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Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

Posted on: April 12, 2011 5:47 pm
Edited on: April 12, 2011 5:59 pm
Posted by Matt Norlander

When you don't bother to show up to the end-of-year team banquet, that normally means you've effectively checked out. Checked out on your team, your program, everything.

So that's the situation now with freshman guard Josh Selby and Kansas. The Jayhawks had their annual April dinner last night, and when the freshman were recognized, Selby wasn't -- because he wasn't in the room.

He wasn't in the city, the state or the time zone. He was in Las Vegas. He still is. Selby's seen as a potential first-round draft pick, so he's currently missing classes (shocker!) and choosing to train/test the waters out in Sin City.

Picking NBA over team. It's not wrong, it's just actions speak louder than words. Here are some of Kansas coach Bill Self's words.

"I talked to (his mother) today, and that decision is coming real soon,” Self told the Kansas City Star. “He’s done the work he needs to do to academically pass his classes, but he’s been gone now six days. If he’s going to come back, then he’ll be coming back real soon. If not, then he won’t. But certainly he’s going to salvage the semester academically and pass his classes, which is good.”

Self has to hope that's true, because Self could face punishments from the NCAA down the road if Selby doesn't fulfill his academic obligations (it wouldn't just be on Selby; the issue would be compiled if other KU players didn't graduate/had bad grades/stopped going to class). Anyway, point is, Selby's most likely gone. It's becoming a weaker and weaker draft, and the reality is this: Selby may never have his stock higher than right now.

It's higher than it should be, too. He certainly didn't play like a top-five recruit, which was his evaluation upon choosing Kansas last season ( rated him No. 1 overall), and didn't look like first-round material throughout the season's final three months.

Selby played 34.8 percent of available minutes last season, scoring less than a point per possession (not good) and averaging 7.9 points per game. He shot a 46.1 effective field goal percentage, a number that's adjusted for 3-pointers' impact. His traditional field goal percentage was 37.3

More truth about Selby: he was more of a pain that Self will ever publicly admit. He came into the Kansas program nine games into last season, after being punished for accepting impermissible benefits. The freshman sparked his team early, then flamed out. He wasn't a difference-maker and, largely, Kansas won in spite of him. It doesn't seem he'll be coming back, which is what seems best for both parties.

The Jayhawks have four-star point guard in Naadir Tharpe coming in next season.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011 3:10 am

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas


I posted a comment asking a question last week if KANSAS was becoming a "TROUBLED" program because they seem to have more problems this year then I can ever remember, I then began to get RIPPED by YOU two IDIOTS, for asking a SMPLE QUESTION and then TALKING S**T about my OSU basketball team!!! hmm, Selby, Taylor, Little and NOW Robinson! And AGAIN for the record to all OTHER KU fans....I AM NOT TALKING S**T about KU BASKETBALL! But to the TWO IDIOTS ABOVE...KISS MY OSU A$$!

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Posted on: April 16, 2011 12:27 am

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

i agree with you whole heartedly about the ncaa...  i can't stand that kids can live in one city and yet somehow play for a high school in another state?  seems fishy to me every time...  i think there is a ton that needs to be cleaned up.  
i (again) want to point out that i am not just slinging around rhetoric for the sake of bashing UK.  i was simply calling out the irony that a fan of a calipari coached team was griping about selby's situation which was almost a mirror of wall's.  fact is, i like UK and appreciate its storied tradition.  i do, however, have a problem with cal.  
regarding facts, did i not provide you with facts such as:
fact 1.  memphis KNEW THAT ROSE HAD SOMEONE ELSE TAKE HIS TEST!!!!  So, any educated person would conclude one of the following.  1.  cal knew (likely) or 2.  someone at memphis knew and decided that the head coach who tirelessly works and invest his whole life in the program did not need to know.  do you seriously believe that?  take off the ashley judd shades and see reality!  cal knew and you know it.
fact 2.  kansas knew NOTHING of arthur's grade change as a junior (yet you seem to want to hold that you have YOUR facts straight).  you would have had beeter luck trying to liken his situation to bledsoe's.
fact 3.  the two previous final fours cal has been to have been vacated because it was found out that major infractions were going on.  THAT IS A FACT
so, please don't discount what i am saying and ignore that i have provided you with FACTS.   
You can hide all you want behind technicalities such as, "cal was not directly tied to those instances" all you want.  however, in reality, we have to look at a situation for what it is worth...  do you really think that cal, being the tireless recruiter he is, does not cover the bases to make sure he knows every detail?  c'mon, you can't be that blindly biased.  that is as crazy as an athlete like bonds, whose body is his life saying, "i don't really know what kind of stuff i was taking.  i didn't know what was in em".  NO WAY.  he measured EVERYTHING that ever went into his body.  he knew he was using.  cal is a smart, smart man.  he can only play the naive card a few times before you have to deduce - he's an idiot or he is behind it all.  well, the guy is no idiot.  i have always thought football coaches have a bit more latitude to hang on the "shucks, i had no idea" claim as they recruit 20 players or so a year.  basketball, not so much....  cal has to only make sure that the 4-6 guys he brings in a year are clean.  

