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Posted on: February 14, 2012 8:57 am
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Wakeup Call: Hoops is always our valentine

Pat Summit is still coaching with all her fire. (Getty Images)
By Matt Norlander

One shark eats another. // On this Valentine's Day, check out the pros/cons list Charles Darwin once made over getting married. If any of us were caught deliberating like this, our chances at marriage with a particular female would be over. The natural order. // If you love your mother, you must read this. So: you must read that. // Simplistic movie car posters are pretty stylish and perfect for any dorm room or bachelor pad ...

★ In case you missed it, Conference USA and the Mountain West will fold into each other.

What should we name the new conference?

★ The 7-year-old messageboard star/superfan for K-State who got recognized last night.

★ This team comparison tool we unveiled yesterday will eat up your morning. Get to comparing and aligning. It's a blast. 

★ Pat Summit and her Vols did serious damage last night.

★ Frank Haith went on Jim Rome's radio show yesterday and talked a bit about Nevin Shapiro.

★ We're approaching the time where Jack Cooley starts to get some more ink in places outside of Chicago and South Bend.

★ Play-by-play audio and complete video of Milan High's epic 1954 win over Muncie is now online. This is what inspired Hoosiers. Really cool three-and-a-half-minute video. Hoops nerd euphoria right there.

★ The hook to this great story by Eric Adelson is a white kid playing at a black college. The real story is much deeper than that.

★ And here's a great piece by former CBSSports.com blogger and good friend Eric Angevine, who hits his forte in stuff like this.

★ Due to school rules, Santa Clara was forced to sit Kevin Foster, the leading scorer, for the remainder of the year.

★ I may expand and do more on this later today, because I'm very intrigued. No league has had more 30-point scoring games than the Summit, and three leagues have yet to have a player crack 30 in conference play. One of them is BCS.

★ Lot of folks really starting to love Wichita State. That love is justified. This team has second weekend potential, no doubt.

★ The email I got to link to this was so nice, I couldn't refuse: 25 of the funniest college traditions.

► This kid is the Missouri State fan of the year. Inspirational video below.

♬ One of the best love songs ever written. The Moody Blues' haunting and soothing strings laid under the bed of a pining melody and power, simply stated chorus. Just what you want to be, you will be in the end.

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Posted on: February 13, 2012 8:57 am
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Wakeup Call: UConn hires an athletic director

Wild Bill went too far this time. (US PRESSWIRE)
By Matt Norlander

In honor of Sir Paul closing out the Grammys last night, photos of The Beatles during their final year together. // Are you one of the 15 million addicted to Instagram? Give this a read. // Really great photography of dogs underwater. // The best read on Whitney Houston from over the weekend will take you six minutes to finish. // Breaking Bad Valentine's cards ...

★ Amid trying to avoid missing the 2013 tournament for academic issues, UConn promptly hires its new AD.

★ Jeremy Lin hit up his little bro's college basketball game.

★ This is quite the story at a smalltime college. Takes two minutes. Read.

★ Brendan Prunty's been writing some good articles lately. This is his latest.

★ College basketball's Wayman Tisdale award was almost named after Jordan.

★ Did you see the new stat unveiled this weekend, the BPI? What is it? Is it all that different from KenPom? Find out more here.

★ Pete Thamel wrote a good gamer on Michigan State's impressive road win at Ohio State Saturday.

★ Imagine coaching for more than two decades -- with your wife as your assistant, literally.

Could they A10 be going to 18 conference games?

★ Digger Phelps scolded fans like he was their father Saturday morning.

★ No closer geographic rivalry in college basketball than this one.

★ Anthony Davis is the second-most disciplined dominant shot-blocker in the modern age. The other guy you'll recognize stole lunch money in the Patriot League.

★ Has Gus Johnson become a less-than-desirable play-by-play guy? Will Leitch made that case.

★ This is a dense read on basketball and TV rights, but it's so well done I have to pass it along.

★ Check the welcome the Big East gave to Memphis in New York City.

★ I really recommend this thorough report on how Memphis got into the Big East in the first place. Some fine digging by Kyle Veazy.

