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Posted on: February 2, 2012 9:09 am

Wakeup Call: Time to take stock of Gonzaga

                                                                                                   (Heritage Auctions)
By Matt Norlander

Breaking Bad as a video game is the latest example that the Internet makes life worth living. // The 20 most beautiful bookstores. I'm drooling. // Fellas made remote-control, people-looking flying machines and sent them cruising over NYC. // Original Calvin and Hobbes drawing is up for auction and the price is rising and rising. // The most NPR story ever ...

★ Charlie Spoonhour's impact on Kansas basketball.

★ Missed this yesterday, but it was really cool: Pat Chambers recently dressed like Joe Paterno at a home game. Very cool tribute.

★ Allen Crabbe out for Cal in the immediate future?

★ I've made a few references to this in Wakeup Calls and Nights Courts before, and DeCourcy enforces the notion: Gonzaga's so good, yet we ain't really paying them no attention just yet.

★ GUYS, the Duke men's basketball team is having attendance issue at Cameron Indoor and the New York Times is ON IT.

★ Oh, I hope this kid is OK when he walks the halls.

★ My favorite detail about Jason King's feature on Billy Kennedy was that Billy's still a ways away from having to take medication for his early onset Parkinson's.

★ Yes, everyone overreacted to one play call at the end of a game.

★ Can we still think highly of Colorado State after its 19-point loss to Vegas last night?

★ Shane Ryan said the shot clock should be shortened to 24 seconds. Later that day, I got him to undercut his own idea.

★ John Calipari isn't getting enough credit? Zuh?

★ Pomero, Sagarin, RPI, How different teams get different treatments from each ratings system. You already know where I side on this.

Pretty photos of Creighton vs. Illinois State.

► What a throwdown! This comes by way of Ballin' is a Habit.

♬ Today's music rec: The Hold Steady, which is a band that is a favorite of a guy in your social circle that probably irks you from time to time. Lead singer Craig Finn has a voice made to blend in at a bar, and for many that means they can't stand the band, but this double-dip of the third and fourth tracks from their best album, Boys and Girls in America, might grab you.

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Wakeup Call: Awaiting word on Draymond Green

He is here to save -- and ruin -- us all. (US PRESSWIRE)
By Matt Norlander

T-Rex Trying is the only non-hoops link you need today.

★ More on Draymond Green's injury last night. And we should know more today. MSU is significantly less good without Green, who is such a unique player.

★ How to make a college basketball season start in January logistical and successful.

★ NBA-related, but I loved this from Kevin Pelton. Give it a look.

★ The Big 12's problems, overall, in terms of expansion linger. Louisville wants in?

★ Who are the relevant, game-changing transfers on teams that have tournament sights this season?

★ Nice to see predominant Sports Illustrated college football scribe Andy Staples do the two-month switch-over to our side.

★ If SNY is to be believed, Fab Melo will be playing Saturday.

★ Reeves Nelson has already left his Lithuanian team.

★ The seats at Utah State's Spectrum are straight out of 1975.

★ Josh Verlin is working the Philly hoops beat hard. He looks at Drexel's big game tonight.

★ As of now, who are the top Cinderella candidates for March?

Nice little Q&A with Steve Fisher.

► This Missouri fan video brought equal parts great embarassment and undeniable pride to the fan base ...

So Kansas faithful responded with this, which is absolutely hilarious:

♬ Now, some real music. Wake up, wake up, wake up it's the first of tha month / To get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up ...

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Wakeup Call: NCAA shows us its team reports

The Bob Huggins Experience. Track suit sold separately.. (AP)

By Matt Norlander

A primary reason why journalism is important. // Quick story on evolution is pretty fascinating. // This soda/pop/Coke colloquial map is even more fascinating. // LEGO has gone to space ...

★ Clemson's Milton Jennings has been indefinitely suspended. Sources are telling us he should be back fairly soon, however.

★ The NCAA really wants you to know how transparent it can be when it comes to its tournament-team-picking tools. So it now has up its RPI rankings (should be meaningless) and each individual team sheet with all sorts of data. <--Those are cool, but where are the KenPom, Sagarin and LRMC rankings?

★ Robert Sacre's moment is now.

