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Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:18 pm
Posted by Matt Norlander

There comes a point in every successful, title-winning college coach's career when he finds his name tossed around for NBA jobs. Most times, even if the coach isn't strongly considering the jump, this is welcomed gossip on behalf of the man in question.

Some coaches inevitably follow that path -- many are unsuccessful and find their way back to campus. (See: Pitino, Rick; Calipari, John as recent, easy examples.)

Kansas' Bill Self is such a coach in this era. He's had incredible dominance over the Big 12 since arriving at Kansas eight years ago. He won a national title with the Jayhawks in 2008, thanks to arguably the biggest/greatest shot in program history. From afar, it may seem like Self is on cruise-control, and some wonder if he'll ever want that next challenge. There's not much else for him to accomplish or go to in college, after all -- Kansas is one of the six best jobs in the game, of course.

So, when's the NBA flirtation and/or transition going to happen, Bill?

“I think I’ve got a better job than two-thirds of the NBA jobs right where I’m at, at Kansas. I don’t see myself being a pro guy,” Self said Tuesday afternoon on 610 KSCP. “I don’t want to say never, but right now, I feel I’m a college guy. I’ve got such a great gig. The last two years, we’ve been good. We’ve been real good, but we haven’t done it (won NCAA title). There’s something inside, ‘We’ve got to do it again.’ That’s my total motivation right now.”

If Self does get that second title soon, then I think it's reasonable to debate he'll consider trying on some NBA slippers. You should know: Self is considered to be on the short list of men who will be looked at to replace Gregg Popovich when the Spurs coach decides to retire. The Oklahoma City job is also an obvious dot to draw a line to, as it's within shouting distance of Self's Kansas residence right now.

But Kansas fans, who have gotten frustrated with Self's bundle of upsets in March (but can't really get too mad because, you know, 2008 happened), can live with the comfort of knowing that, as long as their team is chasing a second title under Self, the head coach isn't likely to go anywhere.

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Since: Dec 5, 2006
Posted on: May 19, 2011 2:09 am

Bill Self is right for Kansas

It seems sad that KU fans cannot celebrate the league championships their teams have won over the past 7 years (7) as well as an NCAA tournament championship in 2008. The thing they miss is no single-elimination tournament ever produces the best team. It is far more exciting this way for the VCU and Butler type schools that have a fair chance to grab at the brass ring. League championships are far more difficult to earn through 16-18 games against teams who know you well. These are concrete achievements which are very rare among BCS conference schools.

Lighten up, friends. This is a fun game to watch and a facinating journey every single year. If your team is winning its league and getting into the NCAA tournament you have a shot along with 67 other schools. Basketball is not played on paper but hardwood. The favorites rarely win. Heck, in 2008 when Kansas did win last the four Final Four teams were all #1 seeds. Kansas was the fourth best seeded among those four and won with victories over very good North Carolina and Memphis teams (earning a solid negative bias from Gary Parrish who lives in Memphis!). With five of these National Championships Kansas moves with the elite in college basketball. Bill Self is a big reason and deserves a ton of respect and appreciation.

But Bill Self does like it at Kansas. He has among the finest facilities (and newest) for training, practice and dressing. He has the most famous arena in the college community in Allen Fieldhouse. He has among the most rabid fans anywhere who cause that arena to jump and get really really loud during games. He has among the most beautiful campuses. He has a gifted staff. He can get entry into almost any home to recruit. And he is paid well and his assistants are paid well. What is not to like? As coach Self says there are only a few NBA jobs that are good jobs. Perhaps he will eventually succumb to seeking one. Coach Krzyzewski admits he was almost lured away from Duke by the Lakers. But he stayed and he seems glad he did so. Coach Self will be at Kansas for many years and they will likely continue to be the best of times for KU and its fans.

