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LSU adds commit #11

Posted on: April 21, 2008 6:51 pm
FL LB Willie Ferrell from FAMU HS is the latest to commit to Les Miles and LSU.

Ferrell is legit 4* kid and Rivals 250 kid (249 although to be honest the new 250 list comes out tomorrow and Ferrell could move up or down) is 6'2 220 has decent speed.

Quotes from Scout's Tiger Digest and Rival's Tigerbait

I am going to be a LSU Tiger, said Ferrell. I have actually known for about three weeks now but I wanted to pray about it and make sure. My mom had to be okay with it as well.

"I committed to LSU," said Ferrell. "I just got off the phone with all the LSU coaches. I talked to head coach Les Miles, recruiting coordinator Josh Henson and linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto. They were all very excited and mentioned how they can't wait to get me over to LSU. I'm just really glad it's all over with recruiting and my only trip planned is a visit to LSU both in the summer and during the season to check out their game."

While most considered LSU a strong contender, Ferrell had a little surprise of his own earlier today at school as he wore a Florida Gator hat to make his announcement a little more suspenseful?

"Yeah I wanted to throw in a little surprise here and there with my decision because I know my friends, and students had been telling me I should go to Florida," said Ferrell.

I thought LSU was honest with me from the beginning. We liked the school to, especially the business school. As far as football is concerned they need linebackers and LSU will be a fresh start for me. That means I will have a chance early. LSU was also a place where I felt real comfortable. People may think I picked them because they just won the (National) Championship but that's not the reason why. It just feels like home to me, it's a great program and I can get a good education.

"Coach Henson and Coach Miles laid everything straight and didn't sugarcoat anything when it came to what their feelings were about me as a player, student and my future at LSU. They are a program that I trust. I did a lot of research for each team. The coaching staff is honest with their players and I actually spoke with a couple of guys that were already there on the roster. Some of them sustained injuries during their career in high school, as well as at LSU and the coaching staff stuck with them, so that meant a lot to me when thinking about LSU and knowing how much I can trust them."

They have one of the best staffs around, no doubt about that. They are just great people that really know what they are doing. They are just doing their thing. I am so excited to get a chance to play for a team like LSU.

I could fit really well into the scheme there at LSU. I'm thrilled about being a part of the family and I honestly couldn't think of a better school to be apart of than LSU. It's the complete package when you look at academics, football and overall family atmosphere."

Throughout the recruiting process Ferrell was keeping a close relationship with another LSU verbal commitment in four-star athlete Drayton Calhoun of Tucker (GA). Calhoun never through pressure on the talented linebacker from FAMU high but made the process easier for Ferrell in looking at all his options.

"We didn't really talk about recruiting too much. The conversations were mainly about football and we just shared a lot of different tips each one of us could use for the regular season and possibly playoffs. I'm excited to be going to the same school with Drayton so we can continue the strong football tradition of LSU."

"It was pretty exciting to see them win a National Championship. But that was their title and I want to be a part of my own when I get there. I haven't really gone into detail with the coaches about red shirting first year because I feel pretty confident I feel I can make an early impact."

Helping the talented linebacker focus on an even bigger senior season is his workout partner and current FV Top 100 member Cody Ledford from North Florida Christian. (personal note I grew up with Cody Ledford's father in LA, Cody is also a highly recruited athlete)

"The last few months, Cody and I have really hit it off pretty well. I hope to see him join me at LSU because Cody is a great prospect that is a work horse not only on the field, but in the weight room. That would be pretty cool if we ended up at the same place."

Ferrell, 6-1 and 228 pounds, is from Tallahassee (Fla.) FAMU High School. Over the past two seasons Ferrell has recorded close to 400 tackles. As a sophomore he led FAMU to the state championship with 212 tackles. Last season as a junior he registered 183 tackles and 28 tackles for a loss as his team just fell short of a second straight state title, losing in the finals. He selected LSU over Maryland, South Carolina and Illinois.

Rivals 100 updated on 4/21

Rivals 100

Janzen Jackson moves up to #89 overall.

DE Brockers drops out of 100, new rank will be updated soon, I am sure he will be in the Rivals 250.

LSU's 2009 class


Russell Shepard, TX 5* Rivals #4 (#1 ATH, #2 QB) Scout #3 (#2 QB)

Chris Garrett, MS 3/4* # 215 Scout (#19 QB)


Michael Ford, LA 4* #155 Rivals, #31 Scout (#5 RB)

Dexter Pratt, TX 4* #104 Rivals #56 Scout (#10 RB)


Henry Orelus, FL 3*

Josh Downs, LA 3* #294 Scout (#11 OG)


Michael Brockers, TX 4* #91 Rivals overall #66 Scout (#5 DE)


Janzen Jackson, LA 4* #169 Rivals #139 Scout (#13 CB) 4/21 update Jackson #89

Dratyon Calhoun, GA 4* #131 Rivals #252 overall Scout (#21 CB)


Minter, GA 4* #91 Scout overall #5 MLB

Ferrell, FL 4* #249 overall per Rivals

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