I dig what Dan Hanner's saying here -- and thanks for the shout, Dan -- but the point is, college hoops isn't exciting to the casual dude when the top teams lack identity and polarizing power. For us diehards, it's been a fine year, but not yet thrilling.

★ Here's Scoop Jardine butchering someone's hair.

★ UConn women went into Durham and did their business last night.

★ Imagine if you could take any player from any other team and plug him into your system. Which teams would benefit the most from adding one critical cog?

★ Guess which coach will have his own bobblehead made and given away this week?

Lefty Driesell is a leaky faucet and is only damaging his own reputation with the Maryland community the more he speaks about Gary Williams.

★ Loved watching this last night. Click, view, vote: the best 3-point shot in Butler history. A.J. Graves was awesome.

★ I will say the state of Utah will be represented by one team in the NCAA tournament.

★ BracketBusters did not care for the MAAC.

★ God bless those Taylor Trojans.

► I'm a big Dan Patrick Show fan. The guys did an homage to Hoosiers and Hinkle over the weekend.

Moxy Früvous (that website is precious and a time capsule) was just too damn good. Canadian band from the '90s with good sensibility and better harmonies. I'm meeting up in New York City tonight with Jonah Keri and some other hacks. Jonah knows Früvous carries the power.

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Posted on: January 30, 2012 9:00 am

Wakeup Call: Boeheim was Coughlin's college RA

First it was the gray/platinum Nike jerseys, now this? Can't wait to see UNC in royal blue. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

Before you click, guess. How many hits does YouTube get on average each day?. // The "It Was a Good Day" mystery/solved mystery doesn't even bother me. The fact someone did the research made my Friday night. // One reason I'm grateful basketball is my favorite sport: it is immune to the physical dangers that will erode/alter the sport in 10, 15, 20 years. // News of Mr. Pitt's passing certainly brought my weekend down. May we all find a perfect pair of socks ...

★ The Ryan Boatright issue was probably the story of the weekend in college basketball. Here's Doyel's take.

★ It was inevitable, and there are millions of words coming down the road in the next week, months, years about this: Division I will eventually fracture between have and have-nots.
★ Some terrific insight on Duke's rotation. The five guys who see the floor the most are hurting Duke more than any combination. The plus-minus from an individual standpoint I'm not a believer in, though.

★ Officials are not doing a good job of policing the sport this year.

★ Just the start, Towson, just the start.

★ Now, now, that's not very Mormon-like.

★ I linked to Lost Letterman's "best" college basketball uniforms last week. They subsequently hit me up for their list of the worst.

★ Sometimes really good teams win in really good ways and reaffirm your faith in them. I'd say Ohio State did that Sunday.

★ Ever since the prospect of this was introduced/dawned upon to me about six years ago, I've been gung-ho about it. College hoops would be much better off if it started its season in January.

★ Why was the UConn student section wearing reddish-orange yesterday?

★ Phil Martelli pulled a prank on his team recently. Hold back the jokes, folks.

★ Ooh that’s fancy.

★ We love to give love to the ladies game every now and again.

★ Jim Boeheim was once Tom Coughlin's RA at Syracuse. Boeheim seems like he'd be neither the good or the bad kind of RA. I picture him as the one students nodded their heads to, then went and did what they wanted anyway. In other words: 98 percent of every RA ever.

★ It's never over until it's over, but here's the latest account of how this is a growing pains year for Brad Stevens' Butler team.

★ The Murray State seeding questions continue and will continue to continue so long as Murray State continues to win.

► Western Illinois beat IUPUI at the buzzer Saturday. I love "THE FRESHMAN." Sounds like a couple of WIU students on the mics. Love it, fellas. Great job on the call.

♬ Listening to ALO is like like eating warm bread right before the real meal arrives. Good band to start the day off with. Appropriately, we'll go with Monday today.

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Wakeup Call: More proof of Bill Self's dominance

This was the only damage N.C. State did to UNC yesterday. (Via CBSSports.com's Will Brinson's Twitter)

By Matt Norlander

Bill Gates dropped $750 mil to fight worldwide AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria problems. NBD. // I am the 5 percent. // More evidence the earth is getting its temps upped. Fun times. // Awesome save-the-date. // Apparently Ferris Bueller will make his return -- in a Super Bowl commercial ...

