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APR rankings/averages for the major conferences

Posted on: May 25, 2011 10:00 am
Edited on: May 25, 2011 10:11 am

Posted by Matt Norlander

The head coaches pictured above -- Texas' Rick Barnes at left, Kansas' Bill Self shaking Barnes' hand -- are two of the three BCS-conference coaches who earned perfect Academic Progress Rate scores for the 2009-10 academic year. If you're not quite familiar with what the APR is or does, quite simply it's a relatively newly established measuring tool that determines how effective schools (and coaches) are at graduating student-athletes. If schools don't reach a certain number (925), they receive punishments in the form of loss of scholarships and postseason bans, most notably. This year, five schools were hit with a no-postseason hammer: Cal-State Northridge, Chicago State, Grambling, Louisiana-Monroe and Southern.

Chicago State had a jaw-droppingly bad 823, far and away the worst. It's akin to having a credit score in the 370s -- so bad, you must be trying to get that low.

No, it is not a perfect system. But it's better than what we had a for most of the NCAA's history: no measurements or punishments of any kind for coaches and schools who don't keep their kids in the classroom.

Below, I've tallied the APR scores for the 2009-10 year, which were released in full yesterday -- a few months ahead of the pace they were released last year, in August. The number next to the conference is the average APR, and I've listed the six major leagues in order of best to worst. If you'd like to see the results from last year, and how the conferences stack up against each other in the six-year history of the APR, I chronicled it at College Hoops Journal.

A few notes:
  • Arkansas has the lowest among the group, with an 892.
  • Connecticut barely beats out the Hogs, putting up an 893, meaning the defending national champs will lose two scholarships.
  • LSU was the only other major-conference team to be docked a scholarship. If Arkansas can't get its APR up quickly, it too will feel the chop next year.
  • Even if they stayed in the Big East's basement doing it, former DePaul coach Tracy Webster got the program atop the APR with a 1,000.
  • Bill Self has now gotten Kansas to as many perfect years (five) as Northwestern, the most among their BCS-conference brethren.
  • Butler, again, posted a perfect 1,000 mark. Other prominent schools from mid-major conferences: BYU, 991; Memphis, 989, Gonzaga, 985; VCU, 949. Holy Cross and Columbia were the only other schools in men's hoops who put up 1Ks.
  • Men's college basketball in whole averaged a 945. The student-athlete collective average in the NCAA is a 970.
Now, the rankings:

BIG TEN (966)

Michigan State: 995
Penn State: 995
Northwestern: 990
Michigan: 970
Wisconsin: 970
Illinois: 964
Minnesota: 964
Purdue: 954
Ohio State: 952
Iowa: 939
Indiana: 929

ACC (961)

Duke: 990
North Carolina: 985
North Carolina State:  985
Virginia Tech: 985
Miami: 975
Boston College: 972
Clemson: 964
Wake Forest: 953
Maryland: 945
Virginia: 940
Florida State: 926
Georgia Tech: 915

BIG EAST (959)

DePaul: 1,000
West Virginia: 995
Cincinnati: 992
Notre Dame: 989
Pittsburgh: 985
Marquette: 980
Villanova: 974
St. John’s: 968
Louisville: 965
Rutgers: 948
Georgetown: 937
South Florida: 937
Seton Hall: 935
Syracuse: 928
Providence: 925
Connecticut: 893

BIG 12 (958)

Kansas: 1,000
Texas: 1,000
Missouri: 974
Baylor: 972
Texas Tech: 970
Oklahoma: 959
Texas A&M: 952
Nebraska: 945
Kansas State: 937
Iowa State: 936
Oklahoma State: 927
Colorado: 926

PAC-10 (952)

Washington: 980
Stanford: 976
Washington State: 971
Arizona State: 961
Arizona: 950
California: 948
UCLA: 948
Oregon State: 939
Oregon: 934
USC: 912

SEC (947)

Vanderbilt: 974
Kentucky: 974
Alabama: 973
Mississippi: 969
Florida: 964
Tennessee: 949
Mississippi State: 948
Georgia: 946
Auburn: 934
South Carolina: Auburn: 934
LSU: 905
Arkansas: 892

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Posted on: April 6, 2012 12:30 pm

APR rankings/averages for the major conferences

It says Major Conferences.  Why is the PAC -10 there?  Where is the Mountain West?  BCS is about football and should not apply to Basketball.

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Posted on: August 12, 2011 3:05 pm

APR rankings/averages for the major conferences

Some of those Big Time recruits that want to be one and done, surely want a shot at a ring. Boy would Ohio State be downgraded. 

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Posted on: May 25, 2011 10:55 pm

APR rankings/averages for the major conferences

As noted, the many years when there has been no accountability for academics have finally passed. Schools who do not work to make progress for their student athletes now risk scholarships for failing. The thing is, it is not really that hard to achieve good school scores. It does require teams to monitor their athletes and withhold playing time for skipping class or failing to turn in papers. Most of the big schools assign tutors for their players. There is no reason why schools cannot achieve scores of 1000.

So credit to those schools that do score 1000. Texas, Kansas and DePaul did it 2009-2010. And Kansas has done it six years in a row (they did again this year). A team that wins conference championships seven consecutive years while scoring a perfect 1000 APR in six consecutive years establishes a standard for others to emulate.

Athletics comes after academics (perhaps not a popular notion on a sports blog?). Those athletes earning their degrees actually have a much better chance of earning a good living from academics than those athletes that only look to play the games.

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Posted on: May 25, 2011 10:13 am

APR rankings/averages for the major conferences

SEC last academically? wow i would have never guessed

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