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Posted on: January 23, 2012 9:01 am
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Wakeup Call: Catching up with John Chaney at 80

Hours after Joe Paterno's death, Penn State's basketball team managed to honor him with a simple black stripe on their jerseys. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

Of all the Joe Paterno pieces from the past 24 hours, this simple one received the most attention. // Big-time college athletics and how it affects the student body and the application process. // Photographs you'll recognize, and the people who shot them telling the story behind the picture. // This photo is beautiful and haunting. // Virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel will distract you for 10 minutes ...

★ The Ballin' is a Habit duo was in Joplin, Mo., over the weekend. The story and pictures remain heartbreaking and worth your time. The guys have done so much on their road trip -- this piece may be the best one they contribute.

★ Almost every Monday I try to pick out the best read from the previous 72 hours. This one, on the best coach to never reach a Final Four, is my choice this week. John Chaney is the best.

★ If the link above wasn't in today's wrap-up, this probably would've been the best story of the bunch. On Frank Haith.

★ Alex Oriakhi isn't right and hasn't been most of the season.
★ In case you missed it, Parrish was at the best game no one talked about over the weekend.

★ Watch how Cal Poly tied an NCAA record by hitting its first 11 3-pointers.
★ It was quite an emotional day for Tom Crean's wife Sunday.

★ Kansas won at Texas Saturday, as you probably expected. But it was the way the Jayhawks did it that was impressive -- and pretty uncommon.

★ It's the best college basketball dunks of the season so far -- and you can watch them in less than 130 seconds.

★ The talented Brady McCollough recently moved to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and here he gives a nice snapshot of CBSSports.com College Basketball Podcast favorite Jay Bilas.

★ Someone stole Old Dominion's jerseys Saturday night.

★ Syracuse may have lost its first game already, and ahead of schedule, but Cincinnati is planning to white itself out for the biggest home game of the season all the same.

★ Austin Rivers doesn't think Florida State is better than Duke. He's right, of course.

★ I never doubted you, Badgers!

★ Doron Lamb cleaned himself up. Aww; I liked the Brillo look.

► Here's a buzzer-beater from the weekend you may have missed. Sacred Heart upset Central Connecticut State Saturday afternoon.

Ben Folds Five. It's a band that shouldn't have broken up. But it did. So all we have is about seven years worth of fantastic music from the best band in history that didn't have a guitar player.

Posted on: January 20, 2012 9:25 am

Wakeup Call: The best players on the boring teams

Jeff Goodman in the student section of Tuesday night's Michigan game. He's so thrilled! 
By Matt Norlander

This 30-picture collection of '80s sports posters is, in a word, magnificent. // Greece is now worth less than Apple. // "Cougar" is now an offensive term for some. // Fascinating to see the highs and lows. // Love this list F. Scott Fitzgerald list to his 11-year-old daugther. Don't worry about mosquitoes? Unpossible. ...

Stanford falling to Wazzu only further clogs the Pac-12's mediocre chase for second place.

★ Syracuse selling 20-0 shirts, eh?

★ Great move by C-USA to name its Coach of the Year award after Gene Bartow.

★ It's Friday, and I'm not linking to Luke Winn's Power Rankings. Because what he wrote on Wednesday is much better.

★ The best/most entertaining/most worthwhile players on the most average-type teams.

★ For most teams, it's tough to continue to win after dealing with injuries to key players. Here's a comparison of how the hobbled have handled themselves, but also how mysteriously Texas A&M has been worse with its best player.

★ The Syracuse coaching staff knows how to score.

★ Iowa's throwback jerseys should be permanent.

★ Jeff Bzedelik's choices of tie continue to confound.

★ You get at least one of these arguments per year, but until someone is killed or paralyzed, it's not going to stop. And even then, it may not stop universally.

★ Great stuff frm the #BIAHRoadTrip out in Springfield, Mo.

★ Why men's basketball coaches already have enough to recruit and don't need more legislation for more days and leniency.

★ Unconventional options on this surprise-of-the-year poll.

► I now want to hear Obama get through the first verse and chorus. If you can't instinctively get down to "Let's Stay Together," you need to be deported.

