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Podcast: All we do is Winn, Winn, Winn

Posted on: November 14, 2011 12:43 pm
By Matt Norlander

That post title is mandatory. I don't care if you cringed.

Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn, one of the faces of the writer's Mount Rushmore of tempo-free pioneering, gets on to talk about how and why he researched this hearty piece. <-- That link is an abridged guide to Luke and David Hess' research. Great stuff.

It's not all statty stuff, but that's the first half of it, and it's definitely interesting and worthwhile. Then it takes a turn for the whimsical. Be sure to follow Luke on Twitter. He's going for a 5:1 follower-to-tweet ratio. So lofty.

  • From the beginning: What Defensive Rating (or DRating) is, why it's not new and how it's valuable.
  • 7:00: How valuable Tyler Zeller is to UNC's defense. Henson is, overall, the more important defensive player for UNC, but there's one area where Zeller outshines his frontcourt colleague by a wide margin.
  • 10:08: Aaron Craft. He's really good, and he's going to launch onto the national stage this year. His defense is the biggest reason why. (We also get into why him being a white guard factors into this.)
  • 14:36: Florida State is, or should be, the best defensive team in the country again this year. How they do it.
  • 17:12: How many man hours do you think Luke and David spent doing this? What's your guess? The answer's at this point in the podcast.
  • 20:52: Luke sat in on a grand jury this summer. This is where the podcast gets really good. He almost commits a felony!
  • 24:50: What's Latvia and Lithuania like? Luke can tell us, because that's where you get to go when you work for Sports Illustrated.
  • 29:53: It's a hodge podge of topics in the final five minutes. Twitter, what's on our plate this week, why Luke hates Memphis, etc. A fun wrap-up.
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