Posted on: September 10, 2008 2:01 pm

Will history repeat itself?

Ok let me give you a history lesson that goes back to September 2001. No this message has nothing to do with the tragic events of 9/11. It has to do with another outspoke tragic event which happened during the same few weeks.

It did happen in a big city in America. Was it in LA? Was it in D.C? No. Was it in NY? No. Give up? It was in Boston.

During this same time period the Patriots star and franchise Quarterback Drew Bledsoe got injured, and this injury would reshape the history of the entire NFL. This small occurance to a Quarterback that was always mediocre, and barely gave his team a winning record, would have a larger effect on NFL than anyone could ever imagine. When Bledsoe got injured the Patriots horrible, yes I said horrible, back up Tom Brady came in to play. Everyone in Boston was extremely pissed off. Until Brady some how started winning. YES this horrible back up Quarterback turned out to be amazing!!!! Well Bledsoe's injury healed after a few weeks, and Bill Bellicheck was faced with a dilema. Who would there starting Quarterback be? Would it be the consistent veteran Bledsoe or the new quick to fame Quarterback Brady? Patriots fans were split over what they should do. Should they go with Brady or Bledsoe? Most Patriots fans still believed that they should stay with Bledsoe, but Bellicheck made an unprecidented decision to chose Brady as his starter.

Well Brady kept winning, and winning, and winning. Suddenly it was the Patriots vs. Raiders, who were a super power in the NFL. The Patriots were down, but driving to go for a game winning field goal, and then mid night strikes on Brady's Cinderella story. He fumbles the ball, and its all over. BUT WAIT. A stupid tuck rule is called and then a miracle happens for the Pats, and eventually Vinateri hits a huge field goal in the snow for the win.

Now in the AFC conference championship, Brady gets a slight injury and Bledsoe comes in, plays amazing and wins the AFC conference championship game against an amazing Steelers team.

Well Bellicheck is face with the same dilema Brady or Bledsoe. Well again he picks Brady, and the Patriots win the super bowl and the rest is history,

Well now the Patriots star Quarterback, Brady is injured, and Cassel is injured. IF Cassel plays amazing, and Brady comes back before the end of the season who will start? Bellicheck should be ready to be faced with this extremely important question.

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