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Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

Posted on: April 21, 2011 10:43 pm

Posted by Matt Jones

If there is one consistent in college basketball, it is that if a controversial issue exists, John Calipari will be part of the discussion. Thanks to his four freshman drafted in the first round of last year's NBA draft and the recent decision by two current UK freshman, Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight, to enter this year's draft, Calipari has become the physical embodiment of people's opinions about "one and done" college players. First came the now infamous Bob Knight statement in which he suggested that Calipari's "one and done" players did not attend class. That statement was later shown to have no factual basis and Knight was then forced to apologize. Then today, Louisville Courier Journal columnist Rick Bozich, wrote that Calipari would upset UK fans by allegedly valuing NBA draft picks over college wins, an article that seemed somewhat odd coming on the heels of a Wildcat Final Four trip.

On the heels of the Bozich article, Calipari decided today to address these issues in a manifesto of his "player's first program" philosophy on his website. Calipari stated that when recruiting players, he doesn't make "outlandish promises" about playing time or starting positions, but instead tells them that they will need to perform at the highest level. But he also stated that when a season ends, Calipari believes his job is to help players "make the best decisions, with the best information." The coach says he sees his job not to "convince them to come back if that's not in their best interest," nor is it to try and "shove anybody out the door."

Calipari then rejected the dichotomy laid out in the Bozich piece and said that it was a "lie" to suggest that "it's impossible to win championships with that type of young, elite talent." He goes further to suggest that it is a "ludicrous statement" to argue that a program can't win championships with players who seek to leave for their NBA dreams early.

The coach's latest set of statements is his attempt at chiming in on a greater debate taking place in the state of Kentucky, as to what his role should be in the decisions of players looking at the NBA. With the return of Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger and Perry Jones to college, a few Kentucky fans and a lot of media members believing themselves to be spokesmen for UK fans, have questioned why UK's duo of Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones would not make a similar decision. The argument has been made, most notably in the Bozich piece, that Calipari's focus on sending his players to the NBA runs counter to his role as basketball coach for the program at Kentucky. Calipari has said numerous times that he sees his role as being one of an advocate for the players' best interest, and his statement today was likely designed to reinforce that belief.

At the Final Four in April, Calipari told the media that he was against the "one and done" rule currently in place, but so long as it existed, he would use it to try and build the best basketball program possible. Even if he is against the rule in theory, as the person who is most obviously exploiting it for his program's gain, those against the rule make him their number one target. Calipari believes he can win championships and at the same time, do right by players by sending them to the league early as well. Time will tell whether he ends up continuing to be correct.


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Posted on: April 25, 2011 10:02 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

You're probably right, OSU football will be on probation BEFORE UK FOOTBALL! But not the basketball program! Coach Cal will be gone to another school or the NBA and UK will be investigated for some violation!  It's the CAL TREND!!! That is a FACT MY FRIEND! By the way, WHAT IS A FOLL? PS Why dont you calm dont before you have a stroke or something, i mean REALLY?

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 7:44 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

I can not believe most of you people on here pretending you actually care about these players personally. Pretending that you care if they finish school or not. I'll be the first to admit, unlike all you fake ass people, that i could not care less if they graduate. Why would I? I'm a basketball fan, what do i care what they do with themselves? Who wouldn't go pro for millions of dollars? You're lying if you say you wouldn't. That is the whole point of getting an education, to make maximize your earning potential. If you can go pro and make millions, you have done that. And let's not get our panties in a wad over the whole one and done thing....these schools are making bank off these players!

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 7:29 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

Hey pot, I'm kettle! You, as an Ohio ST fan are whining about UK and Calipari? Are you serious? Coach Tressel is an exemplory coach i guess? I'll tell you what, I bet anything that "The ohio st university" is on probation before Uk! Just remember that people that live in glass houses should never start throwing stones! What a clueless foll you must be to comment on Uk and Calipari with what is going on with your school!

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 7:23 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

If you can not add something that hasn't been said before, just remain silent. If they suffer similar fates as memphis and UMass, so be it. I've still enjoyed wathing them play as have most all UK fans and that is what counts. All you are doing is spewing the same old tired ass crap  all Uk haters cry about. You would be better off worrying about your own team.