★ Remember the fella who got suspended for texting on his phone? Played at Marshall? Yeah -- the team, shall I say, disconnected him for good.

★ On Wednesday I wrote that this season has been hampered because conference races aren't clear and some parity abounds. This column from Nick Fasulo echoes that sentiment.

★ Doyel takes on the Cameron Lazies.

★ You saw the full-court heave from N.C. State last night, yes? (Check Night Court if not.) Here's a high school student doing that to win a game.

★ Over the past decade, no coach has been better than Bill Self when it comes to pure scoring and pure defensive coaching.

★ I was waiting since the start of the season for this story from Myron Medcalf. Job well done.

★ They're not gray -- THEY'RE PLATINUM.

★ WHOAWHOAWHOA. How did I miss when the Style Archive went up earlier this week?

★ The best basketball montages/scenes from TV shows past. The Fresh Prince court should be in the Hall of Fame.

★ Trailing by 29 ... and scoring 30 straight to win the game. Unbelievable.

★ Which teams are most similar to Missouri? Teams from the past 10 years, that is.

★ Drexel was supposed to win the Colonial. Doesn't look like it's going to happen. How good are they, really?

★ Northeastern's head coach will donate money for every person in attendance at the Huskies' game this weekend.

★ This list of college basketball's alleged 10 best uniforms is stale and totally ignorant of the small-time teams. At most, maybe four major programs occupy the 10 best unis in all of college hoops. Where's Pepperdine? Indiana State? Vermont?

► Tony Wroten, Jr. can get up to get down.

♬ I'm hitting up Vermont tomorrow for my only ski day of the year. I grew up the Green Mountain State, by the way. Phish is the obvious choice to take us into the weekend. This one is unlike most from the catalogue. Give it a go.

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Posted on: January 26, 2012 9:03 am

Wakeup Call: Izzo wins No. 400

If only the team could have gotten the win for Gary Williams last night. (via Nicole Auerbach)
By Matt Norlander

Seal Team Six did it again. Bad. Ass. // BEN FOLDS FIVE RECORDING NEW ALBUM. Month-maker. // Truthful Oscar posters are truthful. // Equal parts awesome improv and a big screw you. // All you've ever wanted to know about Mormon underwear ...

★ How great is this: James Naismith's original transcript for the rules of "Basket. Ball." Two pages long and the document that started it all.

★ Tom Izzo didn't want to make too much of his night, but even he got emotional upon winning No. 400.

★ The special shoes Maryland had made to honor Gary Williams.

★ This Mike Wise column on Williams is worth checking out over your morning coffee.

★ Read the press release that never ran, the one that had the sad news of Herb Pope's death. Fortunately, it never left Seton Hall's offices.

★ The SI.com investigative story into the drug bust/San Diego point-shaving story has many questions and a twist. This is still a long way from getting a conclusion.

★ After Missouri's loss last night, will tickets for the Kansas game fall from these outrageous prices?

★ We'll be needing to bash the masses across their faces for the next few years until the message is fully understood: rebound margin is a miserable stat and only rebound rate, or percentage, should be paid attention to.

★ Every team/player loves the and-one opportunity. It's a momentum-builder and permanent crowd-pleaser. Corey Schmidt did some work in the Big 12 on which teams/players earn the most hoop and harm.
★ If you notice more coaches donning sneaks instead of dress shoes this week, you know why.

★ And speaking of Coaches vs. Cancer, Steve Lavin is watching his team from inside the building. I find this fascinating. Why not just get down on the floor?

★ Small-town hoops and big-city coaches -- the Southland Conference.

★ Michael Eric getting back in the mix at Temple is big news. Saint Louis may have won at X last night, but I like the Owls to win the league if Eric remains healthy.

★ The half-court alley-oop attempt ... that instead fell through the hoop.

★ It has been a while since Indiana won at Wisconsin.

Oh, that's a beautiful oop. Oklahoma State had a rare reason to celebrate last night. And boy oh boy did Travis Ford need that kind of win.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Breakdown" was originally an eight-minute studio jam before it got neutered to less than three minutes. Here's Petty and the boys before I was even born. Why we love Petty: average-looking dude with average-sounding voice who became an American rock legend. We see us in him, only without the luck. Only it wasn't luck.

