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Posted on: December 20, 2008 2:43 pm
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10 Greatest College QBs

I have always been a huge fan of college football, probably even more than I like pro football but it is a close call. Quarterback has always been the offense position that interested me the most and like most kids when I was younger always imagined being one when I got older (and obviously that didn't happen). So I decided that I would spend some time figuring out who I believe are the best quarterbacks of all-time. To do this I made a list of all the greats that first came to mind. Then I narrowed that list down to ten and then ranked those ten. I know many reading this may argue with certain players making the list and where they landed on the list. And people will also question why certain players didn't make the list. Well not everyone could make it obviously and like I said this is who I believe are the ten best so this is all just in my opinion. Well here it is:

10.) Ken Dorsey- U of Miami- (1999-2002)- Dorsey won and won often, pilling up a career record of 38-2, including two National Championship appearances and one win. He is statistically the best of all the great Miami quarterbacks and that says a lot when being on a list that includes Vinny Testaverde, Bernie Kosar, and Gino Torreta. If he would have won that 2nd national championship he might have been even higher on this list.

9.) Danny Wuerffel- Florida- (1993-1996)- Arguably the best quarterback Steve Spurrier ever had. He was the perfect quarterback for the Run 'N Gun and put up insane numbers. He finished his career with over 10,000 yards passing and over 110 TDs. He also beat numerous tough SEC teams year in and year out and was playing Florida St. teams when they were at their best every year. He is one of the few on this list that you can truly say he played against some of the best competition that could be put in front of him and succeeded.

8.) Roger Staubach- Navy- (1962-1964)- Before he was the star QB of some of the best NFL teams of all-time for the Cowboys he was dominating college football at a time when the position still wasn't full of superstars. He was one of the best athletes to ever step onto a college football field and I was quite tempted to put him higher on this list but just couldn't put him ahead of any of the guys above him. With that said he was one of the best to ever play the position and if you ever have a chance to watch tapes of some of his games make sure to make some time to sit down and enjoy.

7.) Davey O'Brien-TCU- (1935-1938)- There is a reason the award is named after him, he was one of the best there ever was and at a time when the quarterback didn't really throw much and was by no means the centerpoint of the offense. He threw the kind of numbers that had previously never before been seen. He led TCU to both an undefeated season and a National Championship. He was also the first player to ever win the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award all in the same year. Although he was a small man at 5'7 and around 150 pounds he was one of the toughest men to ever stand behind the center and was one of the true revolutioners of the position.

6.) Sammy Baugh- TCU- (1934-36)- Another former TCU QB, Slingin Sammy was a passing QB when that was a true rarity. He was a two-time All-American and was the first real star quarterback in the history of college football. If it wasn't for this man no other name on this list would even mean anything and they all have him to thank for the fact that the position has become what it is.

5.) Doug Flutie-Boston College- (1981-84)- No player has ever taken a school and basically single handedly brought it into the spotlight like Flutie did for BC. He will forever be one of the most popular to ever play the position and anyone who watches college football (or even doesn't) has seen the hail mary pass atleast 10 times in their life (with most having seen it more near 100). With that game and that moment he basically decided who would win the Heisman that year between him and Miami's Bernie Kosar. He is another player like O'Brien who was smaller but didn't let that affect how well he played or how tough he was.

4.) Matt Leinart-USC- (2003-05)- I know I know many people might have him higher on this list and some might even have him at the top spot but I still to this day am not sold on him as a Top 3 QB. I will admit that I was never a huge fan of his while he was at USC but i respected the man's talent and what he was doing. He led one of the greatest offenses to one of the most prolific three year run that will ever be seen in college football. He put up an ashtonishing 39-2 record and won two national championship games in his career and almost won a third. He won the Heisman as a junior and had a shot at winning a 2nd in his senior year but his teammate Reggie Bush got the pleasure of winning it instead. My opinion of him may differ from others but I still believe he deserves his spot in the top 5, just not the top 3.

3.) Vince Young-Texas- (2003-2005)- Young was one of the most amazing college players to have ever laced up the cleats and was as entertaining as it gets. He put together two of the best Rose Bowl performances of all-time including the National Championship win over USC in his final year that goes down as one of the greatest games in college football history. He did things that not many players can't do and made plays out of what seemed like nothing. He carried Texas on his back many times and seemed to get a first down or touchdown whenever it was needed. He will always be one of the most exciting players to ever live and also one of the best leaders.

2.) Charlie Ward- Florida St.- (1989-1993)- I will admit at this time that these top two QBs I am kind of biased towards because they are most likely my two favorite players in college football history. Now having said that I did not let that cloud my judgement and still believe they both deserve the spots I put them at. Ward is arguably the best player to have played for the Seminoles. He was part of the teams that made Bobby Bowden a legend and brought this team to elite status. He helped win Bowden's first National Championship and was part of some of the best games in the sport's history. He is also an amazing athlete having ended up in the NBA instead of the NFL.

1.) Tommie Frazier-Nebraska- (1992-1995)- Now here it is the quarterback who I believe is the best to ever play college football. He put together a 33-3 record and won back to back national championships in 1994 and 1995. He was also the focal point of what might have been the greatest team in college football history. He battled through blood clots in his career but did not let them stop him from coming back and dominating. He ran the option offense like no other. He finished his career with 79 total touchdowns almost 5500 yards. He also had one of the greatest plays ever when he carried numerous Florida players on his back and then broke free during a 75 yard run during a rout in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl.

Just missed the Top 10: Peyton Manning, Tennessee, Ty Detmer, BYU, Jim Plunkett, Stanford, John Elway, Stanford, Tony Rice, Notre Dame, Vinny Testaverde, Miami, Bernie Kosar, Miami, Archie Manning, Ole Miss, Andre Ware, Houston, Steve Walsh, Miami, Michael Vick, Virginia Tech.

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