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Blog Day Afternoon: He'll pump you up

Uno looks to be No. 1. Chelsea's being "pimped." But first, Verne Troyer's 15 minutes of fame just expired.

I lift weights, and I am weights!Introducing Aditya "Romeo" Dev, the world's smallest bodybuilder. Standing 2-9, Romeo weighs 20 pounds, but can lift 3.3-pound weights over his head. That's nearly 16.5 percent of his body weight. If you weigh 205 pounds, you'd have to lift 34 pounds over your head to match that. OK, so that's not the best way to talk this guy up. The best way is to simply check out his photos.

He's blonde. He has a mustache. He wears shorts with animals see-sawing and he dances. What more do you want?

Maybe some Jazzy B. That's Romeo's dream, to perform with Punjabi pop star Jazzy B. According to his website, Jazzy B "packs an enormous tidal wave of a punch ... and is one of the most prominent stars of Punjabi music in the 21st century." I can see why being the likely strongest dwarf in the world wouldn't be enough.

So long Mini-me, it's the real Lil Romeo's time.

Scarlett Johansson before the work?"Pimping," but not the Clinton you think

 Apparently Jack Donaghy doesn't like when General Electric employees use the word "pimp." MSNBC host David Shuster asked two guests recently, "Doesn't it seem as if Chelsea [Clinton] is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

This led to a firestorm response from the Clinton camp (do they know any other type of response?) about associating their daughter with the word "pimp." Well, despite pimp's mainstream success of late (Pimp My Ride, Big Pimpin', Katt Williams' schtick), it's apparently still a no-no word. Why? Slate.com's Jesse Sheidlower explains the origins of the word.

Oh, completely relevant and mildly tasteless ... is Chelsea sort of becoming a poor, poor, poor man's Scarlett Johansson?

Personally, I like Captain better...

Scout.com released its' best names list of the class of 2008. Top honors go to a Florida Atlantic defensive tackle who guys by the name of Yourhighness Morgan.

Don't call me Snoopy!Sit, Ubu, sit ... then destroy

And congrats to Uno, our beagle who made it through the hounds group at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show and will now look to bring home the breeds' first-ever Best In Show collar.

What do you have to say about that, Buck Laughlin?

"Excuse me if this off the subject a little bit, but just take a guess at how much I can bench press. Come on, what do you think? Take a guess. 315 pounds, at the top of my game, maxing out at 500! "

Thanks, I guess.

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you're not buying what John Rocker, steroids outer, is selling, then BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch has something you may agree with: John Rocker, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Wait, we have more Rocker ..

Do you like competitive biking? If so, there's a race called The Tour of California and Who cares about these sports? gives the 411 (so 2003, I know) on all the teams competing.

***Watch out Scott Miller, Matt Abedi's Sporting Universe has a solid NL West preview worth reading.***

Fresh off the Patriots' perfect regular season, the Memphis Tigers are looking like they may move into Perfectville. Mind of The Big B wonders about that neighborhood.

Texas has already defeated three top six schools. Parrish: The Thoughts says Memphis should be scared, very scared come selection Sunday.

Josh Harding gets A Top Quark. Nik Backstrom gets Up Quarks. Refs get Bottom Quarks. And if you have any idea what I'm talking about or want to, read Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat. It's better than playing dead.

***indicates the chef's blog du jour

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Blog Day Afternoon: Delivery? It's Dicky V!

Things I learned about Dick Vitale from a New York Times article. (Sorry for the lack of link, the tool is being a real PITA).

He's 68 years old. (I would have said 63)

He gets three Mercedes just through endorsement deals. (What no Broughams?)

He wasn't allowed to speak for a month, using only a Legends of the Fall-ian type chalk board (OK, Dry-Erase) to communicate with people.

He had the cajones to call someone a "young Lou Holtz" (ouch).

And Vitale never thought he was doing any damage to his voice by carrying on about Dookies and diaper dandies like he rountinely did.

“I just always thought I had this loud way about me, you know, the throat became my sound, whether it was clear or not,” he said. “It’s helped me make my living.”

Welcome back Vitale, after all, watching a Duke-UNC game without you ruining it would be like watching Cadyshack 2 without Jackie Mason. 

