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Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

Posted on: December 10, 2011 3:13 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2011 3:54 pm

By Jeff Goodman

The Xavier-Cincinnati rivalry is as fierce as any in college basketball. Yes, right there with Duke-North Carolina and Kentucky-Louisville.

With just nine seconds left, a full-fledged brawl ensued.

Musketeers Player of the Year candidate Tu Holloway and Cincinnati's Ge'Lawn Guyn began jawing. Xavier freshman Dez Wells pushed Guyn, Yancy Gates threw the ball at Holloway -- and all hell broke loose. Seconds later, Xavier big man Kenny Frease was sent to the canvas, courtesy of a haymaker from fellow heavyweight Gates. While he was on the floor, Cincinnati's Cheikh Mbodj stomped on Frease.

Frease walked off the court with blood gushing from his left eye and later tweeted: "Scored whenever I wanted and never got scored on... Got punched and I'm still standing like a man." 

This was ugly - and warrants numerous suspensions. My guess is Holloway and Guyn will get a game or two, but it should be Gates and Mbodj who receive the harshest penalties for their actions. Wells will also likely get hit since his push may have triggered the melee. 

"It's unfortunate what happened," Xavier junior guard Mark Lyons said after the game, which was called with nine seconds left. "Obviously, this is a heated rivalry. But we regret what happened and didn't want it to end that way."

One question that both coaches need to answer: Why were most of the starters still in the game, which was a 23-point margin, with just nine seconds left?

Holloway, Lyons and Frease were all in the game for Xavier while Gates and Dion Dixon were still in for Cincinnati.

"I'm friendly with a few of their players," Lyons said. "It was more the new guys, they were talking a lot of trash to Tu. ... It's unfortunate, but we wanted to protect each other. When they are throwing punches, it's hard not to do anything." 

These two programs hate one another. They sit just a few miles away in Cincinnati and there's a history of altercations over the years. Frease, in fact, head-butted Gates a few years back. 

The brawl overshadowed a convincing victory for an Xavier team that is ranked eighth in the country. A year ago, Cincinnati pounded the Musketeers at Fifth Third Arena.

This season both teams were ranked in the Top 20 entering the season, but the Bearcats lost twice entering Saturday's Crosstown Shootout - to Presbyterian and Marshall. Xavier, which put together one of the most difficult non-conference slates in the country, improved to 8-0 and has knocked off Vanderbilt, Purdue, Butler and now Cincinnati.

"I feel like this was a huge win for us," Lyons said.

Maybe, but it was costly. For both sides.


Since: Nov 25, 2011
Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:19 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

Ridiculous!  Nothing but punks and thugs.  Six game suspension is pathetic.  And people wonder why basketball is losing popularity.

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:18 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

I doubt there is such a video jayfly as, from a totally unbiased observer, from what I have seen Cincinnati CLEARLY started the fight.  Started it in the first hald, and brought it to the climax in the second when a UC player came off the bench and pushed an Xavier player thus igniting everything.

Since: Dec 31, 2006
Posted on: December 12, 2011 6:17 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

was there another video that shows Xavier starting the fight?

Since: Jul 6, 2010
Posted on: December 12, 2011 3:12 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

Hackdaddy did you actually listen to Tu's comments? I mean listen not just hear them! I agree he could have chosen better way to say Xavier was competitive and a tough team. That's all he was saying, even a non fan of either school can listen to it and understand what he was saying. Poor choice of words and everyone is focusing on them and taking it out of context. The local & national media are supposed to be smart & intelligent but they are acting like little school kids by focusing on "gangsta" and not what he actually said. I grew up in Cincinnati and follow both teams, but I attended Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) and UNLV, and those are the teams that I support and fans of.

"whole bunch of gangsta's in locker room, NOT THUGS, but tough guys on the court."  Yes, more choice of words, but just saying Xavier was a tough competitor on the basketball court. 

Since: Dec 12, 2011
Posted on: December 12, 2011 8:02 am

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

I've taken classes at UC.  I've taught classes at UC.  I live 8 miles from UC's campus.  Mick Cronin had himself a good speech after the brawlgame.  But yet again, UC continues its longstanding national embarrassment with its wrist-slaps on thuggery.

I will never cheer for UC because of its recruitment of people with glaring moral failures to represent it and because of its cretinous mindset on sportsmanship.  UC administration should be ashamed of itself.

"Milquetoast Mick" is a far better-fitting moniker for Mick Cronin than Coach. 

Since: Jan 5, 2011
Posted on: December 12, 2011 3:18 am

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

go figure a fight xavier clearly started, but cincy gets all of the punishment. wow ncaa wow.

Since: Sep 19, 2006
Posted on: December 11, 2011 10:38 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

These guys are pathetic, they are thugs - probably don't even attend classes.  Have fun sellling drugs when your NBA dream disintegrates!

Since: Nov 13, 2006
Posted on: December 11, 2011 9:45 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

The schools won't take the firm stance they should. Any kid who threw a punch should be done period. Let them go sell their sorry act in the NBDL. It's not as if they are actual college students anyway. The kids who truly want to be student athletes are being shut out by the punks.

Get the kids who are using college for NBA training camp go elsewhere regardless of talent level.

A special punishment should be issued to Holloway since his constant taunting and trash talk in this and every game he plays started the whole thing regardless who escalated it. If I were a Xavier Alum I would want him gone for his idiotic post game comments alone.

I guess Xavier is no better than UC in the end and that is a sad statement.

Since: Dec 11, 2011
Posted on: December 11, 2011 3:27 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

Yancy Gates and his teammate that kicks opposing players on the floor, should be told to leave the University of Cincinnati, as a result of the school being sued for assault in a court of law.  Hopefully, these men will be prosecutued when a legal complaint is made by the punched Xavier players.  Other Cincinnati and Xavier players must be suspended to miss games.  The NBA must comment upon this.  My interest in the NBA waned to disinterest many years ago.

Since: Nov 2, 2007
Posted on: December 11, 2011 3:25 pm

Xavier rout over Cincinnati marred by brawl

would be difficult to sue school or ncaa.  However would have a pretty strong cause against the individual players for assault and battery.

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