★ I took some time away from getting snarky about the Grammys to go on a podcast that wasn't my own. You can listen to that here.

♬ Because it was the first song of the night, it seems to be forgotten already, but Bruce rocked out at the Grammys. I said on Twitter Springsteen is like mashed potatoes for me. Not my favorite but I'm never let down or turning away from them/him. Here's a deep cut of his and E Street that I particularly love.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 9:01 am

Wakeup Call: The United States of College Fandom

The United States of College Fandom. Pretty cool. This is mainly from a college football perspective, but still cool.

By Matt Norlander

Clarence Clemons' son will toot horn with the E Street Band. Superb. // Purple Squirrel would be a decent jam band name. Take a look at one. // Improve your life. Scroll through Children With Swag ...

★ Somewhat quietly, there is more news on the lawsuit(s) with Jim Boeheim.

★ Great research here on when/how often Anthony Davis is blocking fools into stupidity. He's most effective in the opening minutes of each half.

★ You want a head start on which teams you can't trust come March? Look right here.

★ Nick Fasulo's court-storming rules are fairly solid across the board, but this is like trying to catch a thunderstorm with a coffee cup at this point.

★ The Big East and West Virginia have reportedly agreed to a divorce before it got too messy. I'm just thankful the kids, Rutgers and South Florida, didn't get hurt by this.

★ I knew the Times would latch on to the Iona story soon enough. Machado gets more love.

★ I missed this Wednesday, but David Woods wrote a very nice profile on Chrishawn Hopkins. Quite an upbringing.

That's weak, Vandy fans.

★ An entertaining running diary from Dan Hanner. You gotta give it a quick look.

Which teams are part of the deal, in the non-con, with Memphis moving to the Big East?

★ Harvard is a 99-percent lock to win the Ivy if it takes down Penn on the road tonight.

★ I'm completely ambivalent about these throwback New Mexico uniforms.

★ Like so much of what Jason Lisk does at TBL, but his take on the Big Ten is where I get out of the car.

★ You want tickets to the NCAA tournament?

► Wisconsin got a good road win at Minnesota last night. After the team's practice Wednesday, Bo Ryan had to show the team how to safely save the ball at the barn. Wisconsin Athletics is one of the best and being social-media savvy and aware of good content on the Web.

Oom doo doo dah-dah, Oom doo doo dah-dah. Yeah, I'm not really a huge Boyz II Men fan, but I'm heading to Philadelphia tonight and going to my first game at the Palestra. I still love this song without apology. Fifth grade all over again.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 9:05 am

Wakeup Call: Still buzzing from last night

By Matt Norlander

Yeah, just love that .GIF.

How the Internet made Jeremy Lin an instant star. Fascinating. // A couple of politicians are still ticked at each other over realignment. // Athletic departments are finally coming around on social media. How 'bout that. // The mystery man behind 5-Hour-Energy. Also fascinating. // Well, isn't that embarrassing ...

★ Thank your lucky stars I had Night Court and Wakeup Call duty last night, Mike Miller. I also had this post in the works, but he beat me to it: Duke beats UNC, in photos.

★ The UNC fan who already knew Rivers' shot was going in before it fell.

★ The win probability for UNC was cruising nice and high -- then went Wile E Coyote.

★ Andy Staples on how the Rivers shot happened.

★ And, of course, here's Parrish's take. So much to read on an incredible ending.

★ Central Florida fans mocked Marshall coach Tom Herrion with choreographed fake heart attacks last night.
★ How often do you see an official put out a statement regarding something that happened in a game? Read what led that very thing to happening last night.

★ Before Duke and UNC went out and took over the college basketball universe again, Pat Forde put up this smirky (I say that in a good way) column about UConn and its groveling.

★ The University of North Dakota is essentially telling the NCAA to go screw itself now that it will continue to use its Fighting Sioux nickname. I'm already munching on popcorn. Go, UND!

★ St. John's loses another player, but this one's got an interesting twist to it.

★ You can already sign up for March Madness On Demand.

★ Is Wayne Blackshear nine days away from suiting up for Louisville?

★ Someone has been tracking all of Jon Rothstein's player comparisons, and I think this is hilarious.

