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Dirty Birds vs. Pats

Posted on: December 18, 2010 9:03 am

Well folks this is my first blog and and as it's starting to shape up as an Atlanta vs. New England Superbowl,I've decided to give such a Superbowl a prescreening and in what you will find to become typically perverse fashion,instead of discussing how each team can win,I'll discuss how each team can blow it during the big show. And to show all you shiny new readers I am not in any way biased,I will start by knocking around my beloved Patriots.


So picture it,the end of the Superbowl. Tom Brady and Wes Welker sit dejectedly on the sidelines. The Patriot's young defense wanders aimlessly around the field in a blizzard of black and white confetti,clearly in shock. Coach Belichick's stoic demeanor now holds a faintly disgusted air as he watches the Falcons jump and whoop for joy. What happened? Well despite recent events to the contrary,the Pats aren't superhuman. While the offense is very well balanced and red hot right now under Lord Brady's guiding arm it's the defense that could be this team's downfall. Yes I will admit the defense has shown signs of improvement over the past few weeks,and we all know that Devin McCourty has had an excellent rookie year with six picks and Vince Wilfork is still the glue that holds that front line together. But. That's right "but". To begin with this is easily one of the youngest,inexperienced defenses in the league with an average age of 25. This defense is made up of alot of rookie and second year players who now face the very daunting possibility of fighting for a Superbowl. Never underestimate the damaging effects of big time pressure. Not to mention that,despite the recent improvements,they have not exactly overwhelmed the stat charts,particularly in passing defense where they currently rank a miserable 31st in the league allowing 266.2 yards per game. Not where you want to be facing a quarterback like Matty Ice. Now it's been said that while they are lousy statistically,they make plays when it counts and overall that's true. However,all it takes is one game full of "day late,dollar short" from the Pat's defense and that'll be all she wrote. The defense needs to play more consistently and quit giving away yards because against an explosive team like the Falcons,that will get you into trouble real quick.

Now it's Atlanta's turn. Matt Ryan stares longingly at the Lombardi Trophy through red,white and blue paper and balloons as Tony Gonzalez curses another lost chance at a championship. What happened? Well,we can start with a 24th ranked passing defense against a Patriots offense that has been handling it's business and spreading the ball around effectively. Another thing is that the Falcon's passing game isn't quite so diversified. Jenkins,Gonzalez and Finneran and have been there sure but it's been all about Roddy and if he goes down or gets taken out of the game that could be a real blow to the Dirty Bird's offense,even with Michael Turner back in there running the rock. Another thing is that the Atlanta defense has been suspect against the the run on several occasions while Benjarvis Ellis-Green is a solid back that it wouldn't do to underestimate and the smaller,speedy Falcons D can be worn down under a sustained ground attack. And while Matt Ryan has justly earned his "Matty Ice" moniker in my eyes,he has shown he is fallible every once in awhile and while the Pats D gives up yards they can be surprisingly oppurtunistic which means Ryan has to be colder then ever.

Now while I will admit there's a chance that one of these teams won't make it,I'm reasonably certain they will meet each other for the championship and that while both these teams are running hot right now they are not invincible.

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