Hi I'm your new boss, Nolan Ryan

There's probably not a connection here. But on the same day former player Steve Kerr acquired aging and crumbling Shaq, the Texas Rangers hired ex-player Nolan Ryan as president. Now, of course, former players can make good executives, but it's a whole heckuva lot easier to rattle of the name of bad ex-player GMs or presidents (Kevin McHale, Isiah Thomas, Ozzie Newsome, Matt Millen...) than it is the good ones (Jerry West, Ernie Grunfeld, Billy Beane).

It's just if I'm an owner, I'm probably not going to turn my management structure over to a former player, someone who spent 20-some years of his life playing the game. I'd rather have someone who spent 20-some years thinking analytically about the game, and who won't put me in a headlock for saying something like, "strikeouts don't define a pitcher."

From the coach's mouth

 "I'm proud of Tyler Dierkers," Coles said. "He might be our leader, and I never thought he could lead anything. I thought he was just a jovial guy -- a happy-go-lucky guy -- but he's had some big ballgames this year. He's growing. I hope he keeps growing. He's smart, anyway -- good grades and everything -- but he's really come out this year and is showing us he cares."

-- Miami RedHawks coach Charlie Coles on setting the bar real low for one of his players.  

On to the best ... blogs around!

The Suns are notoriously cheap. Shaq is notoriously expensive. The Blog to End All Blogs is confused. And upset. And throwing around mean words like, "Isiah Thomas."

I admit I skim, scan, peruse and even glance at stories. And I get in trouble for it sometimes. But this whole Gisele Bundchen running naked thing is taking idiocy to a new level. I'm lookin at you, FOOTBALL 365.

Never shy to ask the tough questions in life, The Blog about Nothing inquires: What is your favorite Seinfeld episode? I'm fond of "Shrinkage" and this one, where Kramer gets his hands on an old Merv Griffin set.

Mock drafts, fake breasts and real breasts (how eclectic) are just a few of the Wonderful World of Gonos' favorite things. Oh, and Ben Sheets makes a funny.

Think adjusting to Phoenix's high-octane offense will be Shaq's toughest test? Think again says The Sports Comedian. It's Dr. Sameer Pendalooza.

If you're into crazy draft-day scenarios -- who isn't? -- involving the Bears, read Big Bad Bears Blog.  

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Blog Day Afternoon: Albrighty now, we have a name

I learned two* things today.

  1. The symbol-letter-thing the NFL uses to denote a Pro Bowl player is dead -- z -- also signifies a first-round bye. 
  2. Ethan Albright is in the Pro Bowl.

You'd really think they could find a new letter for situations like this. But the letter z had that funny little distinction. Who knew?

As for Ethan Albright ... how you may remember Ethan Albright (look right)? OK, you probably won't no matter what clever intro I give him. He's the Redskins' long-snapper.

He's also the lowest-rated player in Madden '07.

From lowest-rated player to Pro Bowl. Not bad I tell ya, not bad at all. Of course, it may have something to do with this letter he wrote to John Madden. I particularly like the part about eating rocks and his throwing accuracy.

We shall name thee: Catch 42

As for what to call the Eli Manning to David Tyree catch, it's looking like Catch 42 will be our winner. However, big props to Slip and Grip (gscott279), The Great Escape (iamayanksfan), and Connection 4 Imperfection (njnysporskid) . Deadspin found another blog trying to name this thing as well. They don't have Catch 42, but they did have our Glendale Grab, Slip and Grip (Adande?) and Great Escape. 

What's with the *

The * is for a Blog Day Afternoon re-learned lesson. Ken Williams is a bad, bad GM. Scott Podsednik, the goods the White Sox general manager received for Carlos Lee, just signed a minor league deal with the Rockies. El Caballo, if you remember, is worth $100 million to the Astros, and that's in major league dollars.

Yes, Pods helped the team win a World Series. But there are dozens of speedsters in the minors with average defensive skills and a slappy bat (but not wifey Lisa Dergen [look right]). Trading a premier slugger for a burner is like signing middle relievers to mega-million contracts. You just don't do that. You find these people within the organization, you don't mortgage the future on them.

On to the best blogs ... around!

