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Posted on: November 5, 2008 12:04 am

Celtic vs Rockets

Well we started off fast working Yao  Ming low in the post and getting off to an early lead, man I was excited.  Then it happened, first time of the year, Yao got in foul trouble, uh oh!  Celtics took off, looked like we were surly going down by 20 tonight.  Wait a 20-4 run in the second quarter?  We are back in this thing.  Why Rockets do you play with my emotions?  Our small line up actually played well against the bigs of Boston.  Poor team defense and poor shooting lost the game for us in the fourth quarter.

Refs were bad all around in this game, Haywood Workman, former Pacer whom is a rookie ref this year pulled up from the D-league, looked like a rookie.  He was making calls he couldn't even see.  The game was poorly refereed all around but I think the Rockets got the worst of it.  Alston got a tech while you watched Kevin Garnett talk smack in his face and nothing happened to him while the ref who blew the whistle wasn't even near them.  Sad to do that in the 4th quarter.  Can't blame the refs though we had our chances.

We played small but even Yao Ming looked small, being dominated by Kendrick Perkins....that is just sad.  Yao even bricked a wide open dunk failing to even get the ball over the rim.....that is just sad.  He also shot 4-14 and after the first 5 minutes couldn't get the ball down deep on the block against 6'6" Big Baby.....that is just sad.  We also gave up far to many second chance point because we couldn't box out.  Celtics had way to many offensive rebounds.

We got to the free throw line just one time less than our season average and we still made 85% missing just four but the most costly when Tracy McGrady missed 1 out of 3 with 10 seconds left to cut the lead to 2 instead of 1.  That hurt.  For the season we are shooting 40% from the field we didn't even match that shooting 39%, you can't be a championship team shooting like that.  Amazing we were even in the game.  It was our defense that kept us in it but in the 4th quarter we couldn't bump Ray Allen off track while running through screens to hit open shots.

Only 1 of the Big 3 showed up for both teams.  Yao Ming was sad all around and Ron Artest was really only good on defense though he hit big shots in the first half when we made our run.  Aaron Brooks was again a huge delight coming off the bench while Rafer Alston continued to struggle.  Carl Landry got 3 fouls in 4 minutes and was not really a factor in the game.

I thought we could win the game tonight, our offence is still bad.  Coach needs to find a way to get the ball deeper in the post when we post up whether it is Yao, T-Mac, or Artest.  Good test early in the year.  Time to regroup and get ready for next week when we have a brutal schedule coming up.

Posted on: November 2, 2008 11:27 pm

A little Jeopardy!

Answer: The Clippers, Knicks, Bulls, and Grizzlies

Question: The only teams the Rocket have a better shooting percentage than.

Yes the Rockets rank 26th out of 30 teams in fg% shooting a low 40.5%.  The good news, we are holding our opponents to an even 40%. 

Answer: 12.1%

Question: What is the Rockets opponents 3pt fg%?

We are best in the league in guarding shots behind the arc, granted the Grizzlies and Thunder have been two of our foes but when you throw the Mavericks in there it is kind of amazing! 

Answer: 18 out of 28 for 64%

Question: What was the percent of shots against the Thunder we had an assist on?

Kinda of a weak way to get this point across but in a game that we had a hard time putting the ball in the hoop for the first 3 quarters, all but 10 of our buckets were made off of assists for the game.  This just goes to show that we can't rely on the 1 on 1 play even with a "Big 3".  We must have ball movement if we want to get the ball in the hoop.

Answer: Points given up per game and free throw percentage.

Question: What are two other stats the Rockets lead the league in?

We are shooting 88.5% percent from the line so far this year and even Mr. Tracy McGrady is getting his freebies in the hole!  We are also going to the stripe 29 times a game which is not to shabby.  Thank goodness for our success at the line, along with our defense that holding teams to a league low 83 points a game, this is how we are winning ball games.

Well it looks like another year of defensive basket ball for the Rockets if what we have seen through the first three games is any indication of how the season will progress.  It looks like there may be a little Jeff VanGundy still lurking around in the halls of Compaq Center.  I am impressed with the way Ron Artest has played along with Aaron Brooks but T-Mac is obviously hurting and this vexes me greatly.  Should we sit him, should we play him 15-20 mins a game, or should we bleed him out for all he has now and hope he can make the whole season?  I don't know, we will see what coach does in the coming week or two.


Posted on: October 31, 2008 8:52 pm

2 games in.

OK first entry and we are sitting 2-0, our first win was quite a struggle as we fought against the Memphis Grizzles who are supposed to be bottom dwellers in the division this year.  We fought off our own poor shooting and won the game with defense.  In game two we beat the Dallas Mavericks who are showing off a new style of offence this year with new head coach Rick Carlisle, this time our offence was on and our defense won the game in the final quarter.  The Rockets still look to be in preseason form as the starting 5 only got 1 chance to play together before the season started.  I look for it to take the Rockets a little more time than some of the other teams to hit their stride.

Some thoughts 2 games in:

The play of Ron Artest is the reason we are 2-0.  Shane Battier is injured, in his absence Artest has guarded Rudy Gay, Josh Howard, and Dirk Nowitzki.  He has started both games off with great defensive plays and for us to be successful he has got to continue this play.  When Battier gets back we should be holding teams to under 42% shooting all year long.

Yao Mings minutes are way to high.  He has played 36 and 41 minutes.  I don't know if Coach is trying to get him into shape or it is just the simple fact that we have no other center but Yao can't continue this pace all season long and stay healthy.

Aaron Brooks may be ready to break out in year two.  He didn't play at all in game 1 and it was reported that he would be out 1-3 weeks, he then came in against the Mavs and was blowing by Josh Howard and Jason Terry while hitting fade away shots from the baseline as the shot clock expired.  With so much expected from Rafer Alston after his play last year Brooks knows he must step up if he wants on the court.  He is the future at the point for the Rockets and I look for him to get around 20 minutes a game this year.

How much will injuries effect us this year?  Have we shaken the bug?  So far.....not so good.  Shane Battier has not dressed, Brooks was supposed to be out, and Tracy McGrady looks like it is March the way he grimaces and limps around the court.  In-fact T-Mac didn't even play in the 4th quarter.  Will he ever get healthy?

Will the refs ever ref Yao Ming fairly?  So far it doesn't look like it to me.  Marc Gasol, a rookie was pounding and grabbing Yao all night long and never a call when Yao was posting up.  Next night Eric Dampier was pushing with a straight arm and pulling Yao all night long and never a call.  If they were doing this to Tim Duncan or even Shaq there would have been calls.  I am sick and Tired of Yao Ming getting no respect from the league, it is awful.

Will we make a trade?  We are loaded in the Power Forward department, Luther Head is a good shooter but when Battier comes back he wont have a fit with the team and really shouldn't get any playing time.  I look for him and maybe Carl Landry to be traded for a Center to back up Yao.  Chuck Hayes could go but I don't see to many teams needing a guy that is 6'6" and no offensive skills.  In my opinion if Deke doesn't come back sometime this year or we don't make a trade for a back up for Yao we wont be able to win the West against the front lines the Lakers, Hornets, Spurs, and Suns have.

Two games down, 80 to go, Go Rockets!

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