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Santa Cooley's coming to town!

Posted on: December 7, 2011 6:20 pm
By Matt Norlander

If you gave me my pick for any head coach in college basketball to dress up as Santa Claus, Providence's Ed Cooley would definitely be No. 1. (Last on the list: Xavier's Chris Mack.)

So I'm now filled with holiday cheer thanks to the cheesy-but-fulfilling video of Cooley donned up in ruby. It practically looks like velour, which I can totally see Cooley rocking on a lazy Sunday (I know I do). The only downside to the video: the Providence mascot, which may be some sort of ghost of Christmas past that's come back in tangible form. Either way, stay out of my nightmares, thing.

This is why Cooley made so much sense to bring in as the new coach. He's a Rhode Island guy, is one of the most affable men in the game, and he's brought something better than gifts to Providence this year -- wins. Providence is 7-2.

If at all possible, can we get Cooley to dress like this Dec. 20 at home against New Hampshire, or the Dec. 23 game against hated rival Rhode Island?

Friar Blog also has something called "Elf Yourself," which features Cooley and his three star players. Yeah, I will be doing this for our foursome on the blog soon. Check back during one of the Wakeup Calls next week. Need to get it so Parrish and Borzello's elves are down to size.

Who wouldn't want this man in their living room during the wee hours of Dec. 25? OK, other Big East coaches not included.

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