★ I wish I could be at DoMo Bobblehead Night.

♬ For reasons I can't understand, Blood, Sweet & Tears isn't considered to be one of the best bands of the '70s. The bands early records are untouchable, basically. The jazz interpolations fused into their rock opera/Broadway-sounding writing was one-of-a-kind.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 9:05 am

Wakeup Call: The best hairdos in hoops

The posters handed out at Rupp last night channel the famous one of Michael Jordan.

By Matt Norlander

Donald Trump is turning an iconic post office into a luxury hotel. // The last WWI veteran has died, and with it, a chapter of the world's history. // Some thrill-seeker is taking daredevil-ism to the highest level: free-falling from the nebulous region of Earth and space, becoming the first human to break the sound barrier, without a plane, in the process. // The top 10 Oscar speeches. // I found this piece on fat people and authenticity to have its faults, but still worth examining ...

The best hair hoops has to offer. Mike Wilder, you are an inspiration.

★ We've got you covered on Duke and Carolina. Read this about the Heels. Then read this about being darker blue. Both are great.

★ Georgetown and Syracuse play tonight. This is a good read to prep yourself for a great night of hoop on the tube.

★ Cool to know: As of late, the record for the earliest foul-out came in the first half of a game this season.

★ Latest Bracketology from Palm is out. What angers or pleases you most?

★ Get up to date on the best and worst of teams' performance in-conference. Sir Gasaway even got a shout-out on air last night from Vitale. Very cool.

★ Markel Brown has learned how to make himself into a name while playing for a mediocre team. Dunk, dunk away!

★ Jim Calhoun will be back. He said it himself. And I do not doubt that man and his affairs.

★ I've long wanted to write a longer piece on the value and reward of winning a regular-season title. This Shane Ryan piece taps into that.

★ Did ESPN once again take some of Luke Winn's hard-to-calculate, unique work and not credit him on air? Lot of good people at the Mothership. Let's hope this was a mistake.

★ Evansville, man. They're good for at least one pretty big win per year.

★ Which coach has approached his 1,000th game?

► Pretty honored and flattered by this. The #NatersgoneNate trend has extended to the point where South Dakota State is using the term to sell tickets for BracketBusters. I'm not asking for royalties or anything.

♬ The Black Keys will be the only repeat artist pushed here in the Wakeup Call. Primarily it's because the Keys sock your rocks, and secondarily, it's because they have a new video. Check it.

Get More: The Black Keys, Gold On The Ceiling, Music, More Music Videos

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 9:09 am

Wakeup Call: Ozzie Guillen spotted at DePaul game

Guillen, left, is the opposite of DePaul. (AP)
By Matt Norlander

I could not believe the details of this story as it went along. READ READ READ. // The States haven't had too much snow across most of the land, but Europe's been in a historic deep freeze. Great photography there. // Your our-justice-system-can't-be-this-stupid story of the day. // The world has seen its first successful jaw transplant. // Not a good time to forget your password ...

★ You need more on that pathetic display by UConn last night? Read this.

★ Good ol' Gorgui Dieng!

★ More on the choke-hold the MAC East has over the West. These numbers are fairly insane. MAC East is one of the 16 best conferences out there!

★ Steven Pledger celebrated a game-tying 3 before it went through the hoop. Hilarious, but also legitimate reason for a coach to really chew a guy out. Then again -- we've all done this at some level of basketball.

★ Speaking of that Oklahoma game, it was a late-arriving crowd last night. They never really support the hoops well or consistently in Norman, do they?

★ Well ... isn't this awkward. Dexter Strickland is dating Austin Rivers' sister. At least Dexter isn't playing (?).

★ Utah State senior Brady Jardine will have his basketball career come to an abrupt end.

★ Who you callin' "we"?

★ Andy Katz, I like it when you write like this.

★ Drew Cannon, did you just break the RPI code forever? Forever-ever? For-EVA-EVAH?

★ The stat you'll hear rerferenced 96 times in the next 48 hour.

★ I'm telling ya, four-year scholarships will be a reality by 2015.

★ I know you don't need a college hoops cheat sheet now that the season is over, but if you've got a pal or two you think needs a brief rundown, send 'em this link.

