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The story behind saving Kyrie Irving's toe

Posted by Matt Norlander

Nothing like a positive brigade to get the week going in the right direction.

The vision was simple, and it came immediately, according to Brandon Curl, one of the six people involved with launching — a support site for the most publicly cared for appendage in the country.

"Andrew Humphries and myself came up with the idea for Save Kyrie's (Toe) on Wednesday, Dec. 15, while chatting over the Internet," Curl said (Humphries attends Stanford; Curl is a grad student at Texas). "We wanted to do something in support of Kyrie in the style of the Product Red and the ONE campaigns that fellow Duke fans could get behind."

The Duke freshman phenom tweeted about it as soon as he saw the video below.

"We all sent the link out to a few friends, mainly Duke alumni, and within 30 minutes Kyrie had already seen the video and tweeted about it," Curl said. "We were all astounded by how quickly this movement spread."

Humphries, Samantha Carreon and Curl are all former Duke students. And while Curl wrote the script for the video above with Joshua Glick last Wednesday night, friend Erik Stark began putting code together for the website.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Can't you picture how it all went down: "The Social Network 2," baby! OK. Not exactly. But by the next morning, Carreon got the shirts made in time for the filming of the mock commercial, which was taped Thursday night. Curl, Stark, Carreon, Glick and friend Adrienne Edwards are featured in the video, which went live on YouTube Friday morning. The website was launched at 3 p.m. that afternoon, coinciding with the Twitter and Facebook pages, which are now mandatory Web customs.

"Social media, specifically Twitter was primarily how the movement spread, which is so apropos of this Duke team," Curl said. "The team has wholeheartedly embraced social media. Duke Blue Planet develops videos filmed by the players themselves and the players are frequent tweeters, especially Nolan and Kyrie. We couldn't imagine a Save Kyrie's (Toe) movement without Twitter being involved."

As for the shirts seen in the video tribute, the team of five is working on getting as many made as possible and sending them to Durham for home games in the near future. How cool would it be if the Crazies, by and large, started donning these dreads in droves?

"Most likely we'll have the shirts available online, and we've spoken with members of Duke University Improv (DUI) about distributing the shirts on campus when students return for the spring semester," Curl said.

What made this idea such a no-brainer for Curl and Humphries was the fact both were part of the Duke University Improv comedy troupe when they were undergrads. What's more, Humphries was actually the subject of several stories in the summer of 2004 after penning an e-mail to Mike Krzyzewski, pleading him to stay on at Duke in the midst of public contract negotiations with the L.A. Lakers.

"As members of DUI, we frequently worked with Duke basketball players to film funny videos shown on campus," Curl said. "In 2007, I made a video (that's Curl doing the voiceover) with DUI featuring Jon Scheyer that was featured by Luke Winn on his blog."

Since the two graduated, the comedy troupe has helped with "Countdown to Craziness" and filmed several videos with the team, according to Curl.

"We are intensely jealous of this partnership, as we are still, and have always been, huge Duke fans. So even though we are no longer students, we follow the team religiously and jumped at the chance to contribute in any way," Curl said.

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The Layup Line Your morning linkage post

Some New Zealand-hued holiday cheer to start the week. It's customary in the blog world to give and receive links. We like to share; it's healthy for all parties involved. So every Monday through Friday morning during the season, you can stop by here and expect direction and navigation all over the college hoops-flavored part of the Internet. If you've read College Hoops Journal , then you know what this is about. It's good to get out, stretch the legs and prep for the day by throwing in link after link. As for the photo ... well, why not? Love me some Conchords.