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Wakeup Call: 66 days to the Final Four

The NFL denied Harrison's appeal of his one-game suspension. (via Greg Shaheen's Twitter account)

By Matt Norlander

Mayor says me "might have tacos" for dinner in support of Latinos. // Players' social-media activity is being tracked. // In the history of American economy, no company made more money in one quarter than Apple did in the wake of Steve Jobs' death. // Arresting images of homeless people. // Where morality flows in your brain ...

★ I try to read everything you see in the Wakeup Call before I link it. I've not yet gotten to Pablo Torre's Herb Pope piece, but I know it's going to be good.

★ The details of San Diego State's hellish trip to Laramie, Wyo., are a headache and a half.

★ Loving your Bottom 10, Eamonn.

★ This Gary Williams tribute on the side of the Comcast Center needs to never get turned off during the night.

★ Goodman's Tuesday catch-all column is mandatory weekly reading, folks.

★ I read the entirety of this blog post on the value of "air" with that awful Chris Brown/Jordin Sparks song in my head the whole time. And it's still on repeat. Blast you, Pomeroy.

★ Brutally honest headline from The Onion. It hurts -- but it's true!

★ When you're Kentucky hoops and you're not slaying pawns nightly, people will being to write things like this. The expectations are that high.

★ An upstart blog called Gotham Hoops passed along a post about Javon McCrea, so I'm happy to oblige them with a link this morning. McCrea's maybe the best mid-major player you know nothing about.

★ The quality work keeps coming from Rob Dauster as he and Troy Machir trek the nation on their #BIAHRoadTrip.

★ Missed this Monday -- Jereme Richmond, the Illinois miscreant, got 18 months' probation.

★ Wyoming boy can fly!

★ I did some legwork on my Gregg Marshall feature from yesterday, so allow me to get incest-like with the linkage here.

► Hey, look, it's UConn assistant Kevin Ollie in a local car commercial.

♬ Do you kind of like Coldplay more than you want to admit but wish there was a similar-sounding band out there five times as good? Elbow is that band.

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Wakeup Call: More conference realignment is here

This baby baboon is more inventive than most of the Pac-12 offenses. (AP)
By Matt Norlander

I was at a loss for a basketball photo today, so I think this will do. It was selected as one of the best AP photos from the past week. Impossible to argue.

Oh, you have to read about the Waffle House terrorists. // Wait ... woman cross-country skied ACROSS ANTARCTICA? Like ... ALL OF IT? // We could be close to having a seventh state that allows gay marriage. // Go ahead and give Thomas Edison's to-do list a gander ...

★ One of New York City's top high school prospects has turned the table on recruiters because he doesn't own a cellphone.

★ It's been nearly a year since Wes Leonard died, and I implore you to not let your Tuesday end without having read this piece on why he didn't have to die on a high school basketball court last year.

★ A couple of conference-affiliation links to share. The first is Big East-related and reported by our Brett McSources yesterday.

★ Which school officially accepted its bid into the Big South yesterday?

★ Could UConn be getting the verdict on Ryan Boatright's eligibility today?

★ As for Boatright not playing, the UConn Blog went deeper into his absence and the real reasons the Huskies have played the way they have.

★ The nation's most worthy at-large team that no one is talking about resides in the Big Ten.

★ Why are some of the most potent scorers in college basketball this year coming from this conference?

★ I've been so big on Iona this year. The Gaels went out and blew an 18-point lead to Siena last night. That pretty much makes Iona's at-large chances go kapoof.

★ What are the best moments in the 30-year history of the Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden?

★ An informative prediction on some of the BracketBusters games to come.

★ The art of the shot-block. Yeah, that's basketball junkie readin'.

I read this and ask aloud, Why can't Ryan Boatright be made eligible to play until the NCAA actually finds proof?

► Though the teams aren't good and the game wasn't on television, the ending of the UAB-Rice game from last week closely mirrors how Florida State beat Duke.

♬ Listen, even if you hate grunge, or hate Soundgarden, or are unfamiliar, do me a favor. Forget everything about this song except Chris Cornell's vocals. Block it all out as much as you can except for the sound coming from this man's throat. It's simply incredible that a human evolved to be able to do what he does in this song.

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