It's Signing Day Eve (I'm more of a Father's Day Eve guy), and Football and Fun takes a lap around the high school gyms to check in on Terelle Pryor, Julio Jones and a bunch of other 17-year-olds old people spend way too much time fawning over.

Wonder what was really said in Roger Clemens' testimony on Capitol Hill? Red, White and Burnsy is our resident fly on the wall of Rayburn, and it sounds like Roger no likely D.C.

It's almost Pro Bowl time (and there wasn't much rejoicing). Tell The Blog Whisperer why you love or hate the game they play in Hawaii for some reason.

The big winners of the Patriots' 18-1 season wasn't the Miami Dolphins. It was the cast of M*A*S*H. The Sports Comedian explains.

BigTen's Fantasy Baseball Blog asks the tough questions our Fantasy guys refuse to answer. And by refuse to answer, I mean write about on a daily basis. As for his David Ortiz question: I never take a DH-only person. I just hate having the position locked up.

OK, here's a blog I never thought I'd read on our site. It's our pal, The Words of Dezy, and he's doing a Drug Lord Power Rankings. Surpsingly, my high school buddy Brad didn't make the list. He was overpriced, but sheesh.

A popular topic among bloggers is taking trips down memory lane. Various stuff I feel like talking about talks about arcade games. The blog likes Track 'n' Field. Personally, I grew up on a healthy diet of NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, Virtual Fighter and going way back, Spyhunter.

Somehow, Tennessee basketball (no, not that guy again) is the most-blogged-about college basketball program. Today's topic du jour, Chris Lofton and his shot at the 3-point record. Too Legit To Quit! breaks it down.

Vols 91, Gators 79. I just bet my one-day first born's bar mitzvah fund on this, Volunteer Basketball (baseball?).

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Blog Day Afternoon: Catch 42, Glendale Grab or...

We've all had time to let it settle in. Eli Manning, David Tyree, Super Bowl XLII, Glendale, Patriots Stunner, ya know, that one.

So the question remains, what do we call this thing?

Their names offer little in terms of punnery.

The city is best known as "Arizona’s Antique Capital" (move over Sonoma).

And the stadium is named after an online university (move over Lincoln Tech).

How the #$%^ are we supposed to coin this catch with that craptastic material?

But that won't stop us from trying. Thanks to your all's help, we've got some candidates for this thing. Here's some samples of what you all provided:

Mauxdeverite -- The Catch That Saved The World
Wheelhouse -- The immac-helmet reception
OpinionatedNoob -- The Tyreefic Catch!
sc369 -- The Reception that Ended Perfection, David Bleeping Tyree
Devilsenvy -- David's Goliath catch
fullseptic -- The Manning Matrix
thebabz -- The Highlight Ty-reel
SmashMoutFBall -- Statue of Liberty catch

The Blog Day Afternoon Philosophy for Coining a New Term (BDAPCNT) has a few groundrules:

  • Don't just tweak an existing one like "The Immaculate Reception" or "Shot Heard Round the World." Let's keep things original here.
  • Don't stop at phrases like "The Drive" or "The Play." Give me something that shows some context. Otherwise it's likely to be replaced when the next great thing happens. And there will always be a next great thing.
  • If you have to explain the name you've given the play, it's not going to work. All labels should be self-explanatory.
  • Alliteration is always good, making use of pop culture is always good, using cliches like David and Goliath is just OK.

I know I'm being a stickler here, but let's try and make some Internet history. Tomorrow we'll come to a decision on this so hit up the blog board with your best suggestions.

Here are mine:
The Glendale Grab
Flight in the Phoenix
Catch 42

On to the best blogs ... around!

Did you know HD stands for High Definition? That's what I learned from the Super Bowl ads, courtesy of Charles Barkley. The Sports Comedian learned a whole lot more.

It's not often I come across a NASCAR blog in this here neck of the woods. You Think You Know talks about Junior and how us media folks should leave the poor guy alone. Zoom zoom.

Cubs fans want Brian Roberts. FRANTIC'Sthat's not beer in that trough wants Brian Roberts, right now. I say give the blog what it wants.

I take it back. Cubs fans, listen to Red Line Ramblings. The blog likes the Cubs for just what they are -- a decent team. Nothing like settling.

