Posted on: August 10, 2009 3:57 am

H.S. Coaches

                                                      H.S. Coaches being overpaid

H.S. coaches are not paid by how well their students learn, but by how often they take state and how many games they win.

I played football and basketball and loved my coaches. I learned teamwork, how to work hard, strive for and achieve a goal. However I was one of only 26 students that were allowed to play on the basketball team any given year. Football was different in that nobody would be cut they could only quit. The team took care of the cuts by causing people to quit if they were thought of as a noncontributer. So, some people in a public school were not givin the same opertunity to learn what I did on the team. I believe in sports at that age and exclusion from a team, this goes clear back to A,B,C team even in peewee. But, what I disagree with is that in a public school we are paying coaches more money to teach a select few students a sport. This could be done outside of our schooling system. Most of the good players joined an AAU team and traveled with them anyways. It's a basic idea that the fundamentals should be taught in schools and if the student is exceling they should look for an outside way to advance them. These programs I'm talking about are not clubs that the teachers volunteer for, but the ones that are outside the study that should be done at the H.S. level and cost tax payers money. I'm not even saying we could fund the schools less. They would just have more money to go around for books more teachers to make smaller class sizes and other class room needs that could be funded if they programs that exclude people from an education were cut.
But, asshole it's tradition...  Keep the team name just don't put the school name in front. They could even play at the same gyms just the league that signs them would have to rent it out.
But, asshole people need to learn that life isn't fair... yea, but there's enough rejections in highschool, we can put sports teams outside it and let them tryout and get crushed there where I'm not paying for it.

Anything else I missed?

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