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Wakeup Call: A new year for hoops, too

Posted on: January 2, 2012 9:29 am
By Matt Norlander

One final look-back at 2011: the 10 most powerful front pages. // We are putting iPads in the hands of monkeys. // Did you miss this? Sneaky and scary that this bill was passed. If only the public could actually have it repealed. // Nobody panic, but a bunch of birds died from the sky again ...

★ Rutgers, that's a bad look, losing to South Florida after getting over on Florida last week. Consistency, etc.

Top 25 and One is up. See how we can tick you off.

★ Leftover stats to consider from Kentucky's win Saturday.

★ North Dakota is now without a nickname. The whole thing is dumb, NCAA. Just dumb. And I guess UND is without a moniker until 2015? If it's slow, post on this could be coming today.

★ The pay-the-players argument continues to fascinate me. I know a lot of folks get tired of it, but I don't -- and I don't think it's going away or quieting down.

★ When headline writers get obvious and lazy. The Towson story intrigues me -- most grand losing streaks and bad teams do.

Stupid-nice dunk from the Ohio State-Indiana game.

★ Now this is a diamond-in-the-rough stat. I'd love to investigate further.

Where will Khem Birch be visiting this week?

★ Billy Donovan says his team's home game against Yale was the first time Mike Rosario didn't scare him, defensively.

★ Very sad: 37-year-old high school coach in Jersey died after collapsing during a game last week.

★ It's not often Duke goes dark, but the Devils have been quiet for almost a month now.

★ From the best X/O source you could ask for, part of why Indiana's been so good this year.

► All my thanks to Tim Ryan for passing this along on Twitter. Not hoops-related, but how can I not share? It's just ... so ... not of this world? Are we sure this isn't a parallel universe?

♬ The first music rec of 2012: I wish we'd gotten more memorable material out of the D. Perhaps Tenacious D has something epic still up their sleeve, but its eponymous album, now more than a decade old, waits to be topped. Wonderboyyyyy ...

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