Weather Report was an ever-changing lineup of ridiculously talented musicians. Free-form jazz fusion that got funky, but sometimes also incredibly boring. "Birdland" features one of the most deceptively bad-ass bass riffs ever. That's Jaco Pastorius, who's in the batting order of the greatest four-stringers ever.

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Posted on: January 19, 2012 8:59 am
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Wakeup Call: Utah's bad season gets worse

I love the shoes. I want the shoes. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

Shout-out to Borzello for wrangling up some of these links while I was on my way home from UConn last night.

If you'd like to see Brad Pitt chuckle for three minutes, I've got just the thing for you. // The Julian Assange Rolling Stone interview seems like something you should set aside time to read. // Great job, Internet! // The University of Montana has a big issue on its hands. // Funny story, I'm in love with you, Rachel ...

★ Brad Beal is 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds. He's the baby of the family -- by more than 100 pounds.

★ SWAC preseason player of the year Jenniro Bush is out for the season after rupturing a tendon in his right foot.

★ The Wooden Award announced its midseason list of 25 candidates.

★ Former St. John's transfer Nuri Lindsey is now headed to Rider after announcing he was going to Arkansas last week.

Utah dismissed leading scorer Josh Watkins for team violations. He was suspended earlier this season. ★ Damian Lillard is bound, I hope, for March stardom.

★ Someone thinks John Jenkins should be the National Player of the Year? At least Thomas Robinson is, correctly, the current leader.
★ No matter how many times it's told, the story of Bernard James' time in the military is still fascinating. 

★ Despite Ben Howland's struggles, his former players credit him with helping them get to the NBA.

★ Illinois sits atop the Big Ten standings, but will a long break hurt them against Penn State?

★ The Murray State features continue after the Racers pulled out a tough one against Morehead State last night.

★ My favorite link of the day: Top 10 retro unis in CBB.

★ The funky math behind the Atlantic 10 chase is quick and quirky.

★ There are still many stories out there of athletes affected by Hurricane Katrina. Penn has one of them.

♬ I'm picking Local H today because, in a rare moment of radio-listening, I happened to catch "Bound for the Floor" on my way up to UConn yesterday. I was brought back to 1997, and life became simpler yet more full of angst. Local H is one of the 10 best two-man bands ever, just so you know.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 8:57 am

Wakeup Call: Heavy on the Syracuse links

That's his. Anthony Davis' defining position in photos to come. That's his move. (AP)
By Matt Norlander

Yes, the news of the day relates to the Stop Internet Privacy Act. The Internet will win this fight. // If SOPA's got you down, Drunk Ron Swanson will turn you around. // Jimmy Traina was kind enough to link to the blog yesterday, so I've gotta return the favor. He's a master at the link love. // I'm thankful for the Lionel Richie mash-up, but who has the time for this?

★ Why Wednesday's a notable day in hoops for Philadelphia teams.

★ Yes, the more we see all the games, the more Thomas Robinson distances himself in the POY race.

★ Oh, you wanted more proof of the T-Rob dominance? Look at what POY voters are thinking right now.

★ Last night, Anthony Davis had what will probably go down as one of the five best games of his college career.

★ If you missed this, know the NCAA is coming with even harsher penalties. It means biznass this time, guys and gals.

★ You're not likely to agree with this new rankings system of valuable players, but give it a read first before you cast it aside.

Forde Minutes is back, and can I just say I'm thankful a man named perfectly for such a column delivers consistently with such great material.

★ A terrific, simplistic elucidation of how balanced and good and reliable Syracuse is. On today's podcast, I foolishly say I think this team is destined for New Orleans.

★ Why Syracuse's lack of a challenge so far (I disagree in some degree with that assertion) shouldn't be a worry for Orange fans.

★ Yet Orange fans do worry and inferiority and anger so well. Why is that?

★ Why not one more SU link. If you want an indicator to why the Orange won't get to New Orleans, this is the biggest ace.

★ It's not often teammates put up more than 25 apiece in a "big game," but it happened when T-Rob and Tyshawn Taylor did it Monday night. Here are other recent occurrences.

★ In my opinion, any gray jerseys that don't have GEORGETOWN across the front can find a bottomless hamper.

More evidence to support my K-State-has-been-overrated-all-year

★ To be clear, Georgia State stands little chance at acquiring an at-large.

