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Jay Bilas as you've never seen him before

Posted on: August 26, 2011 12:50 pm
By Matt Norlander

We've got some exclusive, seldom-seen-before video to show you here at I was born on May 25, 1981. The video below shows what Jay Bilas did on that very day, so you know this post had to come to be. The 18-year-old Bilas sports a couple of fashion-trailblazing get-ups that surely wooed the majority of Rolling Hills High's female contingent.

Peer into Bilas' past as he creeps out his fellow seniors at the California high school in in a mock news reporter style. He also chases after and, really, harasses faculty in the search of answers for ... something. Anything. Clearly the Ron Burgundy of his time. My favorite part is when he chases down a girl named Evelyn, for whom Bilas has an ever-burning question: Who are you taking to the prom? It makes you wonder how Duke ever successfully recruited one player while he was on staff.

Bilas, who joined me on the podcast last week, was on a tear on Twitter Thursday, upping his likeability factor by posting these two fantastic Twitpics. When I stumbled upon this video of him late last night, I knew it was destiny. The man's former life needed to be exposed to an unsuspecting public. Notice the bushy eyebrows, smart-Alec temperament and complete naivete for what he would ultimately become: the NCAA's biggest mosquito.

In fact, for the best representation of what the NCAA must feel like when Bilas pokes and prods, skip ahead to the 4:05 mark. It's practically an allegory.

I must thank Tim Burke for hosting this video, which I found on YouTube but didn't have an embed code. Burke is the video master of the sports universe and uploaded it to his YouTube channel for me. He writes well, too, by the way. Go read his stuff.

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