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 2:51 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

The facts shouldn't appear humorous to a KU fan, especially one prone to slinging mud about circumstances of which he has no base or knowledge. The NCAA Clearinghouse cleared Rose to play, not once but twice. There were questions surrounding the first test so he took it again. You don't think the NCAA was watching closely? I expect you to believe the facts as you interpret them just as I will where UK is involved. The only issue is I have provided facts, not conjecture. Another fact is this....the NCAA is in dire need of an overhaul. They are a corrupt, self-important organization prone to selective enforcement as they see fit. I know they're keeping a watchful eye on Cal and the UK program and that's fine by me. He's the new Tarkanian only at a better program with better facilities. The NCAA penalized UK and Enes Kanter unjustly. He received nothing but educational and travel expenses....same as 98% of all Euro players. What's the difference in that and AAU ball? OakHill Academy? Gary Parrish hit it on the head on this site when he encouraged players not to take the shoes or the meals....take a car, a house....go big!!

Lastly, I've got nothing against Kansas. I just get irritated with posters that continually want to bash UK with the same old rhetoric when there are no facts to back it up. And I certainly didn't resort to name-calling. But the points I made are facts of record whether you choose to believe them or not.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 2:17 am

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

Josh Selby has been one of the biggest rookie busts in college this season and because this NBA draft is supposed to be weak he thinks he can be a top 20 pick then he is dreaming. Selby by the experts are picking him a late second round pick and even that he is not worth a pick by no NBA team and that's for sure. There is no doubt that this kid should go back to Kansas for another year but I'm sure that even Kansas are happy to lose him too already.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:52 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

dude looked like the 105 best freshman this year

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:50 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

how is selby good again?  nba ready?who's he gonna guard? lol

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:29 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas


when you go to the tourney 22 straight years - unfortunately upsets happen...  you may have forgotten that since you hadn't been to a final four in what, 12 years?  c'mon...  enjoy your final four for the next year or so, until it is vacated... 

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:26 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas


while you so elliquently use the word douchebaggery, you struggle to understand that which you read.  your assertion that calipari has never been officially "sanctioned" is something that was at the core of my premise.  my whole point was that ALL of his "association" with the many, many infractions would naturally lead to a more watchful eye from the NCAA.  the only reason i posted at all is because i was shocked that a UK backer thought to "cast a stone" as you would say. 

your facts are humorous...  the first one (the only one that is actually applicable) happened over 20 YEARS AGO!!! 

the second referred to roy williams allowing a fan to buy outgoing seniors gifts like commemorative watches to celebrate the END of their career.  they were DONE playing, just had not officially graduated. 

the arthur/rose "fact" is a joke.  the ncaa proved that memphis and calipari KNEW that rose did not take his own SAT.  KU was found to have NO knowlede of the grade change that happened during arthur's junior year.  THAT IS THE FACT. 

the final fact is a huge black eye for the university (still a stretch as it is not so much a deal with the team as much as administrators), nevertheless, i would expect the NCAA, FBI, whomever to keep a very close eye on the TICKET dealings...  THEY SHOULD.  that is why i would never get on here and cry foul (like the UK fans) when the NCAA, or whomever is strict in their dealings with the ticket dealings.  THEY SHOULD BE!!  just like everyone should be on calipari with every step he takes.  where there is smoke there is fire.  so barry bonds was a legit hitter until today?  uh, no.  my whole point is that it is ironic that someone that had an almost identical suspension in Wall commented about KU.  that makes no sense.  you can continue to live in the reality that calipari is clean because he only seems to be "around" infractions.  you must think OJ was innocent as well...  HAHA! 

take care and try and keep the name calling to a minimum

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 5:30 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

How can Bill Self be sure that Selby will finish the semester in good academic standing?? He hasn't been to class for more than a week and was away for most of March at the NCAA tournament.  If he is checked out, he is gone...I doubt he will finish up.  Self's graduation rate gets a black mark if a player can't even complete one year in good academic standing.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 4:33 pm

Signs pointing to Selby not returning to Kansas

First of all, I WAS NOT TALKING CRAP ABOUT KANSAS and trying to compare basketball programs! I know that KANSAS is elite and OSU is trying to get there! But what I was saying is that it appears that this year KANSAS seem to have a lot of problems, more than I can remember.. SO all I was doing was stating facts and asking a QUESTION!! Also, nice s**t talking about OSU being overall number #1 and LOSING to KENTUCKY....WHEN KANSAS was OVERALL NUMBER #1 last year and LOST TO NORTHERN IOWA!!!! WHATEVER DUDE!!!

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