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Jordan Hamilton calls out Rick Barnes

Posted on: June 24, 2011 11:42 am

By Matt Norlander

There isn't much opportunity or accomodation for juicy quotes on Draft night. Players' dreams come true, they're almost always happy where they're selected (or, at least, they fake it really well; Brandon Knight, however, seemed an exception last night) and the whole process is one vanilla quote of optimism after another.

But how about the shot Jordan Hamilton took at Rick Barnes last night? It was in response to what Hamilton believes were many shots Barnes made to NBA scouts about Hamilton as an NBA prospect.

"(Barnes) called some teams and said that I probably wasn’t coachable and things like that. But I feel like I can be coachable," Jordan Hamilton told Chris Tomasson last night, adding, "'a lot of people thought I might go in the lottery. I’m going to prove people wrong. It doesn’t end on draft night."

Boom! Quite a quip from Hamilton, who was taken 26th overall by the world champion Dallas Mavericks. Hamilton had been seen as a top-10 pick at previous points in the past year on many a mock draft. His drop wasn't shocking, but he did slide much more than any well-known commodity Thursday night.

Hamilton also called Barnes a "great coach," so there seems to be a frankness about this that's refreshing, really. Honestly, Hamilton's a talented player, but there was some tussling in Austin last year, from what I gather. A lot of college coaches have really good relationships with NBA personnel, and there's an obligation there to be forthright about a player, for good and for bad. A lot of the coaches are honest, upfront, even if they have to be pessimistic about a former player of theirs. It's not easy, but that's the business. And sometimes those words get back to the player. Just as often they don't. But for a player to go public about it -- that's the rarity.

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