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More Football games a Week

Posted on: April 5, 2008 12:18 pm
I'm starting to get tired of just seeing football games once a week, and only having 16 games  a season. Football players are getting over paid and under worked. A season should have at least 25-30 games. This would be greatly beneficial to the NFL for many reasons.

1) Ticket prices
Ticket prices for football games are the most expensive of any sport. To go to a baseball game you can pay like $5 for a bad seat, but that same seat costs at least $50 or more in the NFL. Soon games are going to get to expensive for people to even go to and there will be an empty stadium crisis. The reason other sports have cheaper prices is that they have more games, so they can afford to have cheaper prices. If we had say 2 games a week then prices should get cut in half.

2) Rivalries
There aren't enough rivalry games in the NFL. There should be 3-4 divisional games a year. Also, the NFL should encourage new mini rivalries that are starting because of local games even if they aren't in same division or conference. Like in the D.C. area its a huge deal whenever the Ravens play the Redskins, but this only happens one in every like 3 years, and I bet its also a big deal when the Giants play the Jets, or the 49ers play the Raiders. Unfortunately these games rarely happen.

3) Media
Have you ever heard a decent conversation about a football game on TV on a Wednesday or Thursday? All they talk about during the week are crazy theories they have that will never happen. You see interviews with players that don't even affect the game, and talk show hosts are forced to make rumors. People need something to talk about during the week, and not scouting reports of teams they are going to play in 5 weeks.

4) Player Salaries
NFL players are getting paid insane salaries for playing 1 game a week. You could say that about baseball players, but they have over 4 games a week. NFL players can't just slack off and get huge contracts. They should work hard and earn every penny they get.

Personally I would enjoy more games a week, and there could be 15 NFL games every Sunday, and 2-3 NFL Games on weekdays.

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Posted on: April 5, 2008 12:18 pm

More Football games a Week

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