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Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

Posted on: March 8, 2012 3:07 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2012 3:16 pm

By Jeff Borzello

Auburn guard Varez Ward is being investigated by federal authorities for alleged point-shaving incidents, according to a report by Yahoo! Sports.

Charles Robinson reported on Thursday afternoon that Ward and teammate Chris Denson were suspended in late February and questioned as part of the investigation. Denson was cleared and returned to the team after sitting out one game. Ward has not returned since being suspended on February 25.

The two games in question were Feb. 7 against Alabama and Jan. 25 against Arkansas. Some of the questionable moments during the games:

  • Feb. 7 vs. Alabama: Ward had six turnovers, two assists and shot 1-of-5 from the field. Two of his shots were blocked, one was an air ball and he also missed a free throw. Alabama was favored by five and won by 18.
  • Jan. 25 vs. Arkansas: Ward turned the ball over 19 seconds into his first possession and left the game with an apparent quadriceps injury. He didn’t return to the game. Arkansas was favored by 9.5, but won by only three.

Ward is a former Texas transfer who left the Longhorns in the summer of 2010. He started 17 games this season for Auburn, averaging 8.9 points, 3.8 assists and 2.7 turnovers.


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Posted on: March 10, 2012 11:17 am

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

Im a gambler and I can tell you the Vandy game on Jan 7 was the most absurd thing Ive ever seen.  Just look at the box score, 25% from the field and 20% from the line.  I mean, come on high school girls are better than that.  It was just too obvious.

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 9:09 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

this is a rundown of the action this season on auburn :

the first game on the board was at seaton hall the line was auburn + 8.5 and 135.5  after winning the first four they get blown out by 21 giving up 81 points beating the total by16  ........... hmmmmm

next they go on a for game winning streak, all non lined games, averaging 65 pts/game and then host l beach st getting 10. they put up an anemic43 pts and lose by twenty - two nights later on xmas they are a 1.5 pt. favorite and lose by eight - but the total has droped to 123 ( down 20 pts. from the previous game - which is a huge number move ) and they get in an up and down game and total 159, ecliping the previous game score by...... alot.........merry xmas

the year is not over for those who celebrate - they eclipse the total by 33. vegas is scratching thier head at this point because they can t get a read on this team, even taking them off the board several times. 

now everybody is watching and they play 3 games in a week to open up the january schedule and proceed to:

lose at fla st by 30 as a 10 pt dog

go to vandy and get beat by 30 again, this time as a 15.5 pt dog - putting up only 35 total pts. going under by a mile 65 - 35 and the total was 135 ........... ouch, now they rumors are out because.......... four nights later at home against the best team in the country ( kentucky ) they only lose by 13. what did larry bird dress for this one.

after the kentucky game the pts for and against stablize. this may be due to the time line when things smelled fishy and inquiries were being made - two weeks pass and suspensions come forward.

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 8:00 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

auburn did report it, because after the fbi showed up with questions people started counting chairs - for when the music stops

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:54 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

you are right - this is bad for business

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:51 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

my gues is some large action had come in against auburn and some out of town guys got caught - and made some calls. this kid was at texas were everybody gets paid, has a tendon problem and leaves town over night, has a mother with bills, at first blush appears that he may not pass a drug test and most likely nervous as to what is contained in his personal comuniques'. the tape never lies and the fbi has the skinny on which games were dumped by the beaten bookies - who are the real arm of justice in the business. and some one on the team knows, locker room always echo...

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:00 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

But according to all the amateur sleuths during the Netwon investigation, it was the FBI that was going to "nail Auburn."  Bingo trial came and went.  McGregor found not guity on all counts.  Nothing ever became of this alleged FBI information that would implicate Auburn.  But remember, all that was going to come out during the bingo trial...according to Skreffty.

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 4:13 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

Clearly there's more to this than the 2 games mentioned...Usually Vegas monitors bets coming in and if they see something suspicious they alert the authorites. I suspect he was hanging around known gamblers and this got people's attention.

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 3:07 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

i am willing to bet this goes on a lot more than we know.  to be honest I didnt even know Auburn had a basketball team

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 2:56 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

He should quit and play baseball and then return to basketball in a year or two like MJ did

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Posted on: March 9, 2012 2:08 pm

Report: Auburn G investigated for point-shaving

I didn't know that Auburn even played basketball! Seriously though, who cares? What's the difference between a crappy team like Auburn losing every game by 10 or 15? So the guy may have shaved some points. Who would know better anyway? 8 of the 12 teams in the SEC could be shaving points, and things wouldn't look any different than what they do normally. They all suck.

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