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Wakeup Call: Let's keep laughing at the BCS

Posted on: December 5, 2011 8:40 am
By Matt Norlander

Sean Miller is just begging for anyone to give him some love.

Since no one was hurt, I can pull a Jerry and say, "Ah, that's a shame." // Man gets mugged, treats mugger to a meal, gets his wallet back. // THE WORLD INHABITS CREATURES THAT WANT TO END US. // Just good kill-time-til-lunch viewing: Notable front pages from the Los Angeles Times, dating back to 1881. // Is the Internet a bad thing? I'm inclined, on this here webpage, to say no ...

★ 'Twas quite a big weekend in college basketball. Lot of things to try and track. If you missed, here's a link worth checking.

★ Raphielle Johnson also gives you good-to-know anecdotes you could've missed.

★ The Friday night stuff can get buried sometimes, so I wanted to link to what I wrote about Jim Boeheim after he finally apologized following his team's win over Florida.

See if you can find Goodman in this picture.

★ I've said 3 goggles are out of fashion for a good while now. This makes it official.

★ This Doc Sadler ejection was silly, but not silly enough to warrant its own post on here. That's why I'm thankful for Ballin' is a Habit.

★ For me, this is a "well played, John."

★ Dick Vitale: guaranteed to cry a river tonight.

★ Kind of non-hoops, but don't know I never saw this brilliant mock logo before.

★ It's my guess we'll be reading less and less about VCU as the season goes on, so get your familiarity in with this team now.

★ Damian Lillard is lighting and filling it up this year -- unexpectedly. Scoring more per game than any other player in the nation.

★ Player pages and stats and enlightenment are now up at You can only see them if you have a $20/year subscription. If you want to know more about basketball, hop to it.

★ Yep, this photo will be making the December compilation.

★ If Utah continues along this path of awfulness, it may warrant its own post. But we've got to wait another month or so before really seeing if this is one of the worst BCS teams in the past decade.

► And this is why we had Tu Holloway as one of the five best players in America before the season started.

♬ If you're just tuning in now, since college football's joke of a postseason can now bloom, I offer up a music recommendation every day in this space. Alberta Cross gets the nod today. I honestly have no idea if this band is any good, but I know they hit the spot sometimes. I had this song stuck in my head -- before I knew who played it -- for about four months.

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