If you want to remember the NFL season that was in seven easy steps, What I Think Is Important breaks it down. The blog's take on the Redskins is priceless (Here's the chronology: the 'Skins suck, Sean Taylor dies, the 'skins stop sucking, the 'skins go to the playoffs. Who cares if they lost?). 

And a token shout out to Volunteer Basketball (I think he means Kentucky) who shares his favorite things about the Super Bowl ... I think, I didn't really read it. I kid, I kid. I read a few words.

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Blog Day Afternoon: First day of Feb. edition

In my some quarter-century on this planet, I've seen quite a few companies fall to the mercy of the car gods.

I saw AMC bite the dust in 1987. (we miss ya, Gremlin)

I saw Merkur briefly come and go. (Jim Rome misses ya)

I saw Plymouth vanish. (if I had a Hemi Cuda, I'm sure I'd miss it).

And I saw the U.S.'s oldest car company, Oldsmobile call it quits. (I miss my mom's Delta '88).

And I'm sad to report our days with Isuzu are numbered. The Japanese car maker is pulling the plug on U.S. sales of its two remaining vehicles, the Ascender SUV (rebadged Trailblazer) and i-Series pickup trucks (rebadged bad pickup trucks).

Now, I know that news means little to most, but growing up in the late '80s early '90s Isuzu was a pretty sweet truck company. The Trooper was the ultimate box on wheels (who wants to see me tip my dad's car going 25 MPH?). The Rodeo was the Ford Explorer alternative during the mid-'90s SUV boon and the Amigo, well, featured some of the best commercials out there. ("Amigo, Amigo fun for a boy and a girl...").

Speaking of commercials, lest we forget about Joe Isuzu? The man could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Who was Joe Isuzu? Why Joe Isuzu was none other than comic actor David Leisure. How you may remember David Leisure? You may remember David Leisure from such movies as Airplane, Airplane II: The Sequel and as Charlie from the popular TV show Empty Nest. But if you're like me, you remember David Leisure as gameshow host Bink Winkleman from an episode of Married from Children.

We'll miss ya, Joe I. and all your SUVs. Oh, what this has to do with sports? Well, Isuzu was actually in the automotive racing arena with its Isuzuperformance Racing Team. The Isuzu I-Mark apparently was at LeMons and various other stuff. So yeah, there's a connection in there somewhere.

And now a quick Blog Day Afternoon Friday Harangue:

Roger Goodell's explanation for destroying the tapes -- "The reason I destroyed the tapes is they were totally consistent with what the team told me," Goodell said during his State of the NFL speech. "It was the appropriate thing to do and I think it sent a message." -- is ludicrous. If they didn't destroy the Ark in the first Indiana Jones after all the madness and death that thing unleashed, you're telling my Roger couldn't find a place in NFL HQ to store this tape? Absolutely insane. My guess is the tape featured 30 seconds of "spying" and four hours of obscene content like the assistants' Belichick shower cam and Mike Vrabel and Junior Seau's take on 2girlsonecup.

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you value what CBSSports.com producers think (we in the newsroom sure don't), check out their predictions for the Super Bowl in Screaming in Digital. My favorite would be the Giants 42, Pats 3 guestimate with Jeff Feagles as the MVP. You see what I have to work with? That's why I'm like this.

Despite a glaring Miami U. (Big Ben, Wally's World, Devin Davis, me) omission, Too Legit To Quit! breaks down the Top 25 all-around programs from 1998 on. Seriously though, where's Michigan on this list?

I feel for My never ending Story......, I really do. I went to every Orioles opening day from about 1990 to 1997 with my father. It was the team I grew up watching. So I feel for this blog. But the question has an easy answer. The O's have an owner unable to instill a baseball management system in an era where good teams are separated from the best by their structures. Not even Rocky Coppinger can fix that.

I've been exposed by The Blog about Nothing. I'm the guy the blog's talking about. Sorry, but I just love a good Sudoku puzzle. However, I'll never admit to surfing around on that "sportsline" site.

I couldn't resist. We had to end the week with the latest and greatest from Volunteer Basketball (I think he means football). The blog's question du jour is: What is the craziest thing you've done at a sporting event? Suffice to say, my greatest hits don't come close to these Redskins jacknobs (bad words warning).

