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Wakeup Call: Debating the final two No. 1 seeds

Posted on: February 21, 2012 8:57 am
Great work by ESPN to get this shot last night. This was after Napier's ridiculous 3 fell through. (

By Matt Norlander

Slick newspaper design is a passion of mine. Here are what's considered the five best in the world. // Physical history gets the digital touch. Ten amazing letters from United States Presidents. // If you like The Simpsons, you can't not read this. // And the best cameos in Simpsons history ...

★ “I think that there’s too much sugar in the world and not enough salt." Read the story of Buzz Williams.

★ The best part of messageboards (can't believe I just wrote that) is the memes. Kansas fans went wild on Steve Moore.

★ The Summit League's diamonds.

Big week for Temple, even if it doesn't seem like it from the outside.

★ Dan Wolken opines on the long-term problems that could be facing UConn.
★ Michigan State's defense is a lot of fun to watch this season. Why?

★ Staying with the Spartans, some more perspective on Draymond Green's ridiculous season.

★ If the Big East tournament started today ...

★ Immediate reaction to BracketBusters and a check-in on how it didn't immediately affect seeding in prognostications. Long-term, by Selection Sunday, will there be impact?

★ The chase for the final two No. 1 seeds is great and up in the air, but I think Missouri's almost definitely got that third top line locked up.

★ The player I talked to who's had the 10th point three straight years at Taylor University's Silent Night was chosen for the same award as Andrew Luck.

★ This is how Vegas sees the differences between the top 20 teams in the country.

★ Wherein Seth Davis takes up on behalf of the RPI, unfortunately. Smart guy; don't get why he's antediluvian when it comes to this.

★ As for the RPI, listen to this takedown of the system by Scott Van Pelt.

★ Rhode Island is the worst state in college basketball.

★ I don't know John Shurna too well -- I've only met him once -- but from all I've seen and heard, this column nails who the kid is.

► Take a time lapse through Hinkle.

♬ No band rec today. Instead, let's look at a cover. What makes covers worthwhile? The twist on the tune's original recording, of course. When an artist can pay tribute to another by making a song their own, that's when a cover's at its best. And this is a cover of a cover. Cornell's one of the 10 best -- in terms of control and range and power -- voices in the history of rock, by the way.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 10:00 pm

The Elite 2 (Cuse & UK) and the Mediocre 23

Outside of Kentucky and Syracuse, the other teams are down right mediocre, several teams have made it into the top team by default not their ability. Is Michigan really the 13th ranked team in the nation? Does a team warrant being ranked 7th in the nation if that team is not UNC? And is Duke really worthy of being ranked 4th or are they there by default? Mediocrity is widespread in college basketball and the once traditional powers will certainly become a victim of the cinderela bug come March. Lets take a look at the usual suspects:

1. Arizona -- lucky if they make it to the NIT, may have to win the PAC 12 tourney to punch their ticket

2. UNC --- most talented team in the country with a team full of future pros who seemed more concerned with not getting hurt than playing D.

3. Duke --- inconsistent defensive team that lives and dies with the play of Rivers, maybe too much to ask a player to do their freshmen year

4. Kansas --- will Taylor dominate the ball or feed Robinson down low, ignoring Robinson will be a recipe for disaster come tourney time    

5. UCLA --- proabably bound for the CBC tournament if they are lucky, Coach Howland's seat is beginning to heat up     &nb
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Posted on: February 21, 2012 3:31 pm

Wakeup Call: Debating the final two No. 1 seeds

If Kansas beats Mizzou theyll get the number 1 seed since theyve already beaten Ohio State.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 1:26 pm

Wakeup Call: Debating the final two No. 1 seeds

I have a question.  How will both MSU and OSU win their conference tourny, when they are both in the same conference?

Just asking!

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 12:13 pm

Wakeup Call: Debating the final two No. 1 seeds

Regarding the #1 seeds, the committee will almost certainly award a #1 seed to MSU, OSU, Mizzou or KU if they win their conference outright AND win their conference tournament. In the case of the Big Ten, the final game is too late to affect the bracket, so they only need to reach the final game to get that #1 seed.

After that it gets more cloudy when you bring Duke and UNC into the mix, but the committee really values regular season outright champs. I suspect that will be the overriding factor.

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