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Podcast: College hoops road trip!

Posted on: January 2, 2012 12:26 pm
By Matt Norlander

The cross-country American road trip. A staple of how our nation's citizens and families find unfamiliar ways to bond -- and loathe. Rob Dauster and Troy Machir, the fellas who run Ballin' is a Habit, will embark on a three-week gallivant from D.C. to Indiana to Missouri to Wisconsin to Kansas to Utah and about six other states as well.

It's the BIAH Road Trip, and good God am I jealous. Rob and Troy will traverse across the country and catch more than a dozen games in January. Historic buildings and tiny gyms. It's going to be epic -- how could it not? And so I brought them on the podcast in advance of their departure later this week.

Help the guys out and donate them a few dollars. To track their travels in real-time, follow Rob and Troy on Twitter. Let's get to the podcast.

Mapping it out:
  • From the beginning: All the teams, states, arenas and details of the trip. I'd break down individual conversations, but hearing them go through this trip is great. They're prepared ... but not totally.
  • 13:50: The venue they're most looking forward to seeing.
  • 20:18: Getting to hoops talk. Primarily, Indiana.
  • 22:39: Ironic that the "let's talk about Indiana more" has led to further shadowing of two-loss Michigan State. Classic Izzo.
  • 24:42: Who's that over there? ... Ah! It's No. 4 Duke. Sneaky little kids.
  • 26:30: I ask Rob which team he thinks has been the most overshadowed, and you can hear him typing on his laptop to prepare a response. Hahaha.
  • 29:35: Podcast gets closed up with a few lingering storylines and how these two will entertain themselves by spending days upon days in a car. They're going to get very familiar with each other.

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