Ever wonder what the man behind The Sports Comedian talks like? The fake-news wizard steps out from behind the curtain today, and today only.

And lastly, I had to end with this one, if only because it's my type of sophomoric humor. Read The Blog about Nothing's quick take on war being the answer to at least one question.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Tuesday, Jan. 29

Maybe you heard about this, maybe you didn't. Grey Ruegamer, a lineman for the Giants, once had the most unusual job I've ever heard a football player to have. It's not so much an unusual job, I mean, I know this sort of thing happens in the livestock biz, but the way in which he did it is, well, simply odd (read: disgusting).

Ruegamer used to castrate lambs with his teeth.

And people thought Kurt Warner packing groceries was an interesting rise to stardom.

"You grab the forelegs and pin them to the ground, and then you grab the back legs and throw them on their back," Ruegamar tells the East Valley Tribune about the procedure. "You pull them out with your teeth, spit them in a bucket, next one. There was other work that had to get done, so we had to hurry with that and move onto the next thing. It's just a little lamb. It's not a big animal. I have pictures. The blood on your mustache is the worst part."

Yes, that mustache blood can be so hard to get out.

If you think being a one-time lamb castrator isn't odd enough for you, here's what teammate Shaun O'Hara says about his fellow lineman:

"He keeps all of his toenail clippings and callous shavings all season long in a cup, and if anybody wrongs him and he deems it necessary, he will dump that cup in a personal belonging of theirs. He's known for that."

I believe that's called a touch of Grey.

On to the best ... blogs around!

It's not even February but spring is in the air at Pioneeer Skies. The blog has its spring training schedule mapped out and asks for a little help in determining which games to attend. Rockies at Cubs at the HoHo sounds good to me.

Sick from the Brady boot, the Mannings and Coughlin's "douchiness?" The Sports Comedian may know what's up: Super Overexposure.

Royals Baseball breaks down his favorite Royal moment and wants to know yours (not all at once, Royals fan). Here's mine. Classic Hal

You know you're at a bad Super Bowl party when more people are wearing I heart Kucinich shirts than Pats jerseys. The Wonderful World of Gonos breaks down his worst and asks for yours.

If you don't like the Cowboys (or even if you do) and you like comedy that involves making fun of Hitler (who doesn't?): Watch this YouTube clip courtesy of Basic's Bemusings.

And if you think Chris Berman is still Da Man, Battling my inner demons would beg to disagree. As would our message board users, who actually come to the defense of Gregg Doyel. You read that right.

More community blogs to come...tune back in and keep up the writing! 

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

I don't know if anybody remembers this, but when the Giants and Ravens were in the Super Bowl back in 2001, there was a segment one of the networks did about how great buds Brian Billick and Jim Fassel were.

It showed them boating together with their families co-mingling. It was sweet, it tugged at the hearts, if you were talking about it on IM you'd probably drop a BFF at some point of the conversation.

I'm guessing that segment really touched Danny Snyder. Ever since he inherited sunburned ol' Norv Turner back in 1999, he's been looking for his next best friend. It just so happens that buddy also has to have this job description: head coach of the Redskins.

He tried Marty Schottenheimer. Too cold.

He tried Steve Spurrier. Too hot.

He tried Joe Gibbs. Ah, just right. But Gibbs had a family of his own to tend to.

So now it's time to find his next toy, er friend, and all indicators pointed to Gregg Williams. He was Gibbs' friend, so you'd think he'd enjoy being Danny's friend, right?

Uh-oh. Apparently Gregg isn't Jack Brown-enough for Eric Bates, er Danny.

So Danny now has that guy from the segment he saw one day before the Super Bowl in line for the job of being head coach-friend.

Despite the fact it means another coaching overhaul in D.C. Despite the fact teams without continuity rarely find success. Despite the fact Jim Fassel fits every meaning of the word "retread" in a game that's heavy on innovation.

For the first time in a long, long time this season being a Redskins fan felt special. It felt like we had the right kind of momentum going forward. That will all be wiped away when Francis, er, Danny, gets his new shiny bike, er friend, er puppeteer-coach Jim Fassel. Excuse me while I call my friend with the couch, Dr. Rosenstein.

