and nine rebounds.

Noah Hartsock was key in the first half, finishing with 15 points, while Fredette’s season-long sidekick, Jackson Emery, went for 13 points.

Fredette’s supporting cast doesn’t get nearly enough credit for what it provides. The consensus is that BYU is an easy out if Fredette has an off night. Well, he shot just 8-for-23 from the field today and turned the ball over five times. His teammates picked up the slack, making timely shots down the stretch to prevent a San Diego State comeback.

BYU improves to 27-2 on the season, and now has the inside track towards a regular-season title. Meanwhile, San Diego State drops to 27-2 – with its only two losses come against BYU.

Of course, with the NCAA Tournament on everyone’s mind, the biggest question revolves around how this result impacts Selection Sunday.

The Cougars was in the hunt for a No. 1 seed heading into the game, but now they are right in the thick of things. They are 4-0 vs. the top-25, 8-1 vs. the top-50 and are an impressive 14-2 away from. Throw in a top-five RPI, and their profile compares favorably with the other candidates.

As for San Diego State, the Aztecs are likely out of the top-seed race. Moreover, they drop to second-place in the conference, meaning they might have to face conference tournament host UNLV in the semifinals. Don’t drop San Diego State too far, though. In both of the Aztecs’ losses, they have been victims of superhuman efforts. In the first meeting, Fredette scored 43 points, while the Cougars were unconscious from 3-point range today.

The key for SDSU going into the game was to force Jimmer into a tough day offensively. The Aztecs did that – and still lost.

Beware, BYU’s NCAA Tournament foes. This is a team now.

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Since: Feb 27, 2011
Posted on: February 27, 2011 12:19 pm

BYU is more than just Jimmer

I think that BYU is a solid solid team...I don't think they're a number 1 seed. They remind me of Baylor when they were this solid and made a great run in the tournament. By the way I don't think Duke is either look at the schedules of both put them beside top 25 team likeSyracuse or Texas they don't even compare. Fredette is great, and if we were ranking just Fredette that would be fine but not the team.

Since: Mar 11, 2009
Posted on: February 26, 2011 8:43 pm

BYU is more than just Jimmer

   Mr. Borzello I have been threading and blogging all season long talking about how good this team is, You see I'm cheating I know a couple of the players and in 2 cases their parents, having watched the cougars for 40 years, and been through the high and low seasons you could see this team start developing during the 2008-10 season with the way Emery and Fredette worked together and then last year it was just there for every eye to see, Hartsock has worked so very hard to contribute the way he does, I sat next to his wife last year and she explained why he was out so early working on different issues he thought he needed to practice (he is always out early practicing) . Then look at Brandon, he has improved so much in just the last half of this season. Having coached young men for years , it is just so enjoyable to see the Teamwork of BYU. There is more to this story though, these men on this Team are not only great athletes, they are Great Human beings, and Examples to our Children , just this week Jackson emery was an Elementry School helping Children. Jimmer teaches to be Competitive, but he so good with the opposition, never brags and is a credit to his parents and his Hometown as well as our State.

   I've coached for 30 years now and I can tell you there is no joy like seeing a team practice teamwork and spreading the ball around from man to man, they are a very unselfish Team, They also Practice long hours. With all the attention on Jimmer , its been nice to see how well his teammates have handled it, Teamwork comes in many colors.

   Bigeast1969 , I thought this was a thread about BYUs teamwork, not yet another conversation about the bigeast. To address Whitney64 BYU averages 83 point against the Conference Teams, and 84 overall. The way this team work you never know who will have double Figures , and look like they contributed the most, it could be Abouo one night and Hartsock the next or Rogers or Davies, maybe Collinsworth. Davies did Have a MONSTER night , did you see the play in the first half where he went to dunk it, and the opposition player tried to stuff him, well he was fouled on the play and still got the ball to go down (He was so high in the air and went hard to the floor), Then in the second half with a little more than 1 minute left, he had a Monster jam on a quick pass from Jimmer and oh my...

   I blogged this morning 90 minutes before the game on some stats i'd come across and i really think the blog rang true (1) the way Byu is rebounding defensively lately and (2) the amount of three pointers they shoot there accrucy and (3) the mismatch between fredette play and Kawhi Leonard. Your a joy to watch Cougs keep it up, and SDSU Beside us WIN Out !!! I believe your a very good Team.

Since: Jan 1, 2011
Posted on: February 26, 2011 7:57 pm

BYU is more than just Jimmer

Lavin needs to enjoy Roberts players and guys with 100+ games of experience cause next yr it will be back to the bottom with 9 freshman.....You aint winning in the big east with freshman.

Since: Oct 24, 2006
Posted on: February 26, 2011 4:56 pm

BYU is more than just Jimmer

I was surprised BYU could win without a monster effort from their PF Davies.  The entire team played well and typically, as a team.  BYU's only two losses were when the nentire supporting cast disappeared.  I reminded others before this game that ONLY Ferdette and one half by Hartsock were good in the Provo win, but this team played one of the more complete games any top five team has played all year and OTR.  BYU is the real deal.  I am not sure why people would think otherwise.  By the way, it is BYU that averages 40 boards a game and more transition points than all other teams in the country, not SDSU.  Yes SDSU outboarded BYU today and in Provo but BYU playes every aspect of the game extremely well (offensive, defense).  They are a legitimate contender for #1.

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