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Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

Posted on: February 5, 2012 12:27 am
Edited on: February 5, 2012 12:42 am
That is a 'Breaking Bad' reference for those who don't get it. (Getty Images)
By Matt Norlander

Here’s everything you need to know about Saturday night’s light slate of games …

Game of the Night:  It was Kansas-Missouri, of course. It couldn't be anything else. Parrish was there, and he'll have reaction/column on the experience shortly. As for my thoughts on the Tigers' 74-71 win, I thought the game was marred by officiating, but rarely does that bother me. The refs blow calls in every game, and at this point, unless it's particularly brutal -- like, among the five worst calls in a season -- I just consider it another turnover. I think it's a damn shame that could've been the last time Kansas takes the bus to Columbia for a game, though. Missouri wanted nothing to do with the Big 12, and now the rivalry is set to die after the season. Too bad.

Win to brag about: The Northern Iowa buzzer-beating win at home against the Valley's best team was bodacious. UNI is fighting to be an NIT bubble team, but it mucked up the MVC race by getting such a sizzling victory.

Loss to hide from: A lot of teams don't have wiggle room. Nevada was 19-3 entering the day, but it was a soft 19-3. It lost to 12-11 Idaho at home. The Wolf Pack now can most likely only afford to lose in the WAC finals if they want an at-large.

Player who deserves improper benefits: Thomas Robinson one-upped Jared Sullinger, scoring 25 and getting 13 rebounds after Sullinger had 24 and 10 earlier in the day. What's particularly egregious: Robinson didn't get a touch on the final three Kansas possessions. I checked the tape. The Jayhawks could have made it happen.

Another player who deserves improper benefits: The man who blocks. Anthony Davis, who set the SEC freshman record for blocks in a season, passing Shaq's record for more than two decades ago. Davis' eight swats today put him at 116 for the year. Davis will likely put this record beyond orbit by the end of February.

Player who does not deserve improper benefits: Chace Stanback's two points in 20 minutes in UNLV's loss at Wyoming was pretty glaring. I still am very high on Vegas, but I'd like to not see Stanback disappear like this again. He's the wrinkle that makes UNLV hard to contain.

Numbers don’t lie

  • 12. The MAC East beat the MAC West 12-0 this week. On the year, the East leads the battle 21-3.
  • 25.1. That's Damian Lillard's points per game average, tops in the nation, and stays that way thanks to 35 tonight against Northern Colorado.
  • 40 and 40. The Summit League's two best players, Nate Wolters and Dominique Morrison, both played 40 minutes and led their team to wins tonight. DoMo had 36 and Wolters had 31.

Other notable results

  1. Dayton is now 4-5 in the A10 and 14-9 overall. I'm embarrassed to have ever put this team in the Power Pyramid.
  2. For the first time since being coach of Indiana, Tom Crean got a road win in the Big Ten against the team that wasn't named Penn State. 78-61 over Purdue is just what the doctor ordered for IU. Purdue seems destined to play in Dayton in the First Four.
  3. The game will be a bit of an afterthought on this day, but UNC struggled on the way to an 83-74 win at Maryland. Tyler Zeller was again spectacular, putting up 22 points and seven rebounds.
  4. Important game in the CAA saw George Mason beat Old Dominion 54-50. Mason (19-6) remains in a tie atop the league at 11-2 thanks to the win. Playing its way to an at-large if it can win most of the rest from here on out.
  5. Iowa State 77, Oklahoma 70. Iowa State now 7-3 in the conference and, yeah, this is a tournament team.
  6. Boy, oh, boy did Alabama need to avoid losing at home to Ole Miss -- and it did. But it took two overtimes. A 69-67 Tide win. If it can win at home and just get by in the SEC Alabama will sneak in to the field of 68.


  • Mentioned that Creighton loss above. Wichita State won at home over Indiana State, which means WSU and Creighton are tied atop the Valley. The two play each other next Saturday.
  • Middle Tennessee State was another unbeaten-in-conference team entering the day. No more. Fell at Denver 75-60. If it was a five-point and not a 15-point loss, that'd have been much better. Blue Raiders are a bubble team, but barely now, and they have no BracketBuster opportunity.
  • I've never seen a basketball stanchion just go to sleep like this after a dunk. 
  • Crazy to know that Texas A&M was picked by league coaches to win the Big 12. Aggies fell 64-53 at K-State and are now 3-7 in conference.
  • Apparently it's rumored UNC and Kentucky will not play each other in the non-con next year. Would be dumb for both teams to opt out of that.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 8:09 pm

Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

I agree. I am sick and tired of listening to Digger and Dick and all these analysts bemoaning the end of the rivalry. RIVALRIES DON'T END! If you don't want to schedule a home/away alternating year preconference format, then schedule it in KC every year and one team ends up with a quality win, both teams get better from the competition, and the rivalry lives on. SIMPLE, just like having a playoff in football.  Sooner or later the money will make both things happen.
Rivalries actually can and do end. Arkansas-Texas used to be a rivalry. It's gone now, it's not coming back. If you're in different states, you have to be in the same conference or the rivalry will probably die.