In other news, RIP Heath Ledger. A Knight's Tale is an extremely underrated comedy and I'm looking forward to your take on our favorite prankster villain.

On to the best ... blogs around!

Speaking of comedies, (Insert Name Here) shares his Top 20. RSILI! is saddened to see a lack of respect for The Naked Gun ... and Dr. Strangelove. But that's a different debate.

Brett Favre can throw a football over 50 yards. Vijaykanth can throw Brett Favre even further. Who is Vijaykanth (look below)?  He's also the outsourced version of Chuck Norris. The Words of Dezy explains.

Blog Day Afternoon regular The Sports Comedian has some "breaking" news. Apparently a torn ACL wasn't the only thing hobbling Philip Rivers Sunday. The quarterback also had a broken heart. I hear duct tape fixes that.

On the day the Academy Award nominees are announced Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat has his Warpy Awards. If you like the Wild or are from Minnesota, click the link. Otherwise, well, try clicking below.

If you enjoy big words like pontificating, lambasting, infomongering and the, check out Letters from The Den's facts of the day.

If you like Pac-10 basketball -- only communists don't! -- check out NaterB's Junk Drawer's preview of the upcoming week. It's thorough, just like Maude Lebowski's doctor.

 Still confused by the new ratings system? Building CBS Sports.com explains it all.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

It looks like Randy Moss isn't the only wide receiver with relationship woes.

Hello Cedrick Wilson. How you may have known Cedrick Wilson? Why he's the mediocre third or fourth receiver for the Steelers. How you may know him now? Mr. Wilson, as the neighborhood boys like to call him, saw his house turn into the Branch Davidian compound for about 12 hours Saturday.

His girlfriend (that term may no longer be official) brandished a .38-caliber firearm following a tiff, fired two shots into a wall (not the plasma TV!) and shacked up in the abode for half a day as dozens of police set up a perimeter and evacuated the neighborhood.

"I was taken aback," neighborhood resident Gretchen Dunn told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The situation did not seem to warrant the kind of response that occurred. I thought somebody was being held hostage there. But that obviously wasn't the case."

Lindsey "Left Eye" Paulat eventually relinquished her role as madwoman/hostage and all was well in the Pittsburgh 'burb.

This proves one thing: Chad Johnson's approach to raffles may be pretty smart, after all.

In other news, Jason Priestley (of "Donna Martin graduates" fame) announced he's co-owner of a race team that will have a car in the Indy 500.  Bring on the inevitable Peach Pit stop/crew jokes in 5, 4, 3, 2, (Have a nice day. Thank you.) ... now!

On to the best ... blogs around!

Speaking of girlfriends, turns out Eli is the BMOC of the Manning clan. The Sports Comedian breaks down the Lloyd Dobler effect the Giants' win is having on poor ol' Peyton.

You know Jarrod Saltalamacchia. But do you know the other top catchers under 23? Believe it or not, one of them plays for the Orioles. But Stu on this brings up the point: Remember Ryan Garko?

Pismojoe's Blog Central asks the question: Do CBS writers steal from message board posts? To paraphrase Lord Helmet: Suckers! I can't believe you fell for that! Seriously, the answer is most likely not. It's more of a situation of highly in-tune posters being on the same story-idea curve as the national media.

BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch offers an in-depth look at the Super Bowl. Included is a Tom Emanski-inspired "Tackle the right way" talking point.

If you're one of the many who think L.T. let his teammates down Sunday, hear what Battling my inner demons has to say about the Chargers' hobbled running back.

If you like Power and/or Rankings and/or the Pac-10 check out dbacksfan414's list-a-majig. Or check out Huskyonspeed Power Blog's Pac-10 rankings. Does anybody outside the West Coast do CBK power rankings? Regardless, Gary Parrish would be proud. Or is it mad? I mix those two words up.

se7en says has his daily dose of riddles for your reading pleasure (or torture). His Lucky 7 entry brings up the old joke: Who are the two most trusting people in the world? Two cannibals having oral ... (hey now!).

And speaking of love affairs gone sour, FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL says New York's love for Jeremy Shockey may need to be re-evaluated following the team's success without the tight end.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com