★ How a student manager leads a team to victory.

► From over the weekend, it's a walk-off alley-oop! Staggered double screen, you gotta see it coming.

♬ I'm not a very big Silversun Pickups fan -- I feel like this is a quintessential band for 17-year-olds -- but there are a handful of compositions this new-age alternative band has that pacify me.

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Wakeup Call: Here's to you, Mr. Robinson

Yes, this photo, via KUGameday, will absolutely be in the best-of January post. Get that framed, Mr. Robinson.
By Matt Norlander

This is an enrapturing first-hand account of a woman who friended her rapist on Facebook. // Surprised it didn't come to this five years ago. Burger King will soon deliver to your home. // Costa Concordia cruiseline shipwreck photos seem fake. Of course, sadly, they are not. // I have just discovered Texts From Bennett. It is a day-maker. // It's 19-year-old Kanye, rapping ...

★ Here's Goodman's column from last night in Lawrence.

★ This flew by my radar but I think it’s important. The NCAA is supporting a freeze extending the length of the basketball season, which is need. In reality, teams should probably be playing no more than 28 games before conference-tournament play begins.

★ And coaches will get the summer school/practice-with-players rule they wanted. As they should have.

★ UNC fans won't like this. Historically, when UNC loses by more than 20 points in a season, NCAA tournament success does not follow.

★ But Roy Williams has masterfully kept the conversation going about getting his players prematurely off the court. Players except the walk-ons, whom he apologized to.

★ In terms of where they are from, not where they play, here are the best players from each state. This is cool!

★ Borzello’s in the background of this video. That's all I got. Insanity workouts don't look like they've kicked in yet, BROSKI.

★ Robert Parrish, you're out.

Seth Davis' Hoop Thoughts is my basketball equivalent to running three miles. I just feel so damn worthwhile after I finish.

★ Our fantasy sports platform appears to be quite a game-changer.

★ Which team lost its leading scorer for the rest of the year yesterday?

★ Crazy to think, fair to ask -- will Louisville make the NCAAs?

More perspective on Jim Boeheim tying Adolph Rupp in all-time wins.

► Came upon this video early yesterday, then a few folks went out and made some posts on the background to it. Check out the story.

♬ It snowed outside my apartment last night. This is one of many tunes that remind me of falling flakes: Modest Mouse's "Bankrupt on Selling."

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Wakeup Call: MLK Day brings a full slate of hoops

By Matt Norlander

That is just great, and echoes my tweet from when it happened Saturday.

Honest Coachella lineup poster will make you laugh and nod. // North Dakota tourism poster is even better than aforementioned Coachella poster, because North Dakota poster is completely serious. // Incredible, unsolved mystery of a Ferrari buried in a backyard. // Velvet Undergound fights to keep its banana. // More reason to envyhate those celebs at the Globes last night ...

★ Starting at 3:30, we've got games on TV today. Here's what you can see when.

★ If you missed this from yesterday, Bernie Fine's fourth accuser, a man currently sitting in jail, said he lied about all that Fine-touched-me stuff. Incredible. The gets story snarls even more.

★ How Jared Sullinger turned over a new leaf in yesterday's smackjob/revenge win against Indiana.

★ If you think you understand how The Transfer works, read this to be sure.

★ Rob Dauster is particularly proud of this piece of work on Jae Crowder, as he should be.

★ The $2,000 stipend is moving backward, IMO. This thing is dead.

★ No issue from me with UCF players tweeting out pictures and complaining about hotel accomodations.

★ Who is Quincy Roberts? Find out.

★ The latest attack on St. Joe's and Phil Martelli comes from the New York Times. This now all feels in vain.

★ Are we over-blowing that UNC loss from Saturday? I don't think we are in terms of what it says about a team and its chances to win a title. No one's ever lost by 33 and cut down the nets.

This reason is chief among why Butler is mediocre this year.

★ I will give some credit to UCLA for getting itself in order, but USC's dreadful.

★ Looking to see what's upcoming this week? Weekly Watch is the classic go-to. Have long been a fan.

★ The curious case behind UNC-Asheville and it not being allowed to host the Big South tournament, should it win the league.

