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Kyrie Irving back at Duke, books in bag

Posted on: October 26, 2011 1:23 pm

By Matt Norlander

Kyrie Irving is back at school because of the same reason Stephen Curry is, and so many other pro players are: a promise to family and a lot of spare time, thanks to the NBA lockout.

The 19-year-old No. 1 draft pick from last June could very easily be there, just under different circumstances, and getting his learn on had he passed on the NBA. But since he didn't, his choice makes for a story worth telling while NBA lawyers and union heads verbally clobber each other into November, perhaps beyhond.

CBS News reported (in, admittedly, a bit of a fluff piece) on Irving's decision during Wednesday's "The Early Show." Irving is one of reportedly 52 players taking college courses right now. It's an impressive number, yet that's not even a fifth of league players without degrees who have flocked back to academia. Since 20 percent of NBA players have their college degrees, that leaves nearly 340 without. Fifty-two is about 15 percent of degree-less ballers who are taking advantage of a once-in-a-career opportunity.

Is that higher or lower than you'd have guessed?

Here's the feature on Irving.

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