• How can we not have our first link be to somebody in house? Parrish's Top 25 (and one) for ya.
• In an effort to get his team fired up for a game against Monmouth, Mike Rice made references to ancient Greece .
• When you think of the six best leapers in the game, are these the names that pop to mind?
• A few days old, but how can I not link to a story wherein the head coach of a women's squad was driving the team bus — that got stuck on the highway overnight .
• You have to wonder if Geno Auriemma read this piece at some point over the weekend before making his headline-making comments at the Garden yesterday. (We'll have something on all that this afternoon.)
• Tom Brennan was fantastic at ESPN, is a radio vet, so Sirius's XM Radio's new college hoops show should be a success.
• The unveiling of the ACC vault brought much fanfare late last week. Did you know it came to because of a Denver-based company ?
• Matt Howard can be feast or famine for the Bulldogs.
• Iona played Syracuse close Saturday afternoon. The meeting between the two teams prompted Orange Fizz to reminisce about the certain kind of crazy that Deshuan Williams (who played for both schools) was.
• You quote Pearl Jam in your post title, the odds of getting linked in the Layup Line go up 423 percent. On Illinois' bad, bad, bad loss to Illinois-Chicago Saturday .
• You quote 'The Wire,' the odds of getting linked in the Layup Line go up 274 percent.
• Yep, here come the comparisons to that OSU team that reached the title game in 2007. It's perfectly fine to do so, by the wya.
• Jeff Goodman gets Renardo Sidney on the phone after his debut finally happens for Mississippi State.
• What's one reason why Boston College is having a sneaky-good start to the season? More reliability at 3 , according to BC Interruption.
• Why Rick Pitino working with the Puero Rico national team is such a good idea .

And finally, and nice little pass here by Kendall Marshall allows everyone to pick on Larry Drew II, who is clearly incapable of such magicianry.

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The blog is tipped ...

Posted by Matt Norlander

… and here we are.

This is the introductory post. The one you get out of the way. The one with the get-to-know-yous and formalities. It’s like being a 7-year-old and getting dragged to church on Christmas morning before getting back home and plopping in front of the presents.

I’m just the first one to the party, so thanks for stopping by now that the lights have been turned on. Don’t worry, we’ve developed a posse here at, and soon enough you’ll see the bylines of Matt Jones (of Kentucky Sports Radio fame), Eric Angevine (a founding father of the college hoops blogging genre at Storming the Floor ) and some man with quite the ‘do they call “Parrish.” You may have heard of him; he’s kind of a big deal ‘round these parts. Additionally, there’s a yet-to-be-named fifth member of the blogging stable still to be brought on payroll, but once he’s in tow, we’ll let you know.

This corner of the Internet is now CBS Sports’ national college basketball presence. Specifically, this is the blog sector. We know the name’s not great, but we’ve got a new one—and a new, shinier look—for the blog coming soon enough. In such a regard, consider this a soft cosmetic opening.

What’s the mission statement? Uh, how about we make college basketball as fun as humanly possible for you? That sound like a deal? We’ll lean on the players and coaches from time to time in order to deliver on that promise, but know we’ve now got the manpower to make good on our goals.

You can expect everything from on-site reporting to Gary Parrish’s critically acclaimed Poll Attacks to regularly scheduled features from all of us that will range in scope, topic, geography and length. We’ll not hesitate to give love to the mid-majors who earn our respect. There will be opinionated posts from each member of our team, and we’ll have stat-driven analysis for the numbers-hungry that stalk the Intertubes. There will be bubbles. And bracket projections, courtesy of Jerry Palm,’s resident RPI and bracket guru.

We’ll be driving and flying all over the country to give you scoops and stories on games from an at-the-venue perspective, offering genuine, behind-the-scenes video (should our Droids and iPhones comply). And when we’re not there, we’re everywhere, scouring the Internet to bring you links galore, serving up more reasons to keep your browser tabs open than any other hoops blog out there.

Basically: If it’s happening and of relevance in the world of college basketball, you’re going to see it discussed, addressed and argued on this blog. And as for the stories and trends that hover under the surface—we’ll bring them above ground and tell you about them.

We’ve got some fine, respectable, talented, established competition that’s already blazed some trails. The challenge and pleasure is all ours to forge new ones and make this is as fun as possible. Because it’s college basketball, and no sport is more fun than ours. I’m at the controls all this week, and then Angevine and Jones will join me next week as we prepare to head into the teeth of the season.

Glad to meet you. Now let’s get going.

Matt Norlander also runs and operates College Hoops Journal . You can follow him on Twitter: @CHJournal .

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