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QB Fantasy points by team

Posted on: January 4, 2011 2:00 pm

You know the quarterbacks who did well in Fantasy Football in 2010. But you might not know how a team's cumulative quarterback performance fared.

Well, now you do.

PHI 415
GB 379
NE 369
DEN 345
IND 345
NO 330
SD 330
DAL 326
DET 306
TB 300
ATL 294
JAC 286
HOU 285
NYG 283
BAL 271
KC 271
PIT 270
CIN 264
WAS 256
NYJ 245
BUF 238
SF 238
CHI 235
TEN 233
OAK 230
STL 216
MIA 205
SEA 200
MIN 174
CLE 169
ARI 132
CAR 104

Why is this information relevant? Consider the performance of the Broncos, Cowboys and Lions. Had the starters for those teams stayed on the field (or in the case of the Broncos, had the rookie seen more playing time sooner), they would have conceivably been Fantasy superstars and key components to an owner's title run.

The quarterbacks on those teams didn't finish in the Top 10 in standard scoring, but their teams did. So something those teams did went right for their QBs to total so many Fantasy points. That's real good news for Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford, who will continue with their current offenses; the Broncos won't run the same scheme so there is some concern about what Tim Tebow will be asked to run next year and if he can run it successfully.


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Posted on: January 6, 2011 4:16 pm

QB Fantasy points by team

Both Vick and Rogers lost time to injury.  What kind of impact did this have on these totals?  Also, will these injuries have an impact on next year's totals?  I ask this because concussions are such a hot topic.  How many concussions can Rogers suffer before becoming a liability?  Not only to the team but to himself?  Also, Vick's style of play will increase his odds of injury.  Other teams have already realized this and have gone after him every chance they get.  All of these questions make Brady look very good.

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