► Interview of Ozzie Guillen at a DePaul basketball game. If only we could get these weekly. Who is college basketball's Ozzie Guillen? Trick question. We aren't that lucky.

♬ Somewhat surprisingly, I've not yet embedded a Floyd song this season. In honor of that entrenching first link above, I'm linking a track from my favorite Pink Floyd album, "Animals." Album is essentially four songs and you hear something new with each listen. Here's "Sheep."

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Wakeup Call: Now, college hoops takes the stage

So, this is terrific. (Via Card Chronicle)
By Matt Norlander

Get a glimpse of what it's going to be like when the robots kill us all. // If you didn't read this reaction to last night's Super Bowl, you'll find few better. // And what about those teams that lose the Super Bowl, what's the method behind the shirts and where they go? // Gregg Doyel gets in the ring. // My favorite commercial from last night. // And if you want any morning-after Super Bowl reading, I can't say it heartily enough: our writers did a damn good job ...

★ Simply incredible. Duke picks the hour before the Super Bowl kicks off to lose at home to Miami. No one even notices. That should definitively cost the Devils the 2 seed line, though.

Michigan State. I'm going to ride that team as far as Draymond Green will take us.

★ Mississippi State went out and beat Auburn Saturday, but prior to that, Auburn coach Tony Barbee got real childish about Arnett Moultrie choosing not to transfer to Auburn.

Hilarious stuff from Brett McMurphy. I should -- and heck, I will! -- mimic this for college hoops.

★ Why Signing Day cannot be stopped.

★ Nerlens Noel is not yet in college, not yet picked a school, but he's already on his way to becoming a huge, huge deal. Get to know him better.

★ The scene Gary depicts in the opening graf, I remember it very specifically. We were all killing the Frank Haith hire.

★ Could North Carolina and Maryland be starting a rivalry that will get taken to new, higher levels in the next few years?
★ The agony and ecstacy of Kansas-Missouri. I've got no stake in that rivalry but I'll continue to be nonplussed over its impending doom.

★ Do you think Colorado got off on Saturday?

★ Bo Kimble helps with coaching at a community college. I'd love to meet Mr. Kimble some day soon. Seems like a great, great guy.

★ Pat Forde wrote a pretty remarkable column that went live on Friday. If you missed it then, don't miss it now.

★ A nice gem dug up, as he's wont to do, by Luke Winn.

They Might Be Giants. Only appropriate for today.

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Wakeup Call: NCAA fights back at New York Times

As for UCLA, it lost its best chance to get a very nice road win in conference play last night. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

Blue balls spotted falling from the sky. // Make sure you read this over the weekend. Harrowing and curious/unfulfilling law/criminal environment in Venezuela. That stuff is the best Sports Illustrated has to offer. // In space terms, it seems we've just discovered a fairly close Earth-like planet. // Elephant forces curious bro into a tumble that would make any Duke player proud. // Hundreds of people attach themselves to a boat, go waterskiing ...

UCLA fell apart last night after holding strong with Washington.

★ It's a great sign for Kentucky that is has so much balance in terms of playing time and production.

★ I've never seen the NCAA be in an attack mode like this. I like it. I like it a lot.

★ After the way Isaiah Canaan lifted Murray State to a victory last night, we're thrilled we bumped him up to No. 6 in our Player of the Year race early on Thursday.

★ These guys say Indiana's got plenty left in the tank but UConn? The Huskies will see an early sunset.

★ Coach K and how he deals with the losses.

★ If college hoops had a trade deadline, who's getting shipped where?

★ Just to fill everyone in again, yeah, West Virginia: still pretty damn insistent that it's outskees on the Big East come July.

★ I'm far from buying into Arkansas. Hogs are having a nice year, all things considered, though.

★ Look at Troy Machir getting the Q-and-A treatment! Get to know the smart-ass half of Ballin' is a Habit.

► Greatness is not an accident. Getting to 14-7 with two lottery picks is, though.

The Roots are just too, too good. Think you know what this song sounds like? Think you know The Roots? Maybe you don't. After the 14-second non-intro, wait for the groove to kick in and feel your Friday start nice and smoothly.

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