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First blog entry ever. Wow.

Posted on: June 3, 2008 5:44 pm

First of all, thank you and welcome to those who might be spending there time reading this.  I must be honest though, this blog is probably more for me than anyone else.  Its kinda nice typing your thoughts and expressions if no one other than you can reflect on them.  I just spent the last two weeks implementing an I.A.F.I.S. database.  That is a computer designed to search and locate suspects using latent fingerprint evidence.  I have had some great success with it the last 6 days.  I have used the device to identify two armed robbery suspects who left there fingerprints on there get away vehicle and articles inside.  Also a burglar from his palm prints that he left on a window he used to enter the house and finally, A suspect we arrested in 2007 gave us a false name, he was arrested again at the end of 2007.  I entered both fingerprint cards he was booked with and both of the fingerprints were the same, the only problem was he used two different names each time he was arrested.  That is giving a false name and obstruction here.  To that person suprise he will have another warrant of arrest taken out on him just for being stupid and lying.  Im sure most of you know it is never a good idea to lie to the police.  It has a way of coming back on you and there is no way to know until the cuffs get put back on you. 

This is my first entry.  I have tons of old case work I will discuss, but I will keep it light the first time. 

Thanks again for coming by, Especially Braves fans.  

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