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Wakeup Call: Seton Hall focuses on games, not GFs

Posted on: February 22, 2012 8:45 am
Edited on: February 22, 2012 8:48 am
Seton Hall would need an implosion to avoid the NCAAs at this point. (AP)

By Matt Norlander

Sixty livers and 30 lives. // I don't think this is allowed or possible in our physical universe. // The no-brainer headlines often make for the best ones. // Women writing in sports: we need more of it. // Why thinking about your cellphone makes you selfish ...

Very nicely presented, Eamonn Brennan, and thanks for the dose of links. We'll win this, don't worry.

★ Seton Hall -- not focusing on their girlfriends.

★ JaMychal Green will not be available for Alabama's game on Thursday. Remember, it was Tony Mitchell who was definitively sat down for the season.

★ Have you done anything this lovingly irrational when your team begins to lose? Someone make sure grandma can breathe!

★ Anthony Davis opens up with USA Today.

★ The Royce White pieces are trickling in at a steady pace. Borzello will have one up later today, too.

★ Andy Glockner is so bubbly on this Bubble Watch video that I can't not link it. He is INFORMING US!

★ Devin Thomas, a Wake Forest commit, broke the glass at a recent game. The Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy was in the house to watch. Thomas' reaction is interesting.

★ One of these eight teams will win the national title this year.

★ One of our CBS Sports Network guys handled himself amazingly well after his stool thought he was Chris Farley. One of the most brutal moments you could have on live television, and he navigated it like a pro.

★ Why Nate Wolters is the king of "take and make."

These guys are making Kansas fans look like an embarrassment.

★ With Missouri's move to the SEC, what are some of the "significant changes" fans will soon feel affected by?

★ Former NBA players takes over coaching high school team in John Wooden's hometown after 65-year-old coach is found pantless in his car with a 17-year-old girl. That's a story.

★ Blind resumes -- with KenPom stats!

► Speaking of Ken Pomeroy, he linked this on Twitter Tuesday. It's the 1983 NCAA championship season-ending montage. "One Shining Moment"? NO. It's Christopher Cross' "All Right"! Unbelievable. Some of these highlights have to be seen to get believed (gericurled Drexler is always ready to party), like the cheerleader taking a charge ... in the middle of the game? Whatever you glean from the video, I hope this song carries you up to the weekend. (Start at 41:50)

♬ I can't believe I've almost gotten to March without recommending Radiohead. Here's the thing with the 'Head. They're incredibly diverse, but the reason most people who choose not to get into them is because they think it's all bloopy-blippy-bop-bop stuff. Way off. Look no further than The Bends, my favorite album, one that's, damn, almost 17 years old. Radiohead's good, and legendary, because they're career has in some ways paralleled the currents of mainstream music -- without every classifying in that solar system.

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