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Wakeup Call: Other tournament fields released

Posted on: March 7, 2012 8:59 am
The leaders of the Big East ring in the Tuesday bell at the NYSE. (Big East)

By Matt Norlander
and Jeff Borzello

★ Parrish's Knucklehead Rule wins again. Jelan Kendrick is suspended for the SEC tournament.

★ Virginia freshman guard Malcolm Brogdon is out for the rest of the season with a broken bone in his foot.

★ Duke announced forward Ryan Kelly would miss the ACC tournament after suffering a right foot sprain.

★ The much-anticipated annual Glue Guy Team from Seth Davis.

★ This high school buzzer-beater video of Bullitt East High School in Kentucky has EVERYTHING. I've watched it five times.

★ We will see this debate more this season, with several favorites bowing out early. But do we really need conference tournaments?

★ Damn. That's a good job, Andy Katz. Checking in with one of the surviving members of Harvard's 1946 NCAA tournament team.

★ And Jeff Eisenberg got the Western Kentucky coach on the horn Tuesday night after the team amazingly earned its auto bid.

★ According to reports, the Pac-12 is likely moving its conference tournament to Las Vegas next season. The Mountain West, WCC and WAC are already there.

★ Want to know how your school can improve its APR? Here are a few ideas.

★ In case you missed it, the NCAA will reveal its official 1-68 S-Curve after the selections are announced.

★ USA Basketball announced the 10 players that will represent it in the Nike Hoop Summit.

★ The NCAA is still deciding between four venues for the next year’s East Regional.

★ Villanova, Purdue, Alabama and Oregon State will headline next season's 2K Sports Classic in New York City.

CBE Classic announced its four host schools for next season would be Kansas, Saint Louis, Texas A&M and Washington State. Those four will meet Nov. 19-20 in Kansas City.

★ West Virginia vs. Michigan will headline the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival at Barclays Center next December.
► Didn't you hear? Naters gonna Nate, so Wolters and the Jackrabbits are in the NCAAs. Here's how he does.

♬ I'll be listening to this on my way subway ride over to Madison Square Garden this morning.

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Posted on: March 7, 2012 12:05 pm

Wakeup Call: Other tournament fields released

Conference tournaments serve one purpose - make the conference money. The unfortunate byproduct is that they prevent many of the best mid-major teams from making the NCAAs. Iona, MTSU and Oral Roberts will all be watching from home this year even though they would surely provide a more compelling matchup than Loyola, WKY and, to a lesser extent, South Dakota State.

Since: Aug 28, 2006
Posted on: March 7, 2012 11:42 am

Wakeup Call: Other tournament fields released

I disagree; if you're the best team, then win your tournament. Period. 

Sometimes a team will feast on an easy conference schedule early, and build a big lead, where a team like WKU is young and takes a while to gel. But if you watched WKU's last two games, there's no arguing they deserve to be there. They came back from double-digit defecits against supposedly "superior" teams in both games. 

The short haul has always been rewarded far more than the long slog, Sergio. It's endemic to a society that treats symptoms instead of root causes.  

Drexel WILL make it; and ORU has only themselves to blame for their weak OOC schedule. They could've scheduled some tough games to raise their profile because the Summit is weak; but nope, they played a weak schedule and cost themselves.

Whereas a smaller team like Long Beach KNOWS the rules, has been the best team in the Big West but hasn't made the tournament the last two years, and therefore scheduled the toughest OOC schedule in the country to bolster their cache in case they flamed out in the tournament.

That's called adapting to your environment, which is far more admirable than whining about the injustices of the rules when YOU didn't take care of business. The whole argument against conference tournaments is almost akin to a lack of personal responsiblity. ORU wouldn't have had a problem with the conference tournament if they won it and it improved their seeding one or two lines. But since they didn't, the crying of the injustice of a 27 win team missing the tournament (when they did NOTHING to help their own profile within their own control) is what we hear instead.

Take accountability and win your tournament if you're the best team. If you don't, you didn't get it done. The rules are the rules, they make for intriguing storylines and better March basketball, and it's just plain fun. We all love an underdog; this would eliminate a ton of those scenarios.

By the way, the winner of the regular season does get rewarded. They get an auto-bid to the NIT. So they're still recognized; but if they don't get it done when it counts, then TS.  

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Posted on: March 7, 2012 11:19 am

Wakeup Call: Other tournament fields released

Agreed. It is ridiculous to have the autobid go to the tourney champ. The regular season champ is the team that has EANED the right to play in the tourney and is the most representative of the "Best 68" that the NCAA claims to want.

Since: Dec 4, 2010
Posted on: March 7, 2012 10:27 am

Wakeup Call: Other tournament fields released

The NCAA needs to change the post-season conf. tourneys.  The winner of the 'regular season' - you know the banner that reads ' 2012 Big East Champions' ie- should be the AUTOMATIC big dance winner. All the post-season tourneys are drama, TV , revenue enhancement and  our beloved 'second chance' driven.  The short haul is what we reward in today's USA NOT the long's sad.  WKU should NOT be in the tournament this year. Drexel will not make it. ORU is not in.  Their season long efforts are for naught. It sucks. 

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