Since: Jan 21, 2010
Posted on: May 19, 2011 12:34 am

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

Why would Bill Self want to leave for the NBA? NBA coaches are just figureheads; the players ignore them and do what they want to do. Self has enough trouble as it is convincing 18-22-year-olds to do things his way.

Since: Aug 5, 2008
Posted on: May 18, 2011 5:28 pm

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

The Oklahoma City job is also an obvious dot to draw a line to, as it's within shouting distance of Self's Kansas residence right now.
Huh? What Oklahoma City job? Last I checked, the Oklahoma City Thunder have a head coach. His name is Scott Brooks. He was last season's NBA Coach of the Year, and his team is the Western Conference Finals.

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: May 18, 2011 4:34 pm

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

KU is title or bust every year. Losing in the elite eight or the semi final game is all the same to me. I want titles period. I fully support Coach Self and want him to stay at KU forever. I also fully supported Roy Williams when he was here. Winning a title is not easy and a lot of it is luck. KU will will again soon, just be patient.

Since: Dec 10, 2008
Posted on: May 18, 2011 2:40 pm

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

 I can't think of ONE game that Kansas has lost in the last two years where I thought they simply lost to a better, more talented team than they were. THAT is getting to be the norm at Kansas, and THAT is not good.

this phrase sums it up for bill self. KU has been the king of the big12 in basketball but yet hasnt cashed in outside of the year in 08 with chalmers n company. the losses in the tournament have been serious head scratchers bc they were losing to teams that didnt have half the talent. KU is in a no win situation with self....if they were to some how get rid of him there isnt another coach that is a big name taht could get them over that hump in the "ku time frame". if you keep him you start to live with the fact that ku will get upsetted some where between 2nd round to elite8. in the end unless you can sneak away butlers coach or coach k there isnt many coaches(high profile wise) that can come in and get ku the elite8 to final four runs that their fan base wants. thats a hard decision bc self has had some bad bad bad losses but he has also done alot..

Since: Mar 20, 2010
Posted on: May 18, 2011 2:29 pm

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

I'm sorry but I disagree.  It is incredibly difficult to win in the NCAA tournament.  If the favorite was supposed to be in the Final 4, then all four #1 seeds would be in it year-in and year-out.  Remember these are just kids, and all of them respond differently to pressure.  Some thrive and some choke.  When you walk around with a target on your back every year, eventually someone is going to take you down.  Sure some of the losses have been hard to swallow, but that's the beauty of the NCAA tournament.  It only takes one bad game and you are out of the tournament.  Kansas's guard play last year was extremely suspect.  Even with the path that they had to make it to the Final Four last year I still had my doubts about their backcourt and whether they could make it.  They definitely over-achieved in the regular season and were helped by a down year in the Big 12.  They were definitely beatable on any given night.  And this is coming from a HUGE KU fan 

Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:52 pm

Bill Self not likely leaving Kansas any time soon

Many Kansas fans have gotten used to the "close-but-no-cigar" ending to a season after Roy Williams repeatedply had #1 seed teams that failed to win it all. Self has continued the trend, but has mostly failed even earlier in the tourney on avergae than Roy did.

His lone good postseason year has kept the majority of Kansas fans for calling for his head, but every loss to a low  seed makes it harder and harder to argue for him.

We understand that Self has done an overall phenomenal job at Kansas in the regular season and the conference tourney. I can't name another coach in the country that I believe could have done a better job at Kansas in the same time period.

But Bill Self needs to get this program into the Final Four and beyond and he needs to do it sooner rather than later. He has had too many good teams flame out before they should. I can't think of ONE game that Kansas has lost in the last two years where I thought they simply lost to a better, more talented team than they were. THAT is getting to be the norm at Kansas, and THAT is not good.

As I said, all in all, I am very happy with Coach Self, but the negatives are starting to pile up. At some point, there will be no number of consecutive conference wins or tourney bids or top 4 seeds that will make up for repeatedly losing to low seeds in the tourney bbefore the Final Four.

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