Personally, I can't wait to see its last rites. I believe Missouri and Kansas are better off without each other because the rivalry simply isn't healthy. There's just too much hatred stemming from such ridiculous reasons. After 155 years, it's time for the Civil War to finally end.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 7:57 pm

Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

Saturday was a great day of basketball, especially the Mizzou-Kansas game. It was great to see who would win between the bigs of Kansas and the small guards of Missouri. A really fun game with a fun finish. Also, Anthony Davis is a man among boys.

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Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

Traitor? Come on scooter, we didn't sell top secret documents to the Taliban or Russia....Are you serious? As much as we hate to admit it, college sports is a business...Mizzou was faced with being in a fledgling conference, which at the time, had 4 additional teams, to go along with the 3 that had already left, trying to leave...Or, they could move to the overall most successful conference in America and get a large influx of revenue to boot. It truly was a no-brainier to do what MU did.....If any of the other Big 12 conference teams would have gotten the opportunity, they would have jumped at it at a moments notice. As far as over-valued, someone (the SEC) else appreciated our value and grabbed it up before another conference tried to. The problem is not the over-valued University of Missouri; moreover, the non-valued universities left behind and all that jealousy from each that goes with it. Grow up beaks, and the rest of what is left of a once proud conference.....This is not the fault of Mizzou, more the product of a "dollar comes first" society that we have all helped develope.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:03 pm

Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

No reason to reward a traitor.  Missouri has always overva;ued their collective importance in sports.  This program sure struts alot for the number of Final 4 banners (or lack of) hanging in Mizzou arena.  Same in football.   KU, and every other Big 12 school, owes Missouri nothing.  And that is what they will get from Kansas.  NOTHING.  Many even feel that the Big 12 Basketball championship should be moved out of KC, since MIssouri has left.   Imagine loosing all of that revenue that the choice could cost the state if that happens.  Pretty big hit on the state economy.   It would be a great payback for treason.

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Night Court: Kansas-Mizzou delivers the goods

I agree. I am sick and tired of listening to Digger and Dick and all these analysts bemoaning the end of the rivalry. RIVALRIES DON'T END! If you don't want to schedule a home/away alternating year preconference format, then schedule it in KC every year and one team ends up with a quality win, both teams get better from the competition, and the rivalry lives on. SIMPLE, just like having a playoff in football.  Sooner or later the money will make both things happen.

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ku's new conference rival will be Washburn.

The Big 8 was great.  The Big XII was doomed from the start.  However, missouri was the FOURTH team to depart the BigXII (the third former Big 8 team)  -- and only after OU BEGGED, EGGED, BEGGED the Pac12 to take it, promising the Longhorns and the two tagalongs OSU and Tech.  And when Larry Scott gets the expansion itch again (next year, perhaps?) the gang of four will bolt for the Pac12 leaving ku to add Rice, Houston, SMU and (or maybe Washburn, Pittsburg St. , Emporia St. and Drury) to their conference slate.  Fact is, Mizzou had options.  A great one, in fact, in the SEC.  Much better than the BEVO conference, which is nothing more than a desolate 1-35 tornado alley stretch to Austin (and a W. va. satellite).  Another fact:  only Kansas stands in the way of continuing this rivalry as a game (or two) between (like Mizzou vs, Illinois, UK vs, Indiana, etc...jeez EVERYONE knows a rivalry game isn;t just within conference play).  Bitter, petty, Chickenhawks like Self and the KU chancellor (who has no ties to the Midwest, BTW) are what will kill this rivalry.  That, and fat Charlie Weiss trying to avoid another loss to the Tigers in his first season as the new fat KU FB coach.  Frankly, Mizzou will have a bball rivalry with Kentucky and Arky immediately.  I certainly  won't miss ku basketball.Afterall, ku built their program by paying Wilt Chamberain and others in the '50s, which is pretty distateful.  The football game at Arrowhead, however, is a win win. $1 million to each team (and a likely Mizzou win).  It's really a shame that ku is weaseling out of that one, too.   Breaking the contract.  That's a legal thing, Norlander.  A fact. Not just BS from a blogger.

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