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 7:20 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

Wake up people! Your empty claims of Calipari being a cheater  are based on everything but what matters and that is proof! It gets so old and tiresome listening to all of you UK haters whine and cry about UK and Calipari. First off, Calipari is the one that reported Marcus Camby's violations. Secondly, the NCAA cleared Rose to play and later ruled him ineligible after the fact. Please explain to me where Calipari is at fault. Please! If you can prove anything, i will join the Calipari bashing bandwagon. The problem is that you can't! If you have nothing new or inciteful to offer, keep your posts to yourself. You're like a bunch of little girls hating on the prom queen because she is more popular and beautiful than you. Why are you not crying about UCONN and Calhoun. They were allowed to play in the tourney and win a national title with upcoming suspensions and punishment for cheating! Why are you not crying about that? In case you were unaware, Calipari did not establish the one and done rule, the NCAA did. The same NCAA that ruled Rose eligible and then punished Memphis for playing him. The same NCAA that allowed UCONN to compete in the tourney after cheating. the same NCAA that allowed Ohio ST. to compete in a bowl game after caught cheating. the same NCAA that allowed Auburn to compete in a bowl game after caught cheating. So pull up your big girl panties and deal with it. Stop crying over Uk and worry about your own team. i'm sure if someone started digging, they would find dirt on your school too. The thing is, your school isn't newsworthy or worth the time i guess.  Calipari is simply working within the rules he is dealt, he did not invent them people. I hope he gets the best talent every year, his teams are exciting top watch! Success breed envy, and you people are drowning in it.

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 6:32 pm
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Posted on: April 25, 2011 5:32 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

As much as I do NOT want to get into this subject, BlkFlagMafia's comment was PRETTY DAMN FUNNY!!! Good One!

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Posted on: April 24, 2011 11:18 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

All his website should say is:

1. Cheat to get better players.

2. Watch them make you look like a genius of a coach

can i add to this please..

3. repeat cycle in step 1 n 2

4. if it gets hot in the kitchen then its time to take my great coaching talents to the next school or nba.

Since: Dec 8, 2006
Posted on: April 24, 2011 10:01 pm

Calipari sets out the gospel according to Cal

by the time calipari is done at UK, they will forfeit their 2011 Final Four, many other wins and it will look like Eddie Sutton ran a clean program while at UK do you remember Chris Mills and his dads ,,,eerrrr, alleged Fed Ex gift from the Drunk...

Since: Dec 5, 2006
Posted on: April 24, 2011 12:54 am

Calipari does not preach the Gospel

Sure there are rival fans on here with hate messages. Sure there are loyal UK fans who rant just as loud in defense. But the facts are a bit harder tp refiute.

John Calipari took UMass to the Final Four and lost. Later the NCAA said his player was ineligible and vacated his wins. John Calipari took the Memphis to the Final Four. He had this year's NBA MVP on that team. He lost. Then the NCAA vacated his wins for playing an ineligible player. This year John took UK to the Final Four. He lost. Again there are charges of improprieties (made by his own team) in practicing against an ineligible player.

That is one set of facts. The other set of facts is that John Capipari the last three years has become the king of recruiting one-and-done players. This is legal (so long as improper benefits are not received and improper contact is not made). Has it achieved the desired success? If UK fans are satisfied in GETTING to the Final Four than yes. If they want to end the year with a win then maybe not. Players who are young make mistakes. They all do. Sometimes it does not matter. One Freshman starter on a mature team can do fine. But in the pressure cooker tension of the NCAA tournament the mistakes are costly. The more Freshman playing the more mistakes and the more the other teams can capitalize. It does not always happen. But to win 6 consecutive games in the tournament where at least 30 teams can win on any given night it becomes improbable.

I don't begrudge UK and John Calipari their success. They earn the attention they attract (good or bad). But the situation is not the best while players attend college with no intention of becoming educated. These players are as close to semi-pro players as we have. The NBA has indicated its intention to extend the age of draft eligibility in this next CBA. Only time will tell if they are successful. Most of those other Freshman named above staying in school are influenced by the risk of a lockout this year. John Calipari knows his recruiting will be affected by players staying another year and starting ahead of the next one-and-done class. He has to push them out the door. It is the way his system works. Without the playing time top players will not want to come. He is cauight in his own success.

What about the Gospel? It preaches love. John Calipari's choice desctiption of Terrence Jones to his face on National Television would not be characterized as love, even tough love. Watching his face contort in rage during that game (pretty much all game) made me think I would not send my son to play for him. But that is just me.

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