★ Kentucky tries to insult Louisville ... then lives down to its stigma.

♬ If you're just discovering the Wakeup Call, every morning at the bottom of this post I offer up some music I think many will enjoy. Different bands/artists every day; I try to vary the genre to appease the hoi polloi. Today it's Real Estate, whose band font resembles an '80s TV show.

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Wakeup Call: Tim Tebow moves basketball games

That is supposed to be Gary Parrish. Right. 
By Matt Norlander

Classic black-and-white photography get the color treatment. // Eric Angevine, who used to get the words to sound good over here, is spreading his talents out all over the place. You gotta read this. // How we could bring down the earth's temperature. Seems like a big deal. Let's get on it, you know? // This is white-knuckle, must-see video on a plane crash from 30 years ago. There were survivors. // An explanation of how Mormons party ...

★ One game has seen its start time affected by Tebow.

★ I had no idea Parrish was working on this story, which is quite a somber one. Good, tough work, Gary.

★ Winning big ... then losing the next game. The hangover effect is coursing its way through college basketball.

★ Will Conference USA and the Mountain West pair up in college basketball?

★ Examining the soul of Harvard basketball.

★ I love NIT bracketology.

★ Drexel got a big win in the CAA last night. That league needs to have two teams establish themselves fast and for good if it wants to be multi-bid.

★ This undressing of Lorenzo Romar is in many parts fair, but I still believe Romar can do a lot of good for the program.

★ The triumvirate at SI.com offers up midseason awards and predictions.

★ Nate Wolters makes this list of the All-Juniors team.

★ Dezmine Wells' five fantastic dunks from the Duquesne game.

★ Female Purdue player tied an NCAA record for 3-pointers last night.

★ Scroll down to the bottom of the article to see how KenPom.com’s rankings would change if the bottom 2/3s of results were ignored. What a change!

★ Will Wayne Blackshear be playing for Louisville by the end of January?

★ Stanford barely got by Utah last night. The Utes have actually been able to up their game from abysmal to bad.

★ Who is Golden Sunkett and what does he have to do with Seton Hall?

► These things-people-say (or don't) will be out of vogue by May, but this is my favorite one yet. The Papyrus line made me clap with approval.

♬ Good ol' Bob Randolph and his Family Band, boys and girls. This is how you start off a Friday. Few live acts knock a roof off like this one. Get to head-bobbing and feeling the love.

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Wakeup Call: Syracuse, the Lakers of the Big East

Anything but bald Britney. This is from last night's Georgia Tech-N.C. State game. (Getty Images)
By Matt Norlander

Without a hint of embarrassment, four of the songs on this list are in my iTunes. // We're eating less meat. Why? // Five shockingly bad websites. // . // The 30 best taco crimes -- that we know of ...

The first fantastic profile on the unassuming, humbled Cody Zeller has been written, not surprisingly, by Mrs. O'Neil.

★ My envy keeps growing to a sheenier shade of green.

★ Catch up on Andre Drummond's timeline at UConn -- lots gone down.

★ E.B. coming with the negativity! It's the transformation into the college basketball Vader, I can feel it.

★ Syracuse is becoming the Lakers of the Big East.

★ Nineteen percent of college basketball hasn't won a road game this year. Sounds about right, actually.

★ It's an odd, but perfectly fair, question.

★ This is so original and so hilarious. I need video.

★ High school play vs. AAU play. An illuminating read.

★ The Mountain West is attracting transfers and piling them like pancakes. League will be even better next year than it is this year, and this year it's damn good (and not getting its due).

★ What the Buckeyes say needs to be done to avoid hitting a true skid.

★ The Cam Newton rule is classic.

★ Lastly, we're trying to get to 300 likes on Facebook by the weekend. We'll be breaking news, sharing stuff you won't see on the blog there, and surely posting embarrassing pictures of us in time. So whaddya say?

► Let's travel the world in five minutes.

♬ Today's music rec comes from the corners of my mind still cobwebbed thanks the the '90s, which is when Soul Coughing and Mike Doughty were making music that still doesn't make sense between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. "Circles" is one of the more approachable tunes, though. Coughing can get pretty brown at some points -- not as much as Ween, but close -- yet it was able to tap into a genuine melody here and there.

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