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Week 3 pix by JR -- the Real Expert

I went 18-5 in Week 2, losing on Tennessee (what was I thinking?), Va. Tech (again), Ga. Tech, UCLA & Army.
That  makes me 40-8, tied for the lead with so-called experts.
Now, on to Week 3

No. 1 Alabama over Duke
No. 2 Ohio State over Ohio
No. 3 Boise State over Wyoming
No. 4 TCU over Baylor
No. 5 Oregon over Portland State (strength of schedule will hurt Oregon if it goes undefeated)

No. 6 Texas 30, Texas Tech 23
No. 7 Oklahoma over Air Force
No. 8 Nebraska 33,  Washington 30
No. 9 Iowa 31, over No. 24 Arizona 24
No. 10 Florida over Tennessee (I’m not getting sucked in by the Vols again)

No. 11 Wisconsin over Arizona State
Georgia over 27, No. 12 Arkansas 25
No. 13 South Carolina over Furman
No. 14 Utah over New Mexico
No. 15 LSU over Mississippi State

No. 16 Auburn 38, Clemson 24
No. 18 USC over Minnesota (Play the over of 53.5)
No. 19 Stanford over Wake Forest
No. 20 Michigan over UMass
No. 21 West Virginia over Maryland

No. 22 Penn State over Kent State
No. 23 Houston over UCLA (Play the over of 60)
No. 25 Oregon State over Louisville

Cal over Nevada (Friday)
North Carolina over Ga. Tech
Florida State over BYU

WEEK 2 RECAP (18-5)
I was way wrong on my Handicapping suggestion of “take the 10 points” in Vandy vs. LSU (27-3). I suck!

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Week 2 pix by JR -- the Real Expert

I went 22-3 in the first week, losing on Va. Tech, UConn & Fresno.
Ready for Week 2? There are some big games this week.

No. 21 Auburn over Mississippi State (Tigers my sleeper of the year)

No. 23 West Virginia over Marshall

No. 1 Alabama 20, No. 18 Penn State 17
No. 2 Ohio State 34, No. 12 Miami 6
No. 4 TCU over Tennessee Tech (the start of the Frogs’ easy season-long schedule)
No. 5 Texas over Wyoming
No. 6 Nebraska over Idaho

Tennessee over No. 7 Oregon (Notice all the so-called experts like the Ducks)
No. 8 Florida over South Florida
No. 9 Iowa over Iowa State
No. 10 Oklahoma 30, No. 17 Florida State 23
No. 11 Wisconsin over San Jose State

No. 13 Virginia Tech over James Madison (Uggh. At least the Hokies are playing. Boise State taking week off. LAME!)No. 14 Arkansas over La.-Monroe
No. 15 Georgia Tech over Kansas (Jayhawks embarrassed itself last week in 6-3 loss to North Dakota State)
No. 16 USC over Virginia
No. 19 LSU over Vandy (take the 10 points)

No. 20 Utah over UNLV
No. 24 South Carolina 27, over No. 22 Georgia 24 (OT wouldn’t shock me)
UCLA over No. 25 Stanford

Michigan 34, Notre Dame 27
Army over Hawaii
Air Force over BYU

WEEK 1 RECAP (22-3)
Lost one ranked game (Va. Tech) and failed on UConn at Michigan (which resembles a top 20 team, again) Fresno vs. Cincy.

In handicapping suggestions, I was wrong on Ohio State & the under in TCU-Oregon State.

Was correct on taking points in Arkansas State-Auburn and on small hunch of Beavers covering against Horned Frogs.

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Week 1 pix by JR -- the Real Expert

Since I, the defending champion and winner 3 of the last 5 years, has been kicked out of the college football Expert Picks groups, I’ll just make my picks here.

They say I wasn’t really kicked out. They claimed I’m too busy with my current position of Producer/Editor of everything MLB & Tennis on this great site of ours, but I know.

I know they were sick of losing to me.

I know I’m not the best expert in the country. Picking without the spread is pretty darn silly and should be pretty darn easy, but I still tend to lose my share of games. However, I lose less than 3 of the so-called experts that are returning. I’m not afraid of them. They’re obviously afraid of me. They’re probably a bunch of St. Louis Cardinal fans.  Let me see how I can do against the recently-hired bloggers. Bring it on guys. Don’t embarrass yourselves.

Anyway, here’s my picks for Week 1.


No. 2 OSU over Marshall (but take the points. 28? Too much)

No. 13 Miami over FAMU (this game shouldn’t count in the standings. Really?)

Utah over No. 15 Pitt (I love home teams)

No. 14 USC over Hawaii (Don’t love home teams that much)


No. 1 ‘Bama over San Jose State

No. 4 Florida over Miami of Ohio

No. 5 Texas over Rice

No. 6 TCU 28, over No. 24 Oregon State 17 (Under & a small hunch on taking the points)

No. 7 Oklahoma over Utah State

No. 8 Nebraska over Western Kentucky

No. 9 Iowa over Eastern Illinois (another JOKE of an opponent)

No. 11 Oregon over New Mexico

No. 12 Wisconsin over UNLV

No. 16 Ga. Tech over SC State (come on! – this is why certain teams don’t belong in BCS bowl consideration at the end of the year)

No. 17 Arkansas over Tennessee Tech (they can’t put lines on games like these)

No. 21 LSU 20, over No. 18 UNC 16 (Excluding Va. Tech, ACC is overrated)

No. 19 Penn State over Youngstown State (The Subdivision Penguins have lost their last 3 openers by a combined score of 119-9. Shame on you, JoePa)

No. 20 FSU over Samford (& Son. Seriously?)

No. 22 Auburn over Arkansas State (Take the points)

No. 23 Georgia over La.-Lafayette. (I dare the ‘Dawgs to travel to Bon Temps)

No. 25 WVU over Coastal Carolina (D-I schools should be punished for such scheduling)

UConn over Michigan


Fresno over Cincy


No. 10 Va. Tech 26, Boise State 24 (Of course, you can expect a VT special teams TD)

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Congrats to Mr. Sanchez


Congrats Mr. Sanchez.

1) What about Rowand's catch in the 9th?

2) How bad do you think Uribe feels?

3) What does Lincecum think?

Watching the final few innings was so cool. Thanks MLB Network.

To think Sanchez lost his job in the rotation and was only back starting because Randy Johnson is out.

And did you catch his dad w/ him during the on-the-field postgame comments?

His dad flew in last night. First time he saw his son pitch in the majors.

Just awesome!

Congrats again!
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My final Top 25 (make that Top 30)

1. Florida
2. Utah
3. USC (Why? Pac-10 undefeated in bowls)
4. Texas
5. Alabama

6. Oklahoma
7. TCU
8. Texas Tech
9. Georgia
10. Penn State

11. Boise State
12. Mississippi
13. Ohio State
14. Virginia Tech
15. Oregon

16. Cincinnati
17. Oregon State
18. Oklahoma State
19. BYU
20. Missouri

21. Cal
22. Michigan State
23. Pittsburgh
24. LSU
25. Iowa

26. Tulsa
27. Vanderbilt
28. West Virginia
29. East Carolina
30. Ball State


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Bellagio lobby Sunday night

Who did i see?

Girardi, Harold Reynolds, Gammons, Rosenthal, Showalter, Piniella, Leyland, Hemond, Bowden, Valentine.

But the best was Jeff Ross. As I walked by him the first time, I said, "What's up man? You're funny as shit." He responded with a smile and thanked me.

Then I bumped into him again about 30 mins later. I introduced myself, said I was a huge fan and offered to buy him a drink. He pleasantly declined (He was drinking water at the moment).

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Why didn't I bet on the Gators?

I lost my top play, which was supposed to be my play of the week. Gonzaga -20 1/2  vs. IU. The 'Zags won, but didn't cover. Lost $110 on it.

Then I chased and lost another $110 on Notre Dame -5. vs. OSU. Buckeyes won outright.

I lost $55 apiece on Tulsa (glad i lost) and 'Bama getting 10. Damn them!

Overall, i lost $303 on sports today. Some expert I am. F me!

Will i rebound on the tables later tonight?

Plan on hanging out around he MGM where the de la hoya fight is.

For now, just chillin and watching the Sooners take care of business.


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Posted on: December 5, 2008 7:30 am

Why did I wear my Gators shirt?

I bought a Gators T-shirt after that terrible BCS title game I attended 2 years ago? Why? Because it was on sale the day after, and I was following the ritual I started when I bought an ASU T-shirt (also at a discount) the day after at the big Rose Bowl victory. I even bought a Miami T after our national title win.

Because i'm traveling today (headed to Vegas), i didn't really give a crap what shirt I wore, so i threw on my Orane Gators T, which Pete always gives me shit about. Well, within 10 mins, people are saying to me, "Go Gators!"

WTF? I feel like an idiot. I hope they lose and here I am nodding to these jamokes